10 Reasons why Your Conversion rate is Low

10 Reasons why Your Conversion rate is Low

“My website is Not converting” Is one of the main Complains we hear from our Professional Service based prospects.

Well, Nobody likes poor conversion rates . 

If the flow of visitors that stream to your website do not turn into leads or customers, even the most effective digital marketing efforts don’t matter much. 

So you might wonder why that is the case if you find yourself on the wrong end of the conversion Process.

Here are 10 possible reasons why your website conversion rates are low.

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is an online marketing KPI that calculates the ratio of visits to conversions on a website. 

A conversion may not always have to be a purchase or sale, but may also involve active downloads or sign-ups for newsletters. 

Optimisation of conversion rates is a crucial feature of web marketing and optimisation of search engines, since an increased conversion rate can have a direct effect on lead generation, and therefore on New Customers and revenue.

Consistent CTA across your website

Ideally, these calls to action should be tailored to what is being pursued by the audience. 

This, in turn, needs content to be created around your CTAs: if you run a Facebook campaign to raise webinar signups, the campaign would possibly lead to a page that encourages visitors to sign up. 

Your conversion rate will suffer if it leads to your home page, where you probably have several calls to action. 

This makes the Visitor confused with what needs to be done.And, confused Customers Don’t Buy!!

You could send them to service or product pages or your latest blog post or a Lead magnet download. But think about the buying cycle. 

Start with Attracting & Nurturing  your new prospects. Don’t just shove your “about page”/”team Page” there because you feel that’s where they should go. 

Your user is on a journey and your aim is to show them way to reach website’s goal.

How to Fix them?

Think about the one thing you’d like your users to do when they visit your website. 

How will you convince your visitor to take the next step with you?

Ideally, it would move them closer to becoming a customer, e.g., book a free consultation, check availability, etc., but at the very least your call to action would allow them to build up more Rapport with your business and help them to consume more of your content.

Pro Tip

Don’t forget to tempt people with a freebie of some sort in exchange for their information. 

And yes, it does need to be more appealing than “join our newsletter”

Lead Magnets

Without an additional phase or two, a funnel wouldn’t be a real funnel. 

A very simple addition to the website for the funnel builder is a pop up that collects email addresses, like the full video, a few special tips, from the keynote speaker or some advertisement service, in exchange for useful and appealing content. 

This will encourage users to give you an e-mail in the future.

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Lead Magnets are important

Your website users will very rarely buy from you straight away. 

You’ll need to build up some trust before they do. This is why it’s a good idea to offer them something in return for their contact details.

This could be in the form of a tempting offer such as a discount on the first month service, free trial, free consultations, free e-book/video, etc. 

Not only do you get their contact details but you also build trust, getting them comfortable with potentially making that first order or enquiry. 

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How to Fix them?

To capture your prospect’s contact information, you can use anyone of these popular email marketing tools like ConvertKit , MailChimp . 

Each of these services will allow you to add an email signup form to your website and start gathering contact information. 

The Traffic from Social media Is not converting

Using The Wrong Social Media Marketing Platform & Acquiring the wrong traffic

It is a general mistake businesses make in their SMM effort. 

The social media traffic is of no good if it’s not coming from the right source. 

For example, you need B2B Businesses to visit your website but getting general users or consumers instead! It won’t help you to get a good conversion rate.

Wrong social media traffic often comes in for a couple of reasons. 

  1. You select a keyword but do not fit your niche 
  2. You promoted your content in the wrong places
  3. Your contents message was hitting different people than you expected, and so on.

How to Fix them?

Before interaction with the new users, determine the user base of a specific social network. 

If you search for “social network sites review,” you will find these data on Google Analytics. 

Pick the network that matches your customer type and then start your campaign. Do not continue to build profiles on unnecessary social media networks. 

Your bounce rate will be improved. It’s better to be aware if it doesn’t convert, traffic is not healthy.

Pro Tip:

1. Keywords search volume by category of users (Get help from Google Keyword Planner, WordStream, and Long Tail Pro)
2. Content type should target audience only suits your niche (Take help from Google trends, Buzzsumo and Alltop)
3.Selecting the right platform to share your content (Take help from Google, Quora, and Yahoo to find out the perfect network)
4.Creating titles that will draw attention from your targeted users (Take help from CoSchedule title creator and HubSpot blog topic generator)

Pro Tip: USP

Your website is one of the most important part of User Journey, as visitors often see the your website Home page when they land on your site. 

The copy on your home page needs to be made in such a way when it comes to connecting visitors to and directing them to other pages on your site. 

I recommend that your USP be positioned in such a manner so that visitors are told immediately of what you do next.


Lack of USP

Not communicating A compelling value proposition
What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition is a positioning statement made by brands that distinguishes them from their competitors. In other words, compared to other brands in your niche, your USP is a declaration of what makes you special.

What a Unique Selling Proposition Is not!!

A unique selling proposal is not a tagline, nor does it apply to specific marketing offers, such as “free shipping,” “40 percent off,” “buy one, get one free” or “24/7 customer service.”  and so on…While these offers may be attractive, they are not unique to your brand, as they can easily be copied by your competitors.

Lack of Variety of Contact Details

Many visitors to your website might want to contact you in different ways. 

For Instance, some may want to call you, some may want to email Your business asking for more Info. Some may want to chat over zoom and so on… 

If your Homepage do not have  many types  contact details , You miss out on new users who might be confused on where and How  to contact you for Business as per their  preferred method..

So, How do we Fix IT?

1. Provide your main Contact detail above the fold for Instance Your Ph Number.

2. Also, Provide secondary contact details  like scheduling chat time via Calendar, enquiry form, email id etc across the Homepage.

This makes the customer choose his/her preferred way of Communicating with you.

Pro Tip

People contact a company for all sorts of reasons: a product/service issue, interest in working with your business, or even an interest to work at your company.
When you receive a bunch of contact emails, it can be hard to filter through and properly direct each email to the right representative. 

But, with a contact form, redirecting can be done in the blink of an eye!

If you ask visitors their reason for contacting your company, each response field can redirect to a certain team or team member – no inbox filtering necessary.

Why conversion rates are Low?

Social proof

You lack social proof.

Your visitors may like what they’ve seen so far, but they may never have heard of you if they are brand new.

It is risky for new Visitors to place their trust in a business they are unfamiliar with immediately, and if you are fairly new, it is possible that your services have not been used by their friends and family before either.

Instead of your guests bouncing because they don’t know you well enough, offer instant examples of social evidence. 

Add Facebook Reviews , Google Reviews Or Yelp Reviews on your website. 

Pro Tip

If your Business is new, do some Pro-Bono work for your Friends and family and ask them to provide Reviews.

Why conversion rates are Low?
Not having Branded Newsletter

Generic subscription

Ever wonder what happens to the 95% of people who visit your website without buying anything? 

Many of these visitors leave without ever coming back. 

What if, instead of losing a potential customer, you could add them to your email list and build a relationship with them? 

What if this was something that would lead to them becoming paying customers?

Its Possible and you should have some on your website. Not Just generic ” Join Our Newsletter” But a Branded Newsletter. 

As you already know, you can’t make people hand over their email addresses because you made a polite request. 

You’ll need to offer something of value: .a Newsletter is one of the best ways to get Users Email id.

How to Create Branded Newsletters

  1. Come up with a game plan, an intention, a purpose for your newsletter that is the very best way to communicate your brand story and connect with your dream clients.
  2. Plan out a suitable name Like for Instance  at Digitallydiv Agency website we have our “Bits And Bytes”  and “The Buzz” Newsletters  that provide Tips and hacks on digital marketing. 
  3. Go in and design something using your brand visuals and marketing message.

Pro Tip

The DESIGN of your newsletter and have it be on brand and consistent with all of your other visuals.

Your Brand Story is told in a way that’s compelling, useful, inspiring, and/or entertaining for your person. So that they will want to open up.

Tighten Marketing
Your marketing efforts are all about increasing visitors, not conversions.

Marketing Efforts

You have taken to heart that websites should not apply to the old mantra “build it and they will come”.

To increase your regular website traffic, you have guided all of your marketing tactics, even to the detriment of your conversions.

Unqualified leads are as bad as no leads whatsoever. If none of them are interested in what you’re selling, it does your company no good to have thousands of unique visitors every day.

Tighten your marketing focus, and you will find that your unique services are being pursued by more of the individuals who land on your website.

Pro Tip

1. Offer lead magnets with Facebook Ads
2. Insert content upgrades
3. Use Branded Subscription Not just generic “Subscribe to our newsletter”.

Not making it clear of what you do

What’s your Business?

Your website Homepage clearly answer “Who I am,” “What I do,” and/or “What can you (the visitor) do here.” Who is this Business suitable for and so on…

Pro Tip

The best sales funnels build consumer trust and business authority. Two of the main keys for creating a thriving business.

Not Persuasive Enough
Your landing page copy is not persuasive enough.

Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean that they Book an Appointment/call you for your services. 

You have to persuade them that for them to provide the their emails Or call your Business for the services they need.. and you need to persuade your company alone is the right option for them.

With a simple call-to-action that compels your tourists to convert, you need clear, compelling website copy.

Is your copy of the landing page affecting your conversion rates? 

Consider hiring a copywriter to refine your website copy to maximise conversions if you don’t have the time or patience to learn solid copywriting techniques. 

Pro Tip

Your communications with your website visitors are essential to increasing your conversions, by clearly presenting your business.

“The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them.”

10 Reasons why your Conversion Rate is Low

It should not be a difficult proposition to increase conversions. Think like your clients and optimise your website so that all their questions and issues are dealt with properly.

You can see your conversion rates rise when you evaluate these modifications, and break out of the 5 percent conversion rate slump.

Wrapping Up!

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