5 Reasons you should not work with us- Reasons we are not the right fit for your Business

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5 Reasons you should not work with us..
We’re not right for everyone.
Find out if we’re the right fit for you.

A Business website is an important marketing tool for evaluating a company’s performance in the digitally linked world of today.

Even if you own an existing company that has braved the tides of time so far without investing in website growth, your business will greatly benefit from it. It will be more difficult for offline businesses to compete with online businesses that have smartly paid attention to web growth in the recent years.

In favour of web growth, marketing patterns continue to change gradually and customers today appear to prefer services or goods provided by companies with a substantial web presence.

While investing in web development can at first seem like a daunting challenge, it is a sure-fire way for your business to create not just brand awareness for potential customers but also generate leads, and new customers in the course of time.

So, yes we are a web design and development Boutique based out in Melbourne. We have been often come across  leads that are NOT well suited for our process and what we offer.


We thought, that writing a blog about  why you should not be working with us and the best way to use content fortress to reach your dream clients.

Now, let us analyse 5 reasons you should not work with us. As said earlier, we are website designers in Melbourne & a highly creative bunch , we enjoy what we do and have worked with some amazing clients over the years, but not everyone is qualified to work with us.

And that’s all right. Hiring someone to build your website Or do their social media marketing  is a significant choice and also a huge investment.

Below, we decided to outline the key reasons why we don’t think you should be working with us.

1.You can’t afford our price


Well, the fact is, Website design costs can vary. The typical website could cost anywhere from $500 to $30,000 +. Our web design prices range from $5K to $ 20K +. This price may be quite a put-off for some company owners.

We get it. 

Our websites are a big investment, but they’re just that, an investment. The justification for why we charge this amount is based on the time it takes and the analysis involved. 

We’re creating a design strategy that is customised to your particular Business goals, whether it’s getting your customers to sign up for your mailing list or to fill out a contact form on your website. We need to thoroughly understand your company so that you can create a successful website.

Many Biz owners don’t want these kinds of things. They just want to get an internet billboard Or just an online Brochure for their business. If that’s what you want, we might not be right fit for you. 

We want to get you a good return on investment. Read our recent post “Why are we so Expensive” to get a more thorough understanding of what you can get for your dollar.

2.You want your website created quickly


If you’re looking for a rush-hush job, we’re not your agency.

So, how long will it take to build a website.

On average, our websites take 6-10 weeks to complete and with good cause. Your website is the most critical tool to grow your online business.

Below, I’ve outlined our method and why it would take longer than you would expect.

Study time/research Time ( we call it discovery time) (1-2 weeks)
In order to be able to build a website that is perfect for you, we need to spend some time studying you, your competition and your rivals. In addition to our own study, we will collect information from you through our initial Skype call and your questionnaire. If we need more details, we’ll even give you a few emails.

Planning (1-2 weeks)
After we have enough research material, we can start preparing your website. This will require a lot of whiteboard drawings, post-it notes and other stuff. After all, we want to be wide awake when we have the blueprints for your web site together.

Demo website (1-2 weeks)
Once we’re satisfied with the plan , we move on to the design point. This is where we’re bringing together all the research and planning to make a mockup of your new website. We do it on our demo domain and show it you. You can make any design changes in this phase. 

The Build (3-4 weeks)
Once you’ve seen the mockup and are pleased, we’ll get to work on creating your new website. 

This includes all the web building  stuff like: the creation of website( we use wordPress), page builder( we use Elementor pro) ,adding relevant pluggins, making search engine optimised URLs and all the other stuff that comes with creating a high-performance website.

3.You are time poor to provide us with information and Relevant content

We appreciate that you’re overwhelmed and that you have a company to manage. We’ll require about 10-15 hours of your time if you want to hire us to develop your website. If this time you can’t find it, we may not be the best match for you.

Below, we’ve given a rundown on how much time you need to set aside.

Initial Talks – 2 hours
Fill out the questionnaire – 2 hours
Reviewing the mockup/Demo site and providing suggestions – 2 hours
Email conversations and phone calls – 2-3 hours
Creating your Niche Relevant Content ** – 6 hours
Give photos and text to us – 2 hours

Let’s face it, you know more about your business than we do, and we treat you as an authority.Yes, we’re going to research, prepare, design and create your website. However, we need your support to make it work efficiently. The more information we have, the better the website is.

**Just a heads-up: Some of our Packs contain Content writing feature, so you can start using it if you’re low on time. 

But you still need to give us all the niche specific Contents( for ex: If you are a Law firm, You need to give us all specific details about your services) about your niche, Team pics, company logo and branding, and so on…

4.You want to quickly generate money out of your website


Ok! get your website first and money rolls in , right? Not exactly that.

It would be great if you could just pay a web designer to build a website and then sit back and let the money roll in. It’s rarely the case. If this is you, you will have to go back to the drawing board.

When the website is up, you may need some effort to advertise it, or you can still hire someone to do it for you.  how to generate money from website,  Either way, you need to have an action plan in place to draw traffic to your website, Including;

  • Social media Marketing
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Facebook advertising campaign
  • SEO strategy
  • Google Ads campaign
  • Email marketing strategy

If you realise that messaging is important, and you’re prepared to do the job, then we’ve got some good news.

After we create your website, you get a free 1 hr  social media marketing coaching session via Zoom or a customised Social media marketing strategy as an ebook. That means you’re going to have a marketing campaign to go along with your brand new website.

In one of our Bundles, we provide free Social media Marketing for a Month. 

 We want you to have a chance of success, and if you’re able to do the job, we’re going to be right there for you.

5.You want a designer who just designs website for you(yes person)


Some people know exactly how they want their website to look like. They’re going to get the same template in their brains. The colours, the style, the font, everything. They just need a web designer to do it for them. sadly, We’re not that kind of agency.

We are  WordPress website builders. If you’re a digital media expert with years of experience, your plans are going to require some development. It’s cool to have a general understanding of how you want the website to look, but you need to believe that we know what we’re doing. 

That’s why, after all, you recruit us. We have years of experience creating high-performance websites that look fantastic, generate leads and work well on search engines, why don’t you want to use our expertise? 

Last but not the least , You are an E-commerce Business


We are specialised in working  Only with service- based businesses. Mainly the professional Service based business. 

Our Industry expertise Includes Law firms, Realtors, Finance, Accounting, property finance, Vets, Dentist, Business & Life Coaches and Interior Decorators,  Architects and surgeons along with ballet school, pre-schools , dog walker , dog groomers, puppy school and so on. 

PS: If you are an e-commerce biz Owner , we won’t be of any help to you.

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