Mistakes Business Owner make before Hiring web designers

5 Ridiculously stupid mistakes business owners make when hiring web designer

Most other website developers probably do not want you to read this. 

The reason for this is that most other website designers regard themselves as all-powerful wizards endowed with magical abilities. 

And they use complex technical jargon and terminology to confuse and intimidate their clients into believing that what they do is more complicated than it is.

This post will help to demystify the process of hiring a local website builder and walk you through what you should look for when hiring a web designer. 

So, without further ado, here are the six biggest blunders.

I’ve included a few basic recommendations for marketing a service-based firm below to get you started.
But first, let me say something… Are you seeking the clarity you require to break through and expand your service-based business?

What you need is a well-thought-out marketing strategy and plan that will benefit both you and your company. That’s where I come in.

You’ll discover the three most typical marketing blunders you encounter in service-based businesses. And what you can do instead to develop your company without the hassle and stress.

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5 Ridiculously stupid mistakes business owners make when hiring web designer

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Mistake #1 in Web Design:

Failure to Implement a Content Management System (CMS).


So, what exactly is a CMS? A CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System, and it is essentially a piece of software that allows you to manage and update your website. Word Press and Square Space are both CMSs, and there are a million others available. 

One thing to keep in mind is that not all CMSs are created equal, even within Word Press.

 Read our Article about what in the world is WordPress to understand more about CMS WordPress.

WordPress is a perfect solution for any business be it a start-up, small, medium or big company to create a solid online presence without spending too much time and money in the process.

Choose the website for web hosting, register a domain name, WordPress installed, and have a web address.

Choose themes and plugins that matter to your organisation and you can start the publication and promotion of your name.

#2 Mistake in Website Design: Paying Too Little

Many people approach getting a new website in this manner: they have a certain amount of money and believe that if they pay less for a website, they will have extra money left over, and thus they will win. 

So they’ll go get a Square Space, Wix, or Go Daddy website, and they’ll think they’re ahead of the game because they’ve saved money.

However, Warren Buffett, widely regarded as one of the greatest investors of all time, believes that the most important factor to consider when thinking about money is opportunity cost.

So, what exactly is the opportunity cost?

Rather than thinking, “I have this money, I need a website, I’m going to get a Square Space website, I’m going to save money by getting a Square Space website, therefore I win.”

“Opportunity-cost would think, “OK, so I have this money. 

I have several options, including getting a Square Space website, doing it myself, hiring a website builder near me, hiring someone overseas, and so on. 

And then, out of all those options, which one will result in the highest overall net profit?”

And, in terms of opportunity cost, that is exactly how you should think about it. 

It’s not so much about your return on investment on a single idea as it is about what is the best overall net-profit on all of the options available. 

And sometimes, when you go cheap, you really lose a lot in terms of potential nett profit.

Another factor that people overlook when opting for the cheapest option is the value of their time. Because when it comes to investing, you either save time or save money. Money buys time, and you must ask yourself:

What is the worth of my time?

I like to use Ikea as an example. They can charge such low prices for their furniture because they effectively pass on much of the work that other furniture manufacturers would do to their customers.

So, for example, you’d have to schlep around the actual furniture at the warehouse because there aren’t any salespeople there. 

Then you must go and deliver it to your home. Then you have to put it together, which is something that most other furniture manufacturers would have their employees do.

The truth is that when you assemble Ikea furniture, you are not a professional furniture builder, and thus the quality and output will be lower. That metaphor also applies to web design. 

Most people aren’t professional digital marketers or designers, and they don’t understand user personas, traffic generation, or anything else. 

As a result, you’re not only devoting all of your time to building the website, but you’re not getting as high-quality results as you would if you simply hired someone to do it full-time.

Mistake #3: Paying Too Much for a Website Designer

This is the polar opposite of mistake number one. Let me begin by revealing a dirty little secret about website design. 

Most people believe that they will hire a professional website firm because they want a “real website” rather than a Word Press website or something else. 

What most people don’t realise is that all websites are built with the same materials.

So, when you work with high-end local web designers, you’re not paying for something extra. 

You’re simply paying for a better version of the same thing. Someone who knows how to code better understands design better, and hopefully marketing better, which is really what you’re paying for.

Many people believe that working with a large agency for their website will result in a better product. 

So you’ll go to their office, which is a beautiful office in a nice part of town with ping pong tables where people are playing and having a good time.

And if you’re wondering, “Wow, I wonder how they can afford all this nice office space,” rest assured that the cost of your website will cover those expenses.

 Right? And, in most cases, you will be contacted by a slick salesperson who will sell you on the idea of working with their firm, and he will appear very polished.

But then, typically, you end up working with a junior-level employee who is relatively new, and that is your day-to-day contact, the point person with whom you will be dealing throughout the project.

When it comes to choosing a website, I would advise people to focus solely on the end result. 

At the end of the day, the question is, “Do you like their work?” Do you think their portfolio is of high quality? 

And believe in your own judgement, because most expert opinion is a lie. Please allow me to explain what I mean.

Mistake #4 Hiring a ‘Designer’ to Build Your Website

So, what exactly do I mean by that? That sounds strange. So, when I say designer, I mean someone who is solely an artist, and there are many of them. 

Many ‘designers’ are only concerned with the site’s aesthetics. 

What it looks like, whether it is unique, and whether it adheres to the most recent website design trends. But, at the end of the day, they don’t really “get” what the primary purpose of a website is.

So, tell me, what is the primary purpose of a website?
Is it to be attractive & Good looking? No, not at all. It is not the primary goal.

Is it to enhance the user experience? Not exactly, and that is not the primary goal.

What about winning awards? Hmmm.. not really!!

If you’re running a business, the goal of your website is to make money.

And the only criterion by which you should evaluate a website is whether or not it generates more revenue. What’s the point of getting it if you’re not going to use it? Right?

As a result, most designers are unaware of this.

At digitallydiv web Agency, we approach it from a marketing and design standpoint.

The way I like to think about a website is that there is a specific person who is looking for something and has a next step that they want to take.

When we work with clients, we first identify …Who are the various types of visitors to the site? What are they looking for? What’s the next step that they want to take?

Hiring a website developer
Defining those variables is our process for converting leads into customers.
And that’s marketing. We do marketing first and design second.

Mistake #5 in Web Design: Many Web Agencies Don’t Practice What They Preach


You wouldn’t trust an overweight personal trainer or a skinny chef, and you shouldn’t trust a designer with a bad-looking website, an SEO specialist who doesn’t rank well on Google, or a “internet marketer” who uses direct outreach to generate leads.

And by that I mean, if someone is selling you the idea of getting traffic through Google, Pay Per Click or Social Media, but they are using cold outreach, such as direct emailing you or word of mouth, they are not practising what they preach.

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Not sure where to start with marketing your service-based business?

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