5 Signs Your Site Design is Not Up-to-date

5 Signs Your Site Design is Not Up-to-date

Your website design may have been excellent once upon a time. It was new and shiny, and it looked just as good, if not better than many of the other top websites out there. But, like so many other things, the design became out of date after a while.

Some people fully recognise and accept this reality; for others, it is less obvious. How can you tell if your website design needs to be completely redone? Here are a few indicators:

5 Signs Your Site Design is Not Up-to-date

Its Not Responsive

Because so many people use their mobile phones and tablets to access the internet, it’s critical that your website works properly on these devices.

This is referred to as responsive design. Old designs are not responsive, so they will appear as shrunken versions of the desktop site. If your website is not responsive, it is most likely out of date and in need of a redesign.

Too many Pop-ups

Pop-ups were “in “some time ago. The Recent Update from Google mentions that anything that hinders a Good User Experience is a big no… How many times have got annoyed with popups when you visited any website?

SEO experts have constantly questioned if they should still use the POP-UP feature or not. At any rate, advertising through pop-ups really does work But TOO many Pop-ups that are Intrusive are a Big NO.

Here are the examples of intrusive Popups that are Outdated 

  • Pop-ups that cover the content of your page, and forces the users to close the pop-up just to continue reading.
  • Standalone interstitials that show up before the user can access the content.
  • Pages wherein the layout make the upper portion look like an interstitial.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Too Much Flash

In 2017, Google announced plans to phase out Flash in Google Chrome, and Adobe announced plans to discontinue support for Flash by the end of 2020. 

Because Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser today, a website with too much Flash (or, arguably, any amount of Flash) is clearly out of date.

Music Starts Playing Automatically

Music (or any sound effects, for that matter) automatically playing when a website loads is a clear sign that it’s time for a redesign, even if the sounds are subtle or fit with the theme of your website. 

This may have been the cool thing to do in the 1990s and early 2000s when people first started making websites, but it can now be downright annoying for many visitors and turn off a lot of potential customers.

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design

Not showcasing your Staff/ Your Pictures

Well, stock Pics are ok to use. In fact, You may need to use stock photos for your blogs and other content, However, Avoid using Stock Photos On your Home page, Contact us page and About us Page. Not Including you or Your teams Photos is Outdated in 2021.

Develop Your Brand with your and Your Team Photos on your website.

If part of your brand is that you are all about your people, including photos of your people is the logical step. 

And done right, employee photographs can enhance your brand: whether that’s showing your expertise through formal portraits of experts wearing suits, or showing your lighthearted side with fun, casual photographs. 

On the other hand, staff Photos helps to Claim E.A.T with Google Search Engine.

E-A-T stands for Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness.

Plus, The Author Photos, Links to their Social Pages and Writ up about them in Blogs helps to Establish E-A-T with Google, this in turn Boost SEO.

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This is Google’s terminology, introduced in 2018, for a set of website quality standards to be applied by quality testers when evaluating websites. 

So, let’s say you’ve realised your website’s design is out of date. The next question you might have is why it should matter.

After all, it does the job. You have a high ranking. You have a web presence. You do receive leads. What is the problem?

There are numerous reasons for this.

To begin with, an outdated website is unlikely to convert as well as it could.

You may already be receiving leads, but with an outdated website, you could be missing out on a slew of others.

An outdated design will most likely not rank as well as it should, will not retain visitors as long as a new design will, and so on.

Another factor to consider is your company’s reputation and brand.

First impressions are crucial. In the eyes of many potential customers, an outdated web design can come across as unprofessional, and people are typically drawn to companies with better-looking websites.

Wrapping Up!

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