6 Methods to Use Instagram for Small Businesses & Local shops

6 Methods to Use Instagram for Small Businesses & Local shops

6 Methods to Use Instagram for Your Business[ Tips for Small-Medium Businesses]

6 Methods to Use Instagram for Small Businesses & Local shops

Beginner’s Guide – Instagram marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, many small business owners feel that Social media marketing hasn’t been successful for them, or that it’s already too late to begin Or it’s too expensive to use.

If you fall into either of these situations, you’ll want to reconsider your position on marketing with social media, because it is a powerful & Cost-effective way to expand your audience and engage with your customers. 

Here are six tips about why you should give this strategy another look. 

Let’s begin our journey with cost-effective Insta marketing tips.

6 Cost-effective Instagram Marketing Tips for Local Shops & Small Business

1. Hashtag Strategy

When it comes to social media campaigns, hashtags are a cost-effective and great strategy. 
The hashtag is not a new trend on social media anymore. Hashtags are crucial in developing curiosity in your social media accounts and are used on many of social media platforms, most commonly, Twitter and Instagram.
Some of the main things about Hashtags to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Upsurge in Consumer Engagement
  2. Brand Building
  3. To find your Audience

2.To Post Content on a Regular basis( Every day precisely)

One of the most significant rules for Instagram marketing is to post a photo or video every day. 

By Keeping your profile fresh with new content each day can get your your business in front of the eyes of your business prospective leads and New Customers. 

According to studies, brands that post between Two and Five times a day see the good results in Instagram.Remember to share Quality content.

3.Interact with consumers/viewers & Study the data Analytics

Interacting with users and other brands is crucial for growing followers and increasing brand awareness. 

To do this, frequently like and comment on posts of your followers or brands that you could possibly collaborate with. 

This interaction shows users there is a real person behind your brand account.

We are pretty much sure, many businesses can use the tips as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

However, tracking your DATA and STATS is also vital. Without studying analytics, there’s no way to know how effective these tactics are working for your business. 

Instagram provides its own insights within the platform, but there are other free analytics tools you can use.

4.Insta Stories

Instagram Stories lets Instagram accounts to post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. 

Stories first released in August 2016 and now over 500 million Instagramers make daily use of stories. 

If you’ve ever considered playing with stories to improve your visibility or engagement, the right moment is now. Instagram Stories appear in the bar at the top of your list – and all Instagram accounts, from your closest friends to your favourite celeb accounts, will be able to share stories. 

The Instagram story stickers are super versatile and allow you to add additional meaning to the content of your Instagram stories.

Creating an Instagram Stories strategy for your business

  • Post between one to Ten Stories every day
  • Post Stories at times when your Target Audiences are on the App
  • Build One on One relationship with your Target Audience: Engage with your Audiences
  • Consistency is the key, So Post on a regular basis.
  • Make use of Instagram Stories ads to boost reach, engagement, and conversions


It’s In! Instagram users do not need the separate IGTV app to watch longer videos, as the IGTV experience is embedded in the main app and can be accessed via in-feed teasers, a tab of the Explore page, promo stickers in Stories, and profile tabs, your video content to be seen, and appears as a 60-second video in your followers’ feed.

6.Your Website Link in your Insta Bio

If you’re looking to guide your followers to your website Or landing page, You must be by now aware that Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links within the copy of a post. 

But, you can add hyperlinks(either your website /Landing page) in the bio section within your Insta profile. 

This can be a link to the homepage of your website Or Landing page and more importantly, it can also be updated frequently to bring viewers to present promotions, giveaways, or any events sponsored by your Business.

6 Methods to Use Instagram for Small Businesses & Local shops

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