Are online interior design courses worth it- Honest review

Are online interior design courses worth it- [ List of Top Interior Design courses Online]

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While interior design is still a young field, Some people look for courses, to introduce the subject and deepen their knowledge. 

Yes! But Its not always Necessary to get in to any course.You can do the Learnings with Youtube Videos and loads of Free or Nominal priced eBooks( ebooks less than $20)

This Blog will Explain  why its not necessary to take these Expensive Online courses that tells you that they make you an expert  and How you can Learn interior design without going for any expensive courses.

Agree! there are good Online Courses that can help , whatever expensive the course is , it you that is going to work hard and make it happen. 

What are Interior Design Courses

Everything that goes into creating and enhancing a building’s interior is covered in interior design courses. You will become an expert in areas like lighting, colour, furnishings, and practicality, whether it be for personal or commercial use.

Discover how to design spaces that are sustainable and inspiring to fulfil 21st-century needs.

Interior design is a highly ‘in-demand’ skill

Interior Design is a highly ‘in-demand’ skill in today’s time for the reason that nowadays most of the House hold is focused on having a great-looking house or office.

See, acquiring skills in interior design is a relatively easy task and the Skill can be successfully mastered in a short span of time. 

However, there is a caveat. As a beginner, much of the learner’s interest in the subject lies in the hands of the tutor and the manner in which the course is delivered to the learner. 

Inefficient coaching can pretty quickly lead the learner to lose interest in the subject, in worst cases, this can completely alter the direction of one’s career.

What is Interior Designing ?Why is it important to learn Interior Design?

What is Interior Designing? 

An interior designer collaborates with clients to design places and rooms that are aesthetically pleasant. The locations that are designed range from straightforward indoor and outdoor home situations to opulent mansions, with clients ranging from homeowners to major corporations.

Every interior designer strives to create places that are appealing, practical, and secure while also addressing the unique needs of the client, regardless of the project.

Why is it important to learn Interior Design to  be a Good Home decor Expert?

Summary of Design vs. Decorating

Interior design and interior decoration are fundamentally distinct disciplines, despite occasional overlap. Interior decorating is the furnishing or embellishing of a place with ornamental materials to achieve a certain aesthetic, whereas interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behaviour to create practical spaces within a building. In other words, decorators may not design, but interior designers may.

However, in order to succeed, those who pursue professions in interior design must possess a particular skill set.

If you’re wondering how to become an interior designer, enrolling in interior decorating programmes, such as our programme at FIDM, can provide you with the knowledge and practical experience needed.

For a successful interior design career, you’ll need the following skills, whether you come by them naturally or have to put in a lot of effort to learn them:

Creativity and design abilities: Creating beautiful and practical places requires an eye for colour, composition, and aesthetics.

Problem-solving abilities: In order to design places that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, interior designers must be able to recognise difficulties and find solutions.

Computer-aided design (CAD) software and other sector-specific tools must be understood by interior designers in order to produce thorough designs and blueprints.

Commercial savvy: Interior designers must comprehend the business aspects of their position, such as client management, marketing, and budgeting.

Focus on detail: To make sure that every step of a project is carried out correctly, interior designers must pay close attention to detail.

Interior designers must be able to manage their time & also Understanding of historical and contemporary design trends:

Is Interior Design Courses worth it?

There is no direct Yes or No answer to this question.

There is a lot of buzz around interior design I see that a lot of people are talking about interior design

Let me give you some numbers:

95% of Interior Designers in the world are self-taught and have not done a paid or structured course.

But the above number was 100% a few years ago, so this tells you that there are now Designers who are learning from structured courses. 

The number of self-taught Interior Designers will keep coming down as more and more people are required in this rapidly growing industry.

There are reasons why people prefer being self-taught Interior Designers

  1. Lack of good courses available in the market and Free content on YouTube, Google etc. was enough for people to get a basic understanding
  2. The number of sources where you could market digitally was extremely limited, as the number of channels increase, so does the complexity of learning them.
  3. Courses were not offering hands-on training on campaigns. The single most crucial thing for becoming a good Interior Designer is to get your hands dirty in the execution of campaigns.
  4. Traditional interior design professors were teaching interior design with the same philosophy. This did not go well, as interior design is all about innovation and breaking traditional Design rules.

The above gaps are now being filled by the industry slowly but surely:

  • There are exhaustive online courses that teach you all the tools in a structured learning format, with hands-on execution level learning and industry-relevant learning outcomes.
  • A lot of current Interior Designers are teaching in these courses, which gives you actual industry insight into how things work.

My Verdict

The demand for Interior Designers & Home decor experts is growing at such a rapid pace that learning in a structured format is becoming extremely crucial as it is the sure-shot way to upskill quickly. 

You do not have the luxury of time anymore to learn at your own pace.

It can be a free course or a paid course but something that brings everything together, few elements to look out for in a course are:

  1. Fundamentals of interior design
  2. Basics of interior design – how the main sources like Home decor, Apartment decor & design work
  3. Gives you hands-on projects to implement your knowledge – this can be used to showcase your skills to employers during interviews.

What is the cost or average fee for an Interior Design course?

There are many interior design courses available in the market that you can pursue to make yourself Skilled in this field and Enhance your career. 

It is important to know about the Average fee structure you need to spend when you are going a course interior design

The first important point that I would like to share with you all that everyone who wants to Kickstart their career in interior design have a Question that whether to choose an Online/Offline  or Free/paid courses . 

According to my personal experience, I would like to suggest you to go ahead with Online Programs are they are much Cost Effective as compared to Offline classroom training. 

Here’s the reason why its too cost-effective:

  • It’s too time-consuming as you don’t have to travel Long Distances for your classes. You can easily attend the classes from the comfort of your home.
  • You don’t have to worry if you miss your classes due to any problem. The online sessions provide you with every recorded session which you can go through if you miss it.
  • The class timings of Online sessions are kept fixed so that students don’t face any problem.

Another important question that every student has in their mind is the Average Fee for interior design courses?”

So, let me tell you that the cost of a interior design course ranges from $200 and can go up to $1000+ depending on  Who is behind the course and the courses they provide.

Generally, the Institutes that price ranges from $200-$500 have a High probability of being fake and authentic. 

People usually get trapped in it thinking that the Higher Priced courses  might provide them with more Benefits. But its not correct. there are Hundreds of Free Youtube Channels and eBOOK that can make you expert in interior design

Mostly, you can go ahead with Courses whose price ranges from $300-$500 because these Courses  provide you with all the facilities and training that is required to be an Interior Designer. 

Still, I would recommend you to check the Course Owners past records, Reviews,  Assistance, and their Course Modules before taking admission into that Institute.

Information is Always FREE! You dont need to pay High prices for your Courses.

How to Choose the Interior Design Courses

interior design courses are available in abundance these days. Some are highly expensive, and while the others are extremely cheaper.

Now, the biggest question is which one to go for.

From my experience, I would suggest, it is better to opt for a decent amount of research before choosing the right course for yourself.

Also, the most important thing here is that you don’t have to focus much on the cost parameters if you are getting to learn the subject from the best industry experts. 

All you investment would be returned and paid off if you get to join a good-paying job at a great organization.

Thus, it is more important to focus on various other parameters than simply look at the cost factor of the courses.

However, just for your kind information, the average cost of a good and highly reputed interior design course lies anywhere between $600-$1000 depending upon the age of the Course owner Experience and many other factors.

In fact, you should do a research on the various Courses falling under this range.

It is better to look at their reviews from their previous students, and other people, or even take recommendations from the people you know who have already been here in this industry.

Having said that, here are a few other important things you should take into consideration before joining any course on Interior Design

  • Make sure they are quite an expert in the Interior Design  and have been around for quite a while to help you with their exposure and experience in the field.
  • Make sure they have the best industry experts as their trainers to help you with their brilliant knowledge base and give you an insider’s perspective on the subject as well.
  • Make sure they offer you a holistic and more streamlined course  that would take you through the entire subject from scratch.
  • Also, make sure they finish the course within a span of like 4-6 months.
  • Make sure that they offer you the best quality certifications on the course that would help you build a Business further.

Why is Interior designing Over Promoted?

  1. It’s easy to teach online Now-a-days: Unlike, our CAT Coaching at IIM SKILLS or CPA Finance Courses, Interior Design is the easiest subject to teach.
  2. Everyone is an Expert: If you want to Master a Medical Degree you need to spend several years in the medical industry, however, in the Interior Design industry once you learn the basics of it you can start your own institute hardly in 20 days. So calling an Expert in this industry is Easy.
  3. If a friend has introduced you, then, believe me, someone has also guided him like you and its a chain…. Final Sources No One Knows.

Ask yourself, Why Do I need a course? The Person who is advising me, is he also a marketer who is selling his own courses? How good the Course seller is , is he/she making money?

Do I need a Course?

 I have met many people in the last 10 years who asked me for my advice around their  Business marketing. I always have one cross-question to ask, Who and How did you come to know about Interior Design term.

No (if you are good at self-learning, you don’t need a course. There are many free courses and Coaches available over the internet to gain knowledge by yourself.

How Do I find I am good at self-learning or not?

Download a course brochure of any Digital( Online) Interior Design Course( Could be an eBook or an Online course ) then try to learn everything from Youtube first.

Or Buy Books on interior design or even ebooks that cost less than $20.

My advice is to get an inexpensive course from a reasonably good interior designer, learn most of the free information available on YouTube, and buy some of the available ebooks.


Is it worth taking a course in Interior Designing?

Is it worth taking a course in interior design? Are there any benefits from learning Interior Design through a course and getting a certification?

The short answer to the above questions is Yes, Interior Design courses are worth it if you are NOT spending a Fortune on them

Yes! I mean that. Interior design is a self-learnable skill. 

You need not spend large amount of money on the courses when you can do the learnings with Free Youtube channels or even Inexpensive eBooks.

I’ve been an Interior Design professional for 5 years and during my career, I’ve been involved deeply in Interior Design Courses. 

The long answer is, it depends on your primary objective from taking aInterior Design course.

Is your goal to learn Interior design-

  • To enrich your Business with good Design Strategies.
  • Grow Your Business ( Online or Brick & Mortar)
  • To start your own Business- A Start Up
  • All of the above?

And to other factors like the cost and time investment required to go through a training program.

In this post, I’ll help you decide whether you should follow a course on interior design by explaining the benefits of enrolling in a course, the costs involved, and what to consider before choosing an interior design course.

Benefits of Interior Design Courses

There are several advantages to following an online course, classroom training, or even ebooks, and these are not limited to interior design courses but are applicable to all types of structured learning.

It’s a great way to learn Interior Designing & Home decor

If you don’t know what interior design is, enrolling in a course is a great place to start. There are many courses aimed at beginners that will teach you the basics and help you get a very good idea of how interior design works.

It’s more efficient than spending time on Google

Nowadays when you want to learn something, the first thing that comes in mind is Google.

While this is a great method, it’s not as efficient as getting all the information you need in one place.

A well-structured interior design course will teach you everything you need to know without spending your time reading hundreds of random blog posts, each taking a different approach to interior design

It’s good for your career

Although a certification alone does not make you a interior design specialist, it’s good for your career. Employers like and encourage their employees to build new skills and getting a interior design certification can open up new career opportunities.

It can help you get an entry-level job

When you are a beginner and have no experience, one of the ways to prove to your future employer that you have the interior design skills needed for the job, is to get a interior design certification.

Top Interior Design Courses Online:

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