How being a Blogger Can Change Your Life-[ for good]

How being a Blogger Can Change Your Life-[ for good]

Blogging has had a profound impact on my life. When I wrote my very first blog entry, I was not in a particularly good mood.

However,  evethough my first few Blogs Sucked, I never lost hope that I would be able to live the life I want, which is why I called my blog Peplifestyle 

Since then, I’ve discovered how blogging can transform your life in both great and unexpected ways. I’d want to share my experiences with you. 

If you want to see these improvements, though, you must do more than just establish a blog; you must also maintain it on a continuous basis. 

It’s well worth it, though, and I hope that my personal experience will inspire you to consider establishing your own blog.

Blogging has helped to create an atmosphere of positive change in my life.

I was writing about and discussing the things that were working in my life at the time. 

Every time I made a post, it incorporated elements of things I’d learned through my work as a Digital marketer, Home decor Lover, Car Lover and pet Mum, as well as lessons I’d gained from my own life experience. 

I wasn’t going to tell someone to do something that I hadn’t already done myself.

  • My life Got much better  post by post as a result of this blog. I dint need to Go out of my house for work anymore and it was all work from Home since i started Blogging in 2016.
  • Post by post, I developed into a blogger and a published author.
  • After a while, I had built up a body of work that I was pleased with.
  • In the meantime, as my circumstances improved, I began to have some very memorable encounters.

Why should you start a blog?

What’s the point of starting a blog? The following are only a few of the reasons:

  • You’re in charge of your own schedule.
  • You can make passive income
  • You can even make money while you’re sleeping-Passive Income
  • Freedom!!
  • Travel the globe and work from wherever you are.
  • Make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Become a full-time blogger and make a fortune.
  • Find out how to run your own company and succeed.
  • Work with the companies and artists you admire.


I published a blog post a while back about the importance of saying YES. With it still fresh in my mind, I decided to say yes to a handful of opportunities that I would not have otherwise said yes to. 

A significant amount of my life was altered as a result of these occurrences.

I wrote on the importance of not allowing toxic individuals to steal my joy. 

My ability to let go of certain difficult relationships improved dramatically after I finished writing the piece. 

My life took a significant turn for the better, and a short time after, I met the guy with whom I am now engaged.

When I wrote about procrastination, I was able to decipher the code that had been keeping me from doing what I wanted.

There is so much more I could say about how each post influenced my life, whether in a little or significant way. 

They did it because they sincerely believed it. I wrote my way into a new existence, and wonderful things began to come to me more readily after that.

When people see me today, they comment on a variety of things, including how youthful I appear, how happy I am, and how astounded they are at all the things I’m doing now, to name a few.

Even with a blog that wasn’t producing any money at the time, I managed to do all of this.

Bloggers influence the purchasing decisions of American consumers.
That’s correct, a whopping 1/5th of American shoppers have made a purchase as a result of a recommendation from a blogger or social media influencer. 

That implies that the affiliate links you include in your content, the product reviews you provide, and the things you sell on your website are all being purchased by customers after they have read the material you provide.

Here’s one more compelling argument why you should at the very least give blogging for money a go.


Provide services to a large number of people. It’s important to remember that blogs generate money because they appeal to a broad audience. 

Although this is undesirable, you should keep in mind that there is a large audience out there and a lot of money to be made, so don’t quit up.

When it comes to content consumption, it’s important to keep in mind that 409 million individuals read 20 billion pages of material every day. 

As a result, there are people and traffic. Just keep that in mind while you’re blogging for profit..

This is one of the most compelling reasons to establish a blog and earn money from it. 

Blogging Helps make you Money( Heaps of money Trust me on this)

You’ve already seen it. When you visit a website, you will notice that random advertisements will appear in various locations. 

There is a possibility that the banner in the upper middle or the square box on the right is the problem? Perhaps even a little banner within the material itself.

In essence, these advertisements are included as part of a monetization process that is designed to help you learn how to make money from your site.

There are a plethora of excellent options for monetizing your website. A few of the most common money-making tactics for bloggers are as follows:

  • Using Display ads (Google Adsense, Ezoic Or MediaVine)
  • Developing an Affiliate Marketing Program That Sells
  •  Allowing Sponsored Posts & Sponsored work
  • Creating & Selling Digital Products ( Like eBooks, e-Courses Or planners or even wall arts)

Blogging can give you the FREEDOM of working from anywhere

Flexibility , Yes!

When it comes to working online, the independence and flexibility that comes with being a blogger are two of the most obvious advantages.

You are in charge of your own destiny. You set your own working hours.

You have the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses associated with maintaining a blog; your time is the major investment you’ll make.

The only source of pressure you’re under is the strain you put on yourself through your own objectives, ideals, and desires. Blogging may also be useful on a more practical level, as well.

You will be able to maintain your day job with no schedule issues.

The term “flexibility” refers to the ability to participate at any level you like, whether it is as a new job, an occasional pastime, or something in between.

Start Blogging, Today!

Start a blog today.

Well, Customizing your blog and being accustomed with your theme may take some time to get used to, so be patient. 

Due to the fact that each theme is unique, I am unable to give a step-by-step explanation here.

Nonetheless, contains several useful resources, including tutorials that will teach you all you need to know about blogging with WordPress (again, for free! ).

Before writing your niche blogs,  do the Keyword Research using the just simple google search. Nothing else to start with ( NO AHREFs and SEMRUSHs). 

Google is a GIANT data storage and there are numerous Questions that people search on Google Search.

Check out for your Niche relevant Questions people are asking on Google, check the Competition. If not much competition( Like 

There is Forum coming up for the search Result or there is really Old Content) exist for the particular Query, VOILA!!  You have your Blog Posts idea ready.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that your First 5-10 Blogs are based on the queries that are Low hanging Fruits( Keywords/Long tail keywords,  I mean!).

You can start targeting Competitive keywords once you have published your 5-10 Blogs.

Don’t forget Marketing your Blogs

So, you’ve created a fantastic blog article that is packed with useful information…now what? 

Is it feasible to get it in front of the proper set of eyes while also presenting it to as many pairs of eyes as possible? 

It’s just as important to promote your blog posts in the right way as it is to write good content. Having said that, if no one views your material, then it’s all for naught. 

Our recent Blog effective ways to promote your blog for free  will demonstrate how to effectively market a blog article in order to increase traffic for your website.

If you are looking at blogging and making money with your favorite hobby Or Expertise, we can help you get started. As a marketing agency, we have helped many individuals and hobbyists create a blogging business and a life they love!

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