Cheapest ways to drive traffic to a website – Tips & hacks

Cheapest ways to drive traffic to a website – Tips & hacks

What are cheapest ways to gain new traffic to a website?

The cheapest way is probably to post compelling and evergreen content in your site, plus a link to it, on social media platforms. This will cost you nothing but your time and will filter out some of the visitors you don’t want.

The most cost-effective way might be pay-per-action advertising on Google, Facebook and the like.

Extreme targeting resulting from you tapping into the tremendous power of these platforms’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities will all but eliminate visitors you don’t want and concentrate instead on the subset of those you do want who are most likely to buy what you are offering.

So, How can You Increase you Web Traffic on a bidget?

Do you want to raise the number of inquiries and sales from your website in 2021? are you wondering how to generate website traffic and you are on a budget ?. 

The first step to making your website work harder for your company is to increase website traffic. 

More people viewing your content will lead to more inquiries from potential buyers and clients, and eventually, more money in your bank account.

However, how can you increase the number of people who visit your website? In this article, we’ll show you how we doubled our website traffic in a year and give you some tips to help you do the same.

Your website must act as 24/7 sales person!


Many website Owners are suffering from a condition known as “website shame.” You are using your website just as an online business card – a glorified advertisement for your company that you’d send people to when they wanted to contact you, much like a lot of our clients do before they start working with us.

However, this is NOT how you can now use your precious business website! This is not the best way to bring traffic to your website. 

Your website should serve as a “24/7 salesperson” for your company, generating leads and sales. Promote your goods or services. You must work towards a website traffic generator strategy.

Plus, Many Website owners have little to post/share on social media or with their email list because you are not Creating any blog material for your website. As a result, you are not developing your brand.

All this can change when you start creating daily content for your website. so, What is the Strategy you develop to get more traffic to website

Your Ultimate Content Marketer’s Guide to Keyword Research

Publishing regular and Evergreen content on your website

In the past Years Until 2019, we were not creating content for our website, we were having quite a good number of monthly visits to our website and also clients Via Referrals. Considering how competitive our industry is, those numbers aren’t terrible for a web design firm.

Now, Post 2019 the most important thing that happened is that we increased our website traffic by tenfold compared to a year ago. And that’s when it all began!…

What did we do differently that worked for us?


So, What is the best way to drive traffic to your website? and What are the top ways to increase website traffic?

In the Year 2019,  we made a decision and a commitment to create a new piece of blog content every week or even a few blogs a week and to do it on a regular basis. And we are still doing it. we love Blogs …

We started using our website to help us:

  • Focussing on building a personal brand.
  • Generate traffic to the website organically
  • Drive more enquiries to Business
  • Get More Leads for  Business.

Keen to know how have we done that? Keep reading…

And how can you commit to create regular content for your website? Do you ask?

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1.Answer Search Intent Questions in your niche


We love to follow the principles They ask you to answer( By Marcus S). We learned that people first do their own research when they think about buying from you or anyone else. And they will typically look for price information about the services, reviews/Testimonials, and Product Information, and so on.

Just try to think what did you do when you made a purchase for the last time? Before you purchased the service/product?  Heaps of Research …Research,  Research, and Research on google right?

Without research, we can’t buy anything online or even from a Brick and Mortar store.

So, We developed a large number of ideas using Marcus Sheridan’s method. We have written a blog post on our price point, FAQs, our web design process, why are we expensive, why we are not the best fit for you, and many more such Blogs ..all related to the industry( web design, SEO, Online marketing and social media marketing in our case), and have usually tried to answer any questions from our existing or prospective customers. Our content was essentially a tool for customer service.

 Many of the posts we have written has attracted paying customers to our business. So it is not just important to create content that answers people’s questions but also to provide guidance and bring in more leads and customers to your business.

If you want to begin publishing regular content, record what are the questions people are asking in your niche. Take note of them, whether they are over the phone, on the email, during an interview, a coaching call, or a consultation.

If one customer asks for something (existing or future), it is likely that other customers do so. And go to  Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, and social media conversations and these can be an excellent place for ideas if you’re only starting and don’t have many customers yet.

Also, use tools like www. to know about all the Questions for a particular keyword in your niche.

2.Optimise your content for search


Once you have gathered ideas for the content, you then need to keyword Research to search for the questions that your ideal customers find on Google.

The use of words and sentences used by individuals to search for your company or for associated information online means ‘optimising your search content.’

So use keyword research tools( Like Semrush (paid), Google keyword planner(FREE) to make intelligent decisions about the titles and the sub-headings you use in your blog posts.

And once you’ve identified the relevant keywords, make sure you include them in:

  • Title tags.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Image names.
  • And the Alt text on your images.

As a matter of fact, we often advise you to optimise your search content. 

The aim is not to always target the high-traffic/High Volume keywords instead target the low-Volume Keywords that are untapped.  Yet the majority of the traffic on our website still attracts some blog posts we wrote following this approach, like this one for instance: How can I get more traffic to my Blog.

A valuable keyword is the one that has a high demand and low competition.

3. Deeper the better! Dive deep in to the topics


You will notice that our content is always a combination of in-depth and Response blogs when you look at some of the blog posts we have linked to.

In general, the higher the word count ( More than 2000+ words), the more traffic to your blog can be expected. However, targeting Google snippets that are answering precisely a particular Search question can also bring website Traffic.

When it comes to In-depth articles, the more data and efforts you put in your writing, the more opportunities you have to include these 

  • Additional/Long-tail Keywords 
  • Internal links to your other Relevant Blogs  ( or the other related Blogs)
  • And SEO optimised images.
  • SEO Optimised content


All of this encourages Google to rank you higher on the search results. So aim to create the best piece of content on a certain topic, and you’ll be rewarded by Google sending more traffic your way.

And if you are concerned that long-form content cannot be created, do not panic!

As a business owner, you answer your customers’ questions or the Google search Intent Queries every day without thinking twice. See blog posts for an effective way of communicating your knowledge in your niche. 

Concentrate on how you make life easier, educational, information, and entertaining for your readers. 

Be Brave Enough to give away your information as a niche specialist – Trust me, it pays off, as traffic and enquiries can be expected to grow.

Be aware that longer content doesn’t have to be boring stuff. So remember and make your content interesting and relevant (people who consume your content). 

Keep it Interesting with some images, Quotes and Tweets in between the paragraphs.

For Instance: if you are a Lawyer write all about the questions that usually asked on google from the users that might need your services.

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Your Ultimate Content Marketer’s Guide to Keyword Research

5.Reverse Engineer the competitor’s success


The web is getting more and more saturated, which means that there are more sites, more content and – worrisome – more competitors.

Standing out from the crowd can feel like a constant battle up, but it’s not just about originality to become a front runner. Sometimes the best way to overcome the competition is by checking what they do to find out how similar methods to benefit your brand can be incorporated.

Follow our steps below to find out how you can locate and ensure your strongest competitors work for you.

Step 1: Identify your competition by using your keywords
Start by looking for five of your keywords in Google. Do that, even though you believe that you know who your competitors are. What you’re finding might surprise you.

Step 2: Content analysis of your competitor’s best content. 
So now your list of competitors should be reduced to the top 2 or 3. Analyzing the content is the next step. Identifying its best content – 10x, anchor content is your principal aim here.

Step 3: Analyse other marketing campaigns of your competitors
You don’t want to reverse the other marketing campaigns of your competitors, but analysing them can help you put their campaigns together.

Step 4: Register/subscribe for your competitor’s email subscription.
It will show if they promote content through email marketing and if so, how and how often they do it.

6. Repeat all this above good stuff! Repeat… Repeat… Repeat…


Repeat the process once you have taken these steps. Do this for a year every week after week, and like us, you are going to see huge results.

And, content creation is an ongoing process.

We managed to increase our website traffic by 10 times by creating 40-50 blog postings in 2020-21. It’s hard work, but as long as you commit yourself to this process and find a way to hold yourself accountable, you can do it!

And you can also get these results for your company when you commit to publishing regular content on your website will actually help you deliver leads and new customers to your business.

AND…Whenever you’re ready…here are 3 ways we can help you land more and better clients, customers, or patients:

1. Work with us One-on-One.  Let’s chat…Click here to book a pitch-free 15-minute call. I guarantee it’ll be the best 15 minutes you spend this month.

2.Download (FREE) my new e-book: The Conversion Ready website Checklist.

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