Facebook Ads VS Google Ads -Everything you need to know!

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads [Paid Search Vs Paid social]

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads. Facebook Advertising( paid Social) and Google Ads( paid Search) give Businesses unique ways to reach out to their prospects. 

You have seen advertisements in your Facebook feeds and Google searches, so what’s the difference in them, you ask….

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads


Both Facebook Advertising( paid Social) and Google Ads( paid Search) give Businesses unique ways to reach out to their prospects. 

You have seen advertisements in your Facebook feeds and Google searches, so what’s the difference in them, you ask.

This article formulates the main differences between the paid search and paid social that can help you Grow your Business

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads : the Differences that you need to know to grow your Business.

First of all, what are Google Ads( Paid Search) and Facebook Ads( paid Social)? 

Put simply, they Both are pay-per-click(PPC) advertisements. You enter an auction in which you put a quote on how much ad space you want to pay for by making an ad on one of these sites. 

Then any time someone clicks on one of your ads you’ll be charged a certain amount of money called Cost per click(CPC).

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads -Everything you need to know

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: What are the Distinctive Differences? 

1.The potential reach:


Google has 3.8 Million Searches a Minute and has Almost 81 % of the global market share. Whereas Facebook has 2.60 Billion Active users Per month and this is massive.

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads -Everything you need to know!


2.Search Intent vs. Brand Awareness & Visibility:

One of the main differences in Google( paid Search) and Facebook Advertising( Paid Social) is the search intention. Google searchers are looking specifically for some products or services while Facebook users are showing ads based on their interests. 

Whereas Google has a pull marketing approach, Facebook relies on brand recognition and brand awareness.


The Intent of buying is massive on Google. People go to Google with an intent to buy products/services they are looking for. 

People use Google to look for their required services and Products. 

When it comes to Google, the search engines are on a quest. 

They’re searching for something unique and they want to figure out what they’re searching for. 

In the case below, the searcher is involved in getting a decent price on Leather Jackets.

Google Ads Strength: the Obvious Search Intent

With Google Ads, you’re selling marketing messages that encourage you to reach customers at a particular location in their Purchasing process. 

You can advertise a law Firm people searching for ” DUI Expert” or you can advertise for UGG Boots with a Discount.

Through search advertisements, you can advertise differently to approach customers that are very interested in what you’re offering to have the best price Or relevant services in front of them to meet where they’re in the purchasing cycle.


The intent to Buy on Facebook is less compared to Google. People mostly don’t get o Facebook looking for products Or Services. People use Facebook to get connected with their friends, family, and look for entertainment Or Information.

The question is Why should I advertise on Facebook then, Answer is because this is where everybody is. 

So, You want to market your Services and product On Facebook Not selling it.

Facebook encourages you to sell to users who are not usually looking for your stuff. 

They’re going about their own life, watching dog videos and Funny memes on Facebook, and they happen to see your ad as it goes through their news stream/Feed. 

They haven’t been looking for your stuff, but they’re still exposed to your ad.

Facebook is majorly for brand awareness, Brand Visibility, and generating leads. 

This ensures that Facebook Advertising is a perfect way to increase awareness and interest in your product. 

If consumers don’t know that you exist, they can’t be involved in what you have to say, and they won’t be looking for your products, services, or brand.

As you are already aware by now, search ads are perfect for reaching users while they’re directly looking for your product Or service, and Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to increase awareness of your product/Services for users who may not already know that you exist.

3.All about Cost Per Click(CPC)

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads -Everything you need to know!


CPV FB Ads Vs Google Ads

In Google Ads, advertisers can spend more than $150 per click in really competitive industries, but on Facebook, you can pay as little as $0.25 per click depending on the CTR and targeting factors for your ad.

Based on our experience, the cost per click(CPC) tends to be lower on Facebook than on GoogleAds. 

I’ve consistently seen CPC campaigns on Facebook under $1.00 per click, but not on Google Ads

Advantages of using Facebook Ads.

Facebook aims to be the number one social network to hit, with more than 2.6 billion active monthly users. 

If you’re trying to hit the masses with your post, then Facebook is the best way to do this, particularly with its variety of ages and demographics.

Facebook ads, use a demand creation approach where companies will reach people based on a range of attributes-including age, ethnicity, preferences, and careers instead of what they are looking for. 

The average Facebook advertising campaign also costs less than search-based ads and provides a broader range of campaign targets.

What Next?

At this point, it’s a smart idea to distribute your marketing dollars to Facebook Ads, to begin with. If you are a small business or startup the brand awareness among the prospects is the key. 

This offers you access to a new audience and helps you to reach out to more people. 

This is one reason that a lot of people are thinking about using a combination of paid search and paid social media platforms when it comes to marketing.

At some point in the marketing Journey, you’re going to max-out a channel or hit a threshold with falling sales, at which stage it’s a good idea to try other networks so that you can attract still more consumers.

Let’s Sum it up all:


Here’s a brief rundown of these two influential marketing outlets’ differences:Google ads( paid Search) are perfect to attract consumers when they have a strong purchasing goal or when they perform searches, to publicise information. 

You can actually pay a little extra, but once you see the ad, you know exactly what is going on in the search engine.

Facebook advertisements( Paid Social) provide good targeting strategies to attract customers who don’t know your product is there, so you don’t look for your solution or name. 

It’s nice to build recognition of your offering, curiosity, and desire. 

And eventually, Facebook allows you access, at a very affordable price, to a larger audience, and it is an opportunity to retake you ever more power over who sees the ads, which at least some Google promotional promotions have surpassed.

If you’ve usually used only Paid search( Google Ads), We strongly recommend that you try out Facebook Ads. A lot of marketers are having pretty positive results, and it’s a perfect way to extend the advertising budget further.

On the other hand, if you just used Facebook Ads, you would want to use Paid Search.

Google Ads helps you meet customers right where they’re shopping for your product/Services, something you don’t want to lose out on. 

You’re going to pay extra for these taps, but it’s worth it if you can sell at a high enough rate.

Over To you:

Now that you’ve read this article, are you able to try Paid Search Or paid Social, or both? 

Just make a note! Let us know in the comments below! . Share this article In your social media network.

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