How I made 50K in a year Blogging in 2019

How I made $ 50K Blogging in 2019

How I made 50K in a year Blogging in 2019 -Blogger Income Report

How To Begin Making Money From Blogging in 2019.

This is my 1st Income report since I started blogging in 2017. I never made Income Reports as I dint see any need for it. 

Now, many of my followers ask me about it. So, decided to do my 1st Income report for 2019.¬† Why 2019 Income report? you ask. It’s because I reached 50k for my yearly Income via Blogging.

That is the Milestone I was Looking for since I started my blogging business in 2016.

Eventually, I will start doing Income reports as per the milestone I reach. 75K, 100k,125k, 150k, 200k .. and so on.

Back in 2016-17 , As a beginner blogger, reading income reports from veterans in this profession was indeed  both motivating and intimidating at the same time.

It actually causes you to put more pressure on yourself and attempt to move things along as quickly as possible at the risk of bringing out terrible stuff.

To return to the real world for a moment, consider that these folks write full time and already have digital items, a following that they have developed, and a steady stream of visitors to their website. 

I suppose the issue I’m attempting to answer by releasing this blog is whether or not you can still generate money with your blog even if you don’t have all of the aforementioned resources right away.¬†

And the answer is, of course, yes!

I chose to share my experience of earning my very first $100 from blogging back in 2016 in order to promote tiny starts and motivate you to put these ideas to the test for yourself. 

It took me a couple of months to figure out how to market my blog effectively, but I’m convinced that if you modify the plan and make it your own, you will get better results in a shorter period of time. Enjoy!

How I got started making money from my blog

I really think that if you want to generate money from your blog, you must first put in the time and effort. 

Good niche, Relevant name, Hosting,  Pro WordPress theme( My fave -17 Avenue), canva Pro and any  blogging education/Course are SIX investments that have helped me achieve success thus far in my blogging career.

And now we get to the good stuff. The following is the source of my first pay-check:

$144.40 –¬† Adsense payout in jan 2017

There was No Affiliate commission paid.

It was ultimately savvy Display Ads marketing that won the day (I did not add other affiliate sales I made since I have not yet received payment for them). 

I learnt how to adjust and became more familiar with my target audience.

And did I mention that it just took one great blog post and one single product to do this? 

($100 for every post that I put out on the internet would make me a very happy gal.)

What made me decide against submitting monthly or even Yearly income reports?

I decided early on that I would not provide monthly income statistics, unlike many other bloggers. 

It’s time-consuming, to begin with. In an effort to better serve my readers, I’m looking for stuff that they’ll be more interested in (such as tutorials & blogging strategies).¬†

I also have a strict editorial plan that only enables me to post four-Six new pieces every month, and I couldn’t give up one of those articles for a monthly income statement.

In addition to being gloomy, glancing at my monthly income report was a major factor in my decision to only release income reports when I reached significant milestones. 

That’s why every time I hit a certain amount of money, I’ll post a milestone income report so that you can see how long it’s taken since I started my blog to get there.

In light of this, and because I really think that you can make money blogging without sacrificing your soul, I’d like to be completely open and show you that:

It will be a long process. Getting paid for your blog can be done faster and better than I was able to, but it may take some time for the money to accumulate. 

(Only money that has actually arrived in my bank account is included in these income reports.).

Getting used to it is a process. 

Investment in Learning new Skills is vital because it will take longer for you to figure out on your own. As a result, you must make a choice: do you want to put in more time or more money right now?

If you want to increase your revenue, you must master the technique behind it. 

Once I’ve mastered the fundamentals, my audience is increasing at a steady pace, and I’m ready to apply sophisticated methods and techniques to make it all happen.¬†

What I’m trying to say is that nothing I’ve done thus far has been the result of sheer chance. An in-depth strategy had been devised to achieve this goal.

How I made 50K in a year Blogging in 2019

How I Made My First $50K+ Blogging in 2019 Financial year

Take a look at exactly how I made my first $50000 blogging , the time it took me, and what has changed from my previous income report.

You can see the improvement I’ve made by looking at how quickly I was able to earn my next $25,000, considering it took me two years and six months to earn the first $25,000 through blogging.

As I’ve discussed in my free ebook on how to start a lucrative blog, the foundations of a good blog include establishing yourself as an authority in your industry and cultivating strong relationships with your readers, both of which I’ve been working on over the past year

There are no shortcuts to blogging success, and these things take time. 

If you want to become a full-time blogger, you’re going to have to put in the time and effort to make it happen (no matter how much blogging knowledge you have).

Frequently, people ask me how I generate money from my blog, and I’m going to break down the top income-generating tactics that have worked for me.

Because I only include things that have helped me get to where I am, I’ll provide some takeaways and offer some resources for you to check out. What are we waiting for?

Profits from Affiliate Marketing in 2019 $15,885

My affiliate income has been constant and a major source of revenue for my blog, despite the fact that it hasn’t been a priority in the past year.

In addition, I’m pleased to say that 80 percent of this income was generated without any effort on my part aka Passive Income.! YAy!¬†

For the entire year of 2019, I only joined a handful of new affiliate programs and produced a total of five- Ten  blog posts for brands for which I was already an affiliate.

As a result, a significant portion of my earnings came from traffic I was driving to pre-existing material (such as my blog Posts, resource page, and free courses), rather than new content that I created and promoted.

Aside from a little extra work on my part, I’ve set up Pinterest to bring me traffic throughout the year, all passively and with no effort on my part.

A few successful email marketing initiatives were sending my list 1-3 emails advertising a promotion or product for which I was an associate. Promoting the wrong things will lead to failure.

Profits from Blogging Courses and WP Blog site set up for Clients: $26,568

I started my niche site Building service in 2017 .This is what I love doing. Helping others creating and Building their Blogging business. 

I have a Strict Number of clients that I take up per year. 

This is because, I need and take more time for each niche to create websites and Initial 15-30 Blogs.

I take around 20-25 Clients in a year. That is it! I like to do Live courses on zoom because I get to Interact with clients and their Requirements.

I am planning to get my e-course up and running in 2022.

Digital Products(Ebooks, Digital Planners and Wall art Printables)

¬†For the first time ever, I’m going to reveal exactly how much money I made from each digital product I’ve ever made.

Sales of digital products  Earnings : $9,234 

Although it comes in 3rd on my list, selling digital things like eBooks and Digital Downloads like Printables, Digital Planners and wall art  are the primary methods I make money blogging (56% of my total income to date).

2020 was a big year for me because I published   many digital Downlodables and printable.

In contrast, my eBook sales are generating the majority of my income, not my course sales. 

Ad Revenue

Advertisement revenue of $ 956.

When it comes to reporting my income, I’ve always been a little embarrassed to include this information. 

Since my last income report, my blog traffic for digitallydiv Approach has not been grown much, which is OK considering that I’ve been on a mission of creating new niche sites over last 3 years. 

My Display ad income, on the other hand, has never been fantastic on this site.

Having said that, ad income is a welcome perk, especially as I only use Google Adsense to monetise this manner and tightly limit the number of advertisements on each page to no more than four. Also, many of my pages do not display ads.

So far so good, but I’m aware that readers would focus their attentions on clicking on the affiliate links or purchasing the digital products I’ve put up for sale, rather than on advertising, which I’ll only earn a few cents from.

It makes sense for my niche and general blogging strategy, but there’s no reason why your blog couldn’t make some big money with advertising. 

Ads can bring in as much as $5K to $7K a month for certain bloggers.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts : $0 

Working with brands is something I’ve never actively sought, but it is something I’ve always been interested in..

In fact, I say no to far more opportunities than I say yes to, often because they aren’t a good fit for my content or audience or don’t feel genuine to me at the moment.

This is the complete OPPOSITE of passive income, which is what sponsored posts want to be!! 

You only get paid once, but you have to put in the time to complete each project. 

For example, compared to affiliate marketing, where a blog article could generate you money for years to come.

Since the last income report, I’ve collaborated with three different brands, each of which required only a few hours of my time yet resulted in about $600 in revenue.

Although Home decor, Fashion Industry have a larger advertising budget, there are opportunities to partner with other brands in any sector if you know where to go, according to my own experience.

Over the years, my blog has earned me a lot of money.

Due to my revenue reports focusing on my total profits, it can be difficult to track the growth and development of my site over time. 

To give you an idea of how much money I’ve made from blogging throughout the years, I’ve put up a short List ..

With Digitallydiv Approach and other niche sites I’ve ran, I’ve managed to accumulate the following earnings over my career.

2016 ‚Äď $0¬†
Starting my site in August My first niche site ( I sold the site in Nov 2019 so unable to name it here ), I had an affiliate sale of $7 in December, but I didn’t get paid until May of the following year.

For the year 2017 ‚Äď $5,890
I quickly made back all of my blog investment, which was a huge source of motivation. 

A little email list helped me make $3,000 in sales for my digital products with my first eBook launch. 

However, this year, my highest revenue came from affiliate sales. 

This year, in addition to working full-time and attending school ( MBA)full-time, taking care of small family ( My hubby and my Girls) and my cute lil cavoodle Pup.

2018- A total earnings of $25,734 in 2018.
More digital items were launched, including my Blogging Business eBook (offered for $15 at the launch) which made me over $3,000 in less than a week of selling it. 

I sold the site along with my ebook in December 2019 so I can’t name the site.

2019- A total earnings of $53,734  in 2019.
More digital items were launched, including many digital downloads which made me over $2,000+ in less than a week of selling it. There were more websites launched that started making ,more affiliate earnings. 

2020- I earned Around 80K+  in 2020.

2021- I earned Around 100K+  in 2022.

Also, we helped with many Niche site set up for our Clients across the globe, the number of clients are Increasing By day.

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