How much traffic does a website need to make money? Content Monetization Tips

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Well, You have your niche website and have some posts in it. You may wonder how many posts to start  Monetizing.

You need as much traffic as you can get; there is no set number; you need an infinite number of people regularly pushing their way to your blog. Were you anticipating a different response? .. I’ve thought about it.. However, allow me to clarify something for you.

How much traffic does a website need to make money? Content Monetization Tips

When it comes to blogging and generating money online, traffic has always been a need since the beginning. When it comes to acquiring more visitors, most Internet marketers are guru experts.

When you’re just getting started in the internet world, it may be extremely difficult and time-consuming to get visitors.

However, the majority of impatient people resort to bought traffic tactics & Black hat SEO tactics in order to get their hands on rapid traffic….

It’s a dangerous strategy because it’s a 50/50 chance that they’ll make money from traffic. Many a Times you may get Penalized by google for using Black Hat SEO startegies like paid Link building etc. Don’t do it!

So, when you start off your niche website google actually have NO idea your website exist on this web world.

One of the first jobs as  Blogger to let know your Blogs get noticed by Google bots is  by writing about few Low hanging keywords with out much competition in your niche.

So “How Many Blogs to start making money” : So let me twist this questions a bit ” How many Blogs and How much time to start making money on your Blogging Business”.

On a base ground for new website,  It needs around 60 Blogs and 3-6 Months time to start monetizing Blogs . In this time span, Google would have Recognized your new website and started Indexing your Blogs. 

You can begin with Adsense and Affiliate Programs for Monetizing your Niche Blog. 

However, if you are looking at full time income , it may take around 1-2 years before you start making full time income with Blogging.

This is possible, considering you have done a proper niche domain selection. good hosting, A light WordPress Theme, Google Site kit setup, SEO Plugin setup, SSL, CDN and so on

This whole methodology takes more time to start making money from your blogs, mainly because we are doing white-hat SEO here. We are not doing any black-hat SEO, like paid link building and so on. We believe in getting links Organically.

When does a blogging Business really start Earning?

You’ve probably heard that it’s simple to make a lot of money as a blogger, but that’s just not true. 

There is no quick and easy way to become a successful blogger, and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, despite what self-proclaimed side-hustle gurus or squeeze-page-courses claim.

The good news is that it is feasible,  to make money blogging. Period. 

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To do it correctly, you only need a lot of time, effort, discipline, dedication, and self-learning, which no course can teach you.

Being a great professional blogger is much more about your habits, perspective, and curiosity than it is about following a certain formula or spotting the next big thing. 

And, if you take the appropriate attitude and consider how you can offer value, there is money to be made.

We make an awesome full-time Passive Income from blogging Business along with our Web design Business

I believe you can as well. I’ve included the most of the essentials on what you need to do to get started on the route below. 

This is based on my own experience, as well as the study of many other successful bloggers.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I share this in the hope that it offers you with a different viewpoint and some useful touch-points along the road.

Let’s get started.

Recognize the techniques you will require to become a blogger.

Blogging is a professional career path that nearly always requires you to start from the ground floor. 

If you want to be successful, you must have the following talents and approaches:

Curiosity: You must like study, research and  be open to learn, apply your discoveries, and then repeat the process.

It is a never-ending process of continuous progress.

Self-starter: No one will do this for you. Recognize what you don’t understand, conduct study, then fill in the blanks.

Perseverance: Becoming a successful writer takes time and perseverance. You must have a quick thinking ability, be resilient, and persevere.

You should expect it to take months or years before you can earn a full-time living.

Professionalism: One of the most important characteristics that distinguishes successful bloggers is professionalism—treating your blog like a company, being proactive about the entire thing, fixing your visitors’ problems, removing the mess off the client’s plate, and so on.

Writing: Yes, you will need to be able to write. But, more crucially, you must have the correct writing talents.

In the case of blogging, this often entails being able to transform a concept, topic, or brief into engaging writing that people want to read and that directs them towards a certain action. You need to Unlearn University Essay Kind of writing . 

This entails emphasising clarity, easy understanding, and conciseness.

Yes, luck. Some success may be achieved simply by being in the right location at the right moment and saying “Yes.”

Passion: No ways, I’m just joking with you. When it comes to professional writing, passion will not get you far. Passion does not make you Money actually and there are a million other passionate individuals willing to do this for less. 

Your interests are for when you are not writing. When you turn your passion into a career, it simply becomes your job. When it comes to making money, forget about passion.

Nobody can teach you these techniques since they are so deeply ingrained in our personality. 

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How much traffic should you have before Monetizing a Blog?

I know many of you are starting, relaunching, or launching second blogs. 

I’d like to outline a couple of different approaches that I’ve seen bloggers take, and then give you some ideas for how I would start monetizing my blog if I were starting over today.

Making Money Via Adsense: For Instance You will need 10000 Monthly visits to make $200 a Month considering $20 RPM( Revenue per Thousand views). This majorly depends on niche and how much Advertisers are willing to pay for displaying their Ads on your site.  If the RPM Goes Up to $50, with the same traffic you can earn $500 a Month.

There are some pre-Requisites to get approved by Adsense.

Making Money Via Affiliate: Well, You really do not need  more page Views for making money Via Affiliates, However Your niche must be popular and trending enough  that visitors Buy from your links. You can start with Amazon Affiliate program.

To begin, do not invest too much time & Money in too early – do so at a low level, as some methods will require more energy and time; instead, look for simple ways to monetize. Just start your blog site with a good domain, Good light WordPress Themes, a Good Hosting, Great Content and SEO . Later stages, You can start doing some paid Ads on Pinterest or FB to get more Eyeballs for your content.

Some monetization methods will almost certainly be out of the question early on – sponsors will not work from the start because traffic is required.Also, some Ad Publishers Like Ezoic needs more than 50K Page-views per month.

Some ad networks allow you to sign up ahead of time. There are some prerequisites for using AdSense.

Do affiliate marketing – this is the monetization method with the lowest entry barrier. Amazon’s Associate Program, for example, can have you up and running with ads in minutes.

If I were to start today, I would most likely begin with affiliate marketing

Depending on the topic of the blog, I would probably look outside of Amazon for eBooks, courses, and software affiliate programs with higher commissions. I would not only be doing this to make money, but I would also be experimenting with the following:

Experiment with promoting various types of products.

  • Try out various price points.
    Experiment with various marketing strategies (banners, reviews, emails etc)
    Don’t get too hung up on monetization too soon. Profitable blogs are founded on several pillars:
  • Excellent content Traffic (promotion, guest content, SEO, social Media)
    Readers Who Are Interested (building community, building email list, social)
  • Use Appropriate Monetization Techniques
    Consider monetization early on, but also work on other aspects. I did this on CJ Affiliate, and it laid the groundwork for me to begin:
  • Experiment with different affiliate marketing strategies (eBooks, courses mainly)
  • Sponsorships can be obtained by contacting advertisers directly.
  • Create your own products (eBooks at first, courses, software, printables later)

What are ways to Monetize you Blogs

As new bloggers, Many might be wondering how web traffic  can help you  make money online blogging. 

Here are few Nifty Tips:

Display Ads on your Blog

If you already have a day job and you are not dependent on your blog for making a living, do not monetize from day one. 

Focus on building useful and informative content first, develop some traffic and build loyal readership. 

Once you have some traffic in place, then decide which monetization model will work best for you. Ideally, if you are not dependent on your blog for making a living, you should wait till you have 1000 unique visitors per day. 

This helps because you first focus on building the traffic, build readership and then you are focusing on conversion. One thing at a time and it works best.

Affiliate marketing

If you plan to use Affiliate marketing on your blog, it is a good idea to start writing content around affiliate products and sneak in Affiliate links into your blog posts from day one. 

Don’t wait to do it after one year or two years, there is clearly no logic for you to wait for affiliate marketing since unlike Contextual advertisements, Affiliate marketing does not look like an ad and looks like a mere external hyperlink. So your site won’t look cluttered with ads and the affiliate links are in business.

Sell your own Digital products and services.

This is a great way of making money from blogging ,it is a good idea to start as early as you can and expose your products and services to your readers. 

Your blog will have very less traffic but even if you manage to get one hit a day, they will still see your products and services page. 

Who knows you may get a sale out of that? So start as early as you can and don’t wait to develop traffic, if you are planning to sell products and services.

How long does it take to earn a living from blogging?

So, how long does it take to earn a living from blogging?

It is all up to you.

If you’re a newbie with no talents (and no internet reputation), it will take at least a year to generate a reasonable monthly income.

You can accelerate the results if you already have experience in writing, marketing, and so on.

It normally takes 1 to 2 years of persistent hard work for novices to achieve a solid income from their blogging activities.

Don’t trust anyone who tells you that you can make thousands of dollars overnight (after purchasing their paid courses or eBooks). They are con artists. Keep a safe distance from such folks!

I’ve been writing for over 5 years now and I know it takes a Lot of efforts, time , energy and Loads of coffee to  generate Full time Income from blogging.

It took me around 3 years to earn $100,000 per year through full time blogging .

Blogging isn’t something you should do for enjoyment. Treat it like a business, and you’ll begin to devote your time and money in it.

That is the MAIN POINT.

So what if you need results right away?

If you’re a novice searching for some tried-and-true strategies to make a reasonable living from blogging, here are some pointers.

A quick reminder: These are some genuine methods to generate money online. 

Spend meaningful time blogging once a week.

If you want faster results, you must invest more time. That’s all there is to it. Increase your time spent on;

  • Create great content
  • Building a better website design
  • Coming up with a solid content marketing strategy

Publish Posts on a regular basis

To publish high-quality material, set aside at least 2 hours each day and at least 10 hours per week. Do it continuously for at least 6 months, and be sure to update your content with relevant keywords whenever feasible to acquire more traffic from search engines.

Learn about SEO.

The most effective strategy to develop a lucrative blog is to increase traffic from search engines such as Google. Learn about SEO. Check out more blogs.

Examine the top ten search results in your niche. Learn why they have such high search engine ranks. The more you study, the simpler it will be to get top ranks.

Yes, search traffic takes time to build, but it is the most effective traffic source for increasing sales and conversions.

Examine your competitors

What are your competitors doing well? How do people make money from their blogs? How do they create their content? Is it text or video that they’re putting out? What can you take away from them?

Analyze your competition and outperform them by a factor of ten.

Interact with other bloggers on a regular basis.

Interacting with other bloggers is essential for successful blogging. Networking may be really beneficial. Building relationships with other bloggers may assist you in the long term, whether it’s gaining links from others or improving your total traffic.

Find and join relevant Facebook groups, interact with other bloggers on Quora, leave blog comments, and so on.

Is Blog Traffic directly Linked to your earnings?

Not always! You don’t need to have a lot of traffic to your blog to make a lot of money.

I have myself created websites that get an average of 10K-30K monthly visits but make $20K- $30K  a month. It is really possible.. This website, for Instance. have less Organic traffic as its just few years old, However we make more than $20,000 a Month after selling many software products  and  niche websites.

  • You will need to be collecting emails and monetize them that way. Refer your email list to your most converting pages. These are pages with affiliate links for products that have high conversion rates.
  • You will can promote software products. They often convert well. For example you can make a website about email marketing software like Getresponse, convertkit, aweber , clickfunnels and do articles teaching people the software. Add videos to keep them longer on your pages.
  • You can also do low competition topics for example teach people how to do something in a specific niche. [ how to build landing pages, how to build an email list using a specific platform] then refer them to that affiliate program

You can expect to make $1000 or more a month depending on your niche if you choose the underserved keywords.

These are keywords where forums rank and the other results are irrelevant to the target keyword.

Other factors affecting your Blog earnings

There are several aspects to consider, such as audience Geography, Target demo, Niche, if you can offer them items, and so on. 

As a blogger residing in Australia and Targeting mostly English Speaking countries like  United States, Aus, UK & Canada, I am only familiar with programmes in these countries , therefore the information below may not apply to those in other countries.

I’d be surprised if anyone made more than $10-$15 RPM on AdSense from a US-based blog (total revenue per thousand sessions across all ads). 

We’ve  seen typical rates as high as $30-$40 RPM if you can get on a premium network due to having greater page views, a focused audience (US-based tends to make more), and extended content.

So, on average, a US-based blog may earn between $5 and $40 every 1,000 sessions based only on advertisements.

Affiliate sales are  quite hard for genera blogs  since a highly specialised speciality site may sell a tonne of stuff while a generic blog may not—so it is not just a matter of traffic but of the proper visitors.

It’s entirely possible that one site with 5,000 page views may generate thousands of dollars while another site need 500,000 to make the same amount of money.

However, I’d think that topping $50 RPM is an exceptional.

So, for most sites, the broad range is roughly $5-$50 RPM for the combination of ad and affiliate sales.

To illustrate, my hyper- Niche based blog earns roughly $35–40 RPM most months with Q4 being higher dues to Holiday season,  but my general pet Blog earns closer to $20–$25 RPM.

Want to Quickly start your Niche Blog?

Here’s how to start a blog in TEN Simple steps (I promise you -It takes less than 90 Mins):

When it comes to the technical aspects of things, setting up a blog is actually rather simple to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Find niche relevant available blog domain name and register it. I’d recommend namecheap.
  2. Pick a platform or the Content Management System suitable for bloggers – It has to be  WordPress.
  3. Sign up for a blog hosting account – Bluehost is what we recommend as the best hosting to begin your blogs.
  4. Install WordPress CMS.
  5. Pick a simple blogging WordPress Free theme. There are Hundreds and Thousands of Free and Paid Themes available on the internet. Pick One of your Liking.
  6. Install  top must-have WordPress plugins for blogs like the SEO(Rankmath),Security/Backup & GoogleSiteKit(Free)
  7. Customize your site and Tweak the blog settings with niche relevant colours and Font
  8. Check out our Blog Things to do before Launching your  Blog
  9. Write and publish your first blog post.
  10. Start Marketing Your Blogs

This whole process of completing all of these stages, despite the fact that they appear to be time-consuming, is actually pretty quick and straightforward since you are guided through the process by your hosting company, and then by the WordPress dashboard itself.

However, If you find them quite a lengthy process Or NO time to DIY, we offer 1.5 Hr Consultation and we walk you through all these steps. Contact us if you are keen to start your blogs ASAP.

Note to consider: When you’re ready to buy your hosting, make sure you use the above link for Bluehost.

It is an affiliate link (meaning that we’ll get a small commission with no extra cost to you), however, it will also unlock a $2.75 vs $3.95 discounted price for you

You won’t get this discount if you visit the Bluehost site in any other way than via the link above

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