10 Simple ways to Boost your BLOG Traffic quickly

How to boost blog traffic fast- 10 simple ways to Boost your Blog traffic Quickly

Every Business owner /Blogger has had that thought at one point or another. Increasing Blog traffic/website traffic¬† is an important part of expanding your Business revenue whether you’re trying to attract your first or 1000th client, first affiliate sales or the 1000th¬†


An increase in web traffic or Blog Traffic could mean more contributors , more eye balls on your content and more money!! , if your site is properly optimised for conversions and you have a clear understanding of your audience.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 simple and effective ways to Boost your Blog Traffic Quickly

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1. Write More Content and write Often

The ability to maintain consistency is one of the most important aspects of developing trust. 

Your Readers, followers and clients will not be able to tell if they can rely on you until you provide them with this information. 

With it, you may gain a consumer who will remain loyal for the rest of his or her life.

Delivering a high-quality digital experience is one method to demonstrate your perceived trustworthiness and build consumer confidence in your business, among other things. 

Part of providing that experience is developing and maintaining a high-quality and regular blog that is linked to your company, important industry themes, and current events that are relevant to your industry.

Maintaining an excellent blog is not as simple as most people believe. 

Creating new content involves a lot of effort, from brainstorming topics to developing an editorial calendar to planning and composing articles to editing and rewriting, optimising for search engine optimisation, uploading new articles and constantly updating existing ones. 

Great outcomes don’t usually manifest themselves immediately, and they are never guaranteed.

However, if you chose fascinating themes, write for your audience rather than for yourself, and upload fresh pieces on a regular basis, you should have a decent chance of becoming successful online.


The more interesting and satisfying the material is, the more likely it is that people will return to see what else you have to offer.

To put it another way, the more interesting and engaging your material is, the more interested your guests will be in your offerings.

This encourages loyalty and a sense of belonging among your present supporters, while also attracting new contributions who may otherwise be overlooked.

It is possible for content marketing to serve as the cornerstone of your online presence if it is done effectively and with a specific aim in mind.

Because of excellent content, organisations may transform into storytellers, and listeners can transform into fans.

Which form of content is most appropriate for your website?


It is critical to have material on your website that is optimised for search engines. For the most part, it’s written in a way that appeals to search engines as well as humans, which is a good thing.

As seen by a high bounce rate on a certain page, search engines will be less inclined to include your material in search results if your content is disliked by users.

Google and other search engines are in the business of providing people with the information they are looking for in a quick, efficient, and accurate fashion.

Before you begin producing SEO-optimized content, conduct some keyword research.

It is possible to integrate keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for in your website content if you know what they are.

As a result, you should see a slight improvement in your search engine ranks.

2. BOOST BLOG Traffic with SEO

Do you feel that search engine optimisation is no longer relevant? Take another look at your situation. Also valuable and worthwhile is the technique of search engine optimisation (SEO). Are you taking advantage of picture alt text to its fullest extent? Are you connecting to fresh content from inside your site? If so, what are those links?

What do you think of meta descriptions, for instance? On-page SEO optimisation doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it will assist you in increasing organic traffic to your website.

Incorporating search engine optimisation techniques into your content and landing pages is a valuable and effective practise.

There are a plethora of approaches that can be used to increase your SEO. Examining the keyword traffic on your website might be one means of figuring out where your visitors are coming from.

You may quickly identify keywords with the help of Google Search Console.

For every Blog Target Long-Tail Keywords


Have you covered your high-intent and famous keyword bases? Then it’s time to start focusing on long-tail keywords as well.¬†

Long-tail keywords account for the majority of web searches, so you’re missing out if you’re not using them in your paid search or SEO campaigns.


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3. PIN It , PIN It Often!

Pinterest Marketing may have been missed since you’ve been focusing so much on Facebook , Instagram & Twitter.
Pinterest is one of the top social networks for driving visitors to your website..

Your business may be missing out on new clients if you don’t have a plan in place to use Pinterest effectively.

With over 200 million members, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social networking site ever. With 265 million monthly active users, Instagram is a force to be reckoned with even if it isn’t as large as Facebook.

Pinterest is being used by a growing number of bloggers now a days, businesses, and influencers to build brand recognition and generate leads. Marketers can’t overlook this social network for these reasons.


Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog has a lot of potential. Take a look at these incredible statistics:

1.Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine 

2.A pin has 100 times the viral potential than a tweet or a FB post

3.Up to 2-page visits and 6 page views can be generated by each pin.
4.Pinning is beneficial to business blog sites since each pin can produce money.
5.A week is the life span of a pin! In comparison, Twitter takes 24 minutes and Facebook takes 90 minutes.So, PIN it!

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4.Craft Clickable and Captivating Headlines

Making a compelling and clickable title is a critical part of writing a blog post. A’scroll-past-it’ title is all too easy to fall victim to. Consider how many stories you’ve already skimmed through this morning.¬†

Probably too numerous to keep track of and It’s difficult to stand out amid a sea of content on social media.¬†

As a matter of fact, there are a few strategies you can use to make your article’s title move from boring to enticing in only a few seconds.

Writing a wonderful essay is pointless if no one chooses to read it. When it comes to headlines, don’t be afraid to come at us content writers.

Incorporate the 5Ws into your Blog vocabulary

Do you remember the 5Ws? It’s like we’re going back to school for a little while.

who, what, when, where and why

These terms imply that the content of your article is precise. Ycou’ll ontinue with the 5Ws for now because how is occasionally used, but it’s ambiguous.

We could go on and on with content writing advice. Our ability to craft compelling headlines is changing as readers become more discerning and the internet becomes more crowded. 

5. Get into few FB Groups in your Niche

It’s not enough to create excellent content and hope that people will discover it; you must be proactive. Using¬†social media channels¬†to promote your content is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website.¬†

Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to groups.

Facebook tweaked its News Feed Algorithm once again in late 2016 (to prioritise content from friends and family over pages further) and Pages may expect a drop in organic reach below the previous 2 percent.

Marketing dollars are sometimes the only way to have their messages viewed by potential customers on social media.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a penny on Facebook Groups in order to get your postings visible.¬†

Comments on a post rise to the top of the feed in a Facebook Group because the postings are displayed in chronological order. 

Additionally, you may raise the prominence of a post by pinning it to the top of a group.

6.Get in to the habit of looking at stats-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a software that allows you to track and analyse the traffic to your website. 

You may utilise analytics to track where your website visitors are going, where they are exiting, which pages they are spending the most of their time on, and which pages are performing the worst.

You must thus design your website with these matrices in mind in order to increase your internet traffic.

As an example, if your website’s bounce rate is significantly higher than normal, visitors will not come to your website, and you will lose traffic.¬†

You will soon see a difference in traffic as a result of this minor adjustment. As a result, the goal of Google Analytics is just that.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool provided by Google that allows you to study in-depth information about the visitors to your website and their behaviour.

It delivers vital information that may be used to assist you create the success plan for your company’s future growth.

How to increase website traffic with Google Analytics

There are two approaches you may use to increase website traffic.

Using Google Search Console in conjunction with Google Analytics for Keyword and Traffic Research is recommended.

Integrate your Google Adwords account with Google Analytics to have a better understanding of the traffic generated by your sponsored campaigns.

The funnel method may be used to better understand the behaviour of your website users.

Set up goals and conversion rate traffic to better understand the needs of your visitors and their behaviour.

Add filters to your website to analyse its performance and identify areas for improvement in the layout and structure of the website in order to boost the conversion rate of visitors.

A Google Adsense account may also be added to your website in order to increase your earnings by better knowing the behaviour of your visitors.

Google Tag Manager is a free application that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your website. Add Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager are both free tools.

All of these seven things necessitate a full explanation to demonstrate how you can put all of these suggestions into action to increase traffic to your website.

7.Create Articles on LinkedIn with your Blog Link and Publish them

As a job search tool, LinkedIn has developed into much more than that. 

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, has matured into a powerful publishing platform in its own right, and you should be contributing material there on a regular basis if you want to get seen.

Traffic to your website will improve along with the profile of your company in the sector, which is especially beneficial for those with a modest to huge following.

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8.Internal Linking is Good for Blog traffic Boost

Internal linking is beneficial for SEO and Blog Traffic  for a variety of reasons. Google will crawl and index your website.

Search engines are able to identify and index all of the most significant pages on a website. Internal linking is extremely important in the process of constructing the hierarchy of a website. 

It enables you to increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. It is vital for both the user’s experience and the crawlers of search engines.¬†

It is one of the most effective methods for Google to determine the context of individual pages on a website.

A solid internal linking structure will make it simple for Google crawlers to locate and publish fresh material on your website. 

Google bots explore the website on a regular basis in search of new and compelling content. Improved crawling and indexing can help you rank higher in search results.

Internal linking with SEO-friendly anchor text is beneficial for search engine optimisation.

Take the time to thoroughly consider how you might use anchor text links to your benefit to the greatest extent possible. 

By include keywords in the connecting process, it contributes to increasing the value of the connection. Updating the anchor text of relevant internal links might assist to increase the effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Increases the amount of money earned via backlinks
Create a strong internal connection system inside your organisation. 

Your website’s general usability will improve as a result of this. It is an excellent method of increasing the number of links with desired anchor text.¬†

The ability to increase the link earning potential of internal pages will be aided by this method. It will aid in the development of high-quality backlinks and the improvement of your search engine optimisation.

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9. Do Paid Ads

I don’t recommend using paid ads for your Blog traffic, however this could be an Option if your are selling your digital products or any courses or even Affiliate Marketing.

In order to bring your blog or website in front of people and attract visitors, paid search, social network advertisements, and display advertising, as well as Spotify Ads (Audio Only Ads), YouTube Ads, and so on… are all excellent options.

You should adjust the pay-per-click techniques to fit your goals ‚Äď do you merely want more visitors, or do you want to increase the number of sales you make?

There are pros and cons to each paid channel, so think about your objectives before reaching for the credit card in hand.

It is essential that you employ high commercial intent keywords in your paid search ads if you want to improve both traffic and sales to your website. There is, in fact, some kind of competitiveness.

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10. Grow An Email List

How to Increase the Size of Your Email List in Record Time
There are even more options to get individuals to subscribe to the mailing list!
1. Develop outstanding email content. Learn how to produce effective email marketing text that converts your subscribers. Using segmentation, you may generate highly focused content that your subscribers will like. 

2. Audience segmentation is an important component of increasing the success of any email marketing. This list has 50 different methods to split your mailing list!

3. Get your blog up and running. If you don’t already have a blog, you should start one! No matter what business you’re in, blogging generates material that will make it simpler for your website to rank higher in search engine results.

4. Maintain the integrity of your email list. Here’s how to clean up your email distribution list.

5. Increase the size and quality of your lead magnet in order to outperform the competition. Example: If your rival is giving a 30-point cheatsheet checklist, increase the number of points on your cheatsheet checklist to 50.

6. Make your blog entries more interesting by including content enhancements. These might be as basic as a printable PDF that has a reduced version of the post along with additional, “Bonus” material.¬†

Bonus Tip: Get Collabs and Guest Posts

When you collaborate, the benefits are doubled!

The likelihood of readers visiting your website increases significantly when people realise you offer a variety of perspectives. 

It is possible to view your audience by nation, source, and other demographics as well as what they are reading if you break down your data in this way. I frequently write on memoirs from a variety of points of view on the craft. But I’ve also written a handful of pieces that are based on my life.

All of those postings perform admirably. We considered how much our readers would like these and decided to develop a call to action just for memoir authors in order to encourage more writers to contribute. 

The answers were fantastic ‚Äď and our readers agreed, as evidenced by the large number of page views. In terms of gambling, this is probably equivalent to doubling down.¬†

Knowing that a specific issue receives a lot of attention, we then made the most of our efforts by offering an opportunity for others to write on the topic.

If you are looking at Blogging and making money with your fave Hobby , I can help you get going and start your Blogs.
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