HOW TO CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS to sell online in 2023- 7 Steps for success

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HOW TO CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS to sell online- 7 Steps for success

Has it occurred to you that you’ve been writing for a while and are thinking, “How can I transform my blog into a money-making machine?” 

It’s quite acceptable to desire to earn money blogging! When I originally began my blog, I had a pessimistic attitude of earning money from my blog. 

I was worried that others would  would feel that Im too salesy because I wanted to earn  more money, or that I wouldn’t be able to do it successfully. 

Now fast forwards 12 months after starting my site in 2016, and I’m earning money via affiliate marketing. Approximately $3K per month. Now My Blogs are earning more than $50k from Affiliate links.

THEN, after  2 Years of blogging, I published my first digital product, an e-course (Step By step WP tutorial to build your Blog -It was Blog mania), which was an immediate success. 

It is possible to earn money blogging while putting in little to no work by creating and selling digital products.

I recall reading somewhere that getting sales when you initially launch a digital product is exceedingly tough; nonetheless, I went about it my way and chose to have faith in my product’s success!

The the first 7 months I introduced my e-course, I sold 1098 copies, which was a new record for me. 

I ended up earning more money selling my e-course that month than I did at my full-time job that same month! So, yeah, it was a cause for celebration in my e-books

I was anticipating little to no sales from my first e-Book, and I was wring.

I also anticipated that I would not be able to continue selling my course; instead, my e-course continues to be a significant portion of my blogging revenue to till the day  I sold that entire product to another blogger /Company for a whopping amount of money!

Now I have 2 day WP Blog site setup course, where I Interact with my new clients and coach them How to setup your WP blog site and start blogging. 

Reason I sold the e-course and started this 2 day WP blog setup course is because I wanted to be more Interactive with Clients than being majorly passive. wait a min , Ist’t passive income much preferred?.

 I know, Passive income is the most preferred by many bloggers, however this  2 day live WP setup course is my choice for the next 2 years.Then again I may start a e-course !!

It is my intention in this article to outline how I was able to achieve my sales and continue to make sales using a variety of my favourite digital product selling strategies!!!

Why offer digital products rather than tangible goods?

There are several benefits to selling digital items that make it particularly appealing to entrepreneurs:

  • Low operating/Overhead expenses.
  • You are not required to maintain inventory or suffer delivery costs.
  • Profit margins are high. Because there are no recurrent costs of products, you keep the bulk of your earnings.
  • Digital products are instant. Instant order fulfilment enables you to remain relatively hands-off with fulfilment.
  • Products that are adaptable. You may provide free items to help you grow your email list, paid monthly memberships for access to exclusive digital material, or licences to utilise your digital products. There are several ways to integrate digital items into your company.
  • E-learning is the educational future. You have a tremendous chance to grow your company and influence via e-learning, which is anticipated to reach $374 billion in revenue by 2026.
Methods you can Create & Sell Digital products

Steps you can follow to Create and Sell Digital products

Phase 1:  

Who are they and what are they!   A.K.A YOUR AUDIENCE’S  REQUIREMENTS?

Prior to creating and selling your digital product, you must decide what you are going to make and sell! 

This is often the most difficult phase, and many individuals stop here since they are at a loss for what to produce!

I designed a  Step By step WP Blog site setup e-course for myself since WordPress is the CMS used for blogs and I know the WP Learning curve is quite steep  for any Non tech person.

So, this e-course is for people who are non-techs and wish to own and maintain their own Blog and Monetise the blogs

I discovered and Experimented on how to create WP blog site is less than 2 Hrs and start blogging. Knowing that my audience is comprised of Non- tech Hobbyists & Biz owners with variety of Expertise who want to create thier own blog for passive income and this was PERFECT!

Consider the subject you write about and your audience, then determine what they struggle with! What remedy are you able to provide them?

A fantastic method to learn about your audience’s difficulties is to just ask them!!! 

Therefore, enquire and you will get! 

For myself, I posed questions such as “what is the most difficult aspect of blogging?”

If your specialisation is not business-related, DO NOT BE CONCERNED! 

You still have the option of creating and selling a digital product!

HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS for Digital products that sells in 2023 and beyond!

  • Ebook (create your own work of writing!)
  • Any e-course on “how to” 
  • Downloadables (Digital planners, wall art( printable), trackers, journal pages, Checklist etc.)
  • Digital planners
  • Stock photography is an option if you are a skilled photographer
  • Social media graphics (check out creative market for examples)
  • Templates ( Canva Pinterest post templates, Media Kit templates etc)
  • Textures, fonts, and more blog branding elements
  • Subscriptions (for example, Style Collective)

Hand Picked Articles for You

Bring digital products to life


Now that you’ve decided on the digital product you want to develop, it’s time to bring it to life!

You may be asking where I produce this digital goods from.

If you’re interested in creating an e-course, I recommend Teachable! I use Teachable and am very pleased with it. 

They make it really simple to use and have lessons, which is helpful if you aren’t as computer smart as I was! Additionally, they provide economically priced plans!

If you want to make printables, plans, or templates, I recommend Canva Pro. I like Canva because it offers a heaps of easy adjustable template choices for producing printables and worksheets! 

Additionally, I use Canva to make visuals for my social media and Pinterest accounts!

For Creating cool and Awesome Looking eBooks easily I’d recommend and my fave online tool  is offering OnetimeFee of just $27 to get your eBooks sorted for long time.

If you’re interested in creating an ebook, I strongly advise you to check out Amazon’s KDP ebook programme!

Pricing your Digital product


Another difficult step for many! “How much should my digital product cost?”

To be quite honest, I battled with this as well! I wanted to make the price realistic and cheap since I understand what it’s like to want to take an e-course but the cost is too expensive.

There are PLENTY of $100+ or even $500+ e-courses on the market, but I really didn’t want to charge that much unless I thought it was reasonable.

I’m not going to lie; it took me a long time to build my e-course since I typed everything down and utilised visuals instead of video. 

However, since it was not video, I was certain that my e-course should cost less than $100.

I considered how much money I would be willing to spend on my e-course, if i want to take one!

When I originally developed my e-course, I set the pricing at, I believe, $25. 

This seemed logical at the time, but as it sold more and more, I got comments. 

Numerous folks expressed surprise that I priced it so inexpensively! 

This is when I realised I needed to be more self-critical. My course has been revamped and re-launched for $47!

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not be scared to check around the market to observe how other vendors price their digital items.

FYI:  sold my e-course to another Blogger for a whooping amount in 2020. 

I could have created another course but I am not currently selling any e-course, but I am dong the 5 day WP blog set up course Instead. 

This is because I love interacting with people and this zoom session gives me the chance to interact and coach people to make money online. 

I have other Digital products like e-Books and Wall art pritables , Digital planners and Media kit to bring in more passive income. 

However, for WP step by step blog setup  e-course I want and  like to communicate with my clients live and work with them,.

Sales page!


Prior to launching your course, you’ll want to develop a sales page that maximises your chances of success! 

While you may make a sales page on teachable, I found it to be considerably more advantageous to develop one on my own website!

I accomplished this easy by navigating to my WordPress dashboard > and creating a new page. I’ve given it the title “WP Blog set up tutorial” and posted it to my menu!

PROOF should be included on every sales page. 

To my mind, how trustworthy is a course that does not provide PROOF that it will produce results?

This is one area where I believe many bloggers fall short.

They develop a product to sell, whether it’s a “build a successful blog” course or a “Pinterest” Strategy course, and they demonstrate NO RESULTS OR “EVIDENCE.”

What I discovered helped enhance my sales is that I demonstrate that I get make  money from my blog traffic. I make the Goal based Income reports on a regular basis. 

For instance How I made $100k in 2021 and so on.

Without evidence, your audience may be hesitant to purchase.

Pro Note: For the protection of your brand’s image, never intentionally mislead your audience in order to sell a product.

 If you do not get blog traffic from Pinterest, do not create a course on increasing blog traffic with Pinterest. 

Concentrate on building an honest digital product and being faithful to it. 

That is the method via which your stuff will be sold!

Additionally, you should put product reviews on your sales website! You may be wondering how you can get someone to evaluate your product without them first buying it.

This is the point at which it’s necessary to think like a brand!!!

 When I initially built my WP Blog site course, I gave it for free in return for a review from a set of people.

This initially aided in the development of my evaluations. 

Not to mention that it assists in getting your goods out there when you initially begin! 

If your product is effective and produces results, I guarantee that word of mouth will begin to spread!

Digital Product launch!


Prior to launching my product, I made certain that everyone was aware of it! 

You may refer to it as a “pre-launch!” On all of my social media platforms, I would discuss how I was developing and releasing my product. 

Additionally, I made a note of it on my Facebook group!

Additionally, you may send an email to your subscribers informing them of the debut date of your digital product! 

Even better, utilise your launch to increase your subscription base!

I use Gumroad for all My eBooks and  Digital products like wall arts, Planners & Media files . They are free to use and easy to use as well.

Gumroad is for artists and creators: authors, designers, software developers, singers, educators, comic artists, filmmakers, and anybody in-between. 

Why Gumroad is a fantastic option for selling digital books and publications

With Gumroad, selling digital products such as eBooks and other digital goods is simple for anyone. 

It takes care of the whole sales process for your eBook, from collecting payments in a safe manner to ensuring that your PDF file is delivered digitally and that the revenues are deposited into your bank account. 

Now the only thing left for you to worry about is how to spend your hard-earned money!

If you make anything, you can sell that stuff — utilising Gumroad. With Gumroad, you can sell to your audience in a few different ways:

  • Build your own email newsletter
  • Integrate Gumroad into your website
  • Sell on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more
    Use affiliates to help you sell

Try GUMroad



Thus, how can you ensure its success?! It really is contingent upon your sales page and your relationship with your audience!

Does your audience have faith in you? If people lack faith in you, they are unlikely to acquire your goods. 

However, as I previously said, demonstrating evidence, outcomes, and reviews will assist in increasing that trust!

When you’re ready to launch, be sure to promote it throughout all of your social media networks! Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all available! 

Create few Pinterest pins for your product and schedule it to be shared using Tailwind! 

Send an email to your subscribers and include a promotional coupon!

In Gumroad its easy to create a Coupon code .

Creating coupon codes for discounts in Gumroad

After you have uploaded the product files and provided a price, name, and description, you will be able to make Offers for the clients who are most important to you and who are most likely to purchase from you.

When you enter an offer/Coupon code, it will apply to the whole price of your purchase, including any variations (such as shipping costs).

While many people advise against discounting your goods (know your value and stick to it), everyone has their own method, and this is what I did and it worked for me. 

Additionally, I like seasonal deals! Typically, I’ll make a promo for each new season.

Why Coupons codes:

Coupons have evolved into sophisticated marketing tools that not only increase sales, but also contribute to the development of brand image and client loyalty.

 Coupon campaigns, when implemented properly, may also serve as a source of tracking data for CRM, which can be utilised to construct and continually enhance your marketing efforts in general. 

Consider the following data that demonstrate how widespread coupon utilisation has become:

  • 90% of customers make advantage of coupons.
  • In Q2 2020, digital coupons overtook paper coupons for the first time in the United States.
  • Experts anticipate that digital coupons will grow in popularity in 2021, reaching 145.3 million users by the end of the year.
  • By 2023, digital coupon redemptions are expected to exceed $90 billion.

Step 7 : Market your Digital products

Now is the moment to Market  YOUR DIGITAL PRODUCT! 

Here are 6 Important steps to follow:







The pre-launch period exists for a number of reasons.

1. Create awareness among your audience that they have an issue that has to be resolved

2. Convince them that you are an authority on the issue and that they can rely on you.

3. Compile a list of potential interests; and

4. Create excitement for your next product

What next!


After your launch, do not abandon or forget about it! Continue to spread the word about your product!

I make an effort to write blog entries on my digital items in order to market them!

For instance, I have“> this Pinterest post and this one that relate to my e-course.

Additionally, I produce “>fresh Pinterest pins on a weekly basis. Pinterest is an excellent platform for selling your stuff! Do not procrastinate!

Make sure to include a link to your product’s sale page on the homepage of your website as well!

I like affiliates and feel it is a critical step in selling your digital goods! 

If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, check out this article. 

However, if you have an affiliate who promotes your product, they will suggest it to their audience through their affiliate link. 

If a customer purchases your goods using the affiliate’s link, the affiliate earns a commission.

If you utilise Teachable, you can quickly add affiliates and the affiliate commission will be deducted immediately from each transaction! It simplifies everything!

This helps spread the word about your digital product while also rewarding your audience for their assistance!

At the end of the day, if you want to sell a product effectively, you need to establish a relationship with your audience and prospective buyers. 

Make a point of being personable and engaging with your audience!

Produce valuable & useful material that can Transform your Audience.

If you’re producing quality material, you’re already establishing trust with your audience! 

Create free content that provides answers so that your audience understands what to anticipate if they choose to do business with you!

About the Author:

Hey there, I’m Div, a passionate blogger who loves sharing my thoughts and experiences on Blogging Business, Travel & decor.

With 6 years of experience in the Blogging world, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and insights that I love to pass on to my readers.

Whether I’m exploring new travel destinations, trying out the latest recipes, or sharing tips and tricks for SEO & Blogging, I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my audience and share my passion.

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