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5 Nifty tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog

How to drive traffic from pinterest to your Blog site- 5 Nifty Tips

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Pinterest is a platform that a lot of small business owners and bloggers miss. 

if you are Beginner , i’d suggest to read our Getting started with Pinterest Blog before reading this advanced Blog

This is frequently the result of the assumption that the platform is solely for searching for recipes and home décor inspiration.

However, several other blog genres are extremely popular, including fitness, do-it-yourself( DIY) art and other stuff, finance, motherhood, parenting, technology, relationships, and coding.

There are also a number of more conventionally targeting men companies on Pinterest, like Harley Davidson, Art of Manliness, Lowe’s, and Dollar Shave Club.

Indeed, Pinterest accounts for approximately 61% of visits to my Lifestyle site, peplifestyle.com

If you’ve already launched a blog, you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to drive traffic to it – much more so if you lack the funds for paid advertising and are relying on free organic traffic.

We’ll discuss why Pinterest is beneficial for bloggers in this article, as well as seven suggestions for increasing traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

Why is Pinterest so effective in increasing blog traffic?

To begin, let’s discuss why Pinterest is so beneficial for bloggers and other small business owners:

It is, in fact, a search engine. While the majority of people believe Pinterest is a social media platform, But actually it is essentially a VISUAL  search engine. 

This implies that your material will remain discoverable years after it is uploaded, rather being evaporating within hours, as it does on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

It’s more straightforward to rate. Because Pinterest’s algorithm is less sophisticated than Google’s, ranking for popular keywords is easier and faster.

The audience consists of high-net-worth individuals. According to Statista, 27% of adults who use Pinterest earn between $30,000 and $75000 per year, while 41% earn more than $75,000 per year.

People are ready to buy. 47% of Pinterest users make purchase decisions on Pinterest, which is more than Facebook at 15% and Instagram at 11%, according to Statista.

Five strategies for increasing traffic from Pinterest to your site

Now that we’ve established how Pinterest can assist your business, let’s look at seven concrete ideas for increasing Pinterest traffic to your site.

1. Conduct keyword research on Pinterest

If you’ve known the fundamentals of Google SEO, you’re probably already aware with the term “keyword research.”

However, in case you haven’t heard of keyword research, it is the process of identifying common search phrases that people enter into search engines and strategically incorporating them into your content to help it rank better in search results.

Fortunately, Pinterest keyword research is a bit easier than Google keyword research. 

Consider the following FOUR strategies for locating keywords in your niche:

i) Pinterest’s built-in search bar

Once you begin typing a search term related to your blog niche, Pinterest will recommend other frequently searched terms.

These recommendations are based on the searches of thousands of individuals on Pinterest.

On the image above, you can see that when I type the search term “cavoodle,” the following suggestions appear:

“Cavoodle” puppies
“cavoodle ” dog
“cavoodle ” Drawing

ii) Explore  Pinterest see what kind of content is ranking in your Niche

The second strategy is to utilise Pinterest’s explore page to determine the types of posts that are popular in your niche.

c) Use Pinterest Ads Tool to get Keywords

To use Pinterest Ads to find keywords, sign in to your account and navigate to Ads > Create ad.

Please do not be alarmed; we will not be creating a campaign. We simply want to see additional keywords.

Anyway, on the left column, click New ad group > select any strategy ( Just for getting the Keyword purpose) > To add keywords, navigate to Keywords & Interests > Add keywords.

Type any keyword related to your blog topic in the right column. Pinterest will display similar terms and their monthly search volume automatically.

These are the most popular keywords on Pinterest, with some receiving more than 5 million monthly searches.

If you’re advertising on Pinterest, these are the finest keywords to utilise. 

This is an excellent Pinterest analytics guide if you need assistance analysing the efficacy of your organic and sponsored Pinterest campaigns on Pinterest.

iV) Monitoring your Pinterest keyword phrases

Now that you’ve identified a few keywords, it’s time to document them, as you’ll be using them to produce content and optimise your Pinterest account.

You may use whatever tool with which you are comfortable. It could be anything, including the following:

Trello, Notepads , MS Word Excel  OR Google Docs

Personally, I prefer to keep track of terms using Google docs

2.Make sure your Pin Titles and descriptions include relevant keywords.

It’s time to go to work on the titles and descriptions of your Pins so that they may be seen when others search for the keywords you’ve entered in.

To get the most out of your Pins, you should:

  • Pin titles and descriptions should include the primary keyword.
  • Create a Pin with a keyword in the image’s title (Pinterest reads text placed on images)
  • Add more relevant keywords to the description of your Pin.
  • At the conclusion of your Pin’s description, add 2-5 relevant hashtags.

3. Include relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your Boards.

Because people may search explicitly for Boards to follow on Pinterest, it’s critical that you include relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your Boards.

The same principles that apply to optimising Pins also apply to optimising Boards. 

The main distinction is that you are not need to use hashtags (some would argue that you are not even required to include them on Pins).

4. Align with the headline of your blog article

Pinterest is increasingly resembling Google now a days due to their extensive work to be a better Visual search engine.. The platform will now analyse your blog post to determine its relevance to the Pin it is connecting to.

Assembling your Pins to match the information they connect to is referred to as Pin cohesiveness by Pinterest engineers.

Pinterest aims to ensure that the web page associated with a Pin matches its semantics. 

For instance, if you submit a Pin titled “Rose gold  vase” and pin it to a board labelled “Bedroom Décor,” Pinterest may anticipate that it will connect to a retailer selling home décor products.

5. Get Rich pins

Rich Pins are Pinterest Pins that automatically download information from your website and display it on your Pins. Users will be able to readily notice additional information about your post when they zoom in, which will enhance the click-through rate.

Every time you make an update to your blog post, Rich Pins will sync the information from your blog post as well.

In the case of a blog post titled “The Most Profitable Affiliate programs 2022,” and you decide to update that list the following year and alter the title to “… in 2023” Rich Pins will automatically update all of your Pins linked to that blog post with the updated title.

Rich Pins Come in a Variety of Types

Rich Pins are available in four different Types

  • Article Rich Pins. These show the title, meta description, and author of the blog post.
  • Recipe Rich Pins. These show the title, service size, cook time, ratings, and a list of ingredients.
  • Product Rich Pins. Product Rich Pins linking to product pages will show the most up-to-date information on product pricing and availability.
  • App Rich Pins. These Pins display an install button so users can download your app without leaving Pinterest.( source)

How to Apply for Rich Pins

In order to apply for Rich Pins, you need to add some metadata to your website. This can be done either manually or with a plugin.

I use Rankmath Plugin for my SEO activities.here is the link for How to get Pinterest Rich pins using Rankmath

Doing this manually can be a very complex process, so I will walk you through the steps of doing it with two different plugins, one of which you might already have installed on your blog.
1. Claim you Blog using Rankmath Plugin on your WP site
Here is the Link How to Claim your website on Pinterest
2. After Claiming your website, Go to Pinterest.com/en/rich-pins
3. Enable Rich Pins
4, Validate
5. paste your website link and press validate

6. You’ll see the Rich pins with in a Hr of validating

How to use Pinterest effectively to get More traffic- TheBest practises.

Here are a few examples of Pinterest best practises to get you started:

  • Pin anything between 1 and 5 pins per day. Though previously useful, [Pinterest has made various modifications to its algorithms and is now focused more on high-quality and fresh content than it was previously.]
  • Make an effort not to pin the same pin to the same board more than twice. This may be deemed “duplicate content,” and your account may be suspended as a result.
  • Make use of a scheduler. By automating the pinning process, a scheduling application can help you save time and be more productive.
  • Always pin your Pins to the most relevant Board first, and then to the rest of the boards. 
  • Consider the following example: if you have a Pin about  “Bedroom decor” and you have a Board labelled ” Bedroom decor,” you should pin it to that board rather than another titled “Living room decor.”
  • Improve the performance of your website. Improved website performance will help you lower your bounce rate, enhance your conversions, and keep your visitors satisfied. [This is particularly crucial because the majority of your Pinterest traffic will come from mobile devices, which may or may not have the optimal connection at the time of writing.]

Using Supermetrics to measure Pinterest outcomes

For your Pinterest strategy to be successful, you must be able to track and analyse its performance over time.

As a matter of fact, evaluating performance is critical for every part of establishing a blog, whether it is tracking the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, monitoring engagement rates, or tracking guest blogging activities.

You won’t be able to tell what is working and what isn’t until you keep track of your outcomes.

The bottom line is that what you don’t measure will never improve.

With Supermetrics, you can quickly and easily export data from your Pinterest account to Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio, allowing you to understand what types of content are doing best on your platform.

This will allow you to take a more in-depth look at your plan and make any improvements that are necessary.

It is now possible to quickly do the following using the new Pinterest connectors from Supermetrics.

Create reports using Pinterest data, including paid and organic data, in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and Excel, among other applications.

Take a look at the types of Pins that receive the most attention.

Over time, you may track the increase in the number of people who follow you.

In order to combine your Pinterest Ads performance metrics with your Shopify revenue data, you should create an ecommerce marketing funnel.

Pull all of your Pinterest Ads data into a single dashboard, or create a paid channel mix report to analyse your performance.

6. Add a Pin to a Board that you have created on your 

Pinterest account

  • Open the relevant board
  • Click the plus sign
  • Upload the pin
  • Add a description
  • Add the URL that the pin should take the user to
  • This may be an article URL or a landing page for a newsletter lead magnet

To add a pin to a relevant board: You can also schedule pins at a later date via TailwindCanva and in Pinterest itself. Canva Pro also has a new Content Planner where your shared and scheduled pins are saved. Nifty! 

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