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How to Get More Leads From your Website: 4 Easy and Effective Tips

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Does it sound like a dream to you that Someone can find your website, read your content, sign up for your email list, and then purchase from you?. 

All this stuff is going on in the background while you’re running your business andYou’re not talking to the lead until they send you an email saying, ‘We want your Service , Please accept our Money”

Sounds too good to be real, doesn’t it?

It couldn’t have happened in real life! Believe it or not, this is exactly how it was meant to happen in the first place. 

Your website really ought to do all this hard work for you. It should serve as your best salesman, bringing search rankings, traffic, leads and sales to you. 

And how are we going to get our websites to work hard for us? 

Well , If you Insist I’m going to tell you exactly that in this post.

So, what actually is lead-generating website?

A lead-generating website takes a visitor to the website and turns them into a ‘lead.’

This ‘lead’ will come from anyone who enters their email address in exchange for a free gift. 

It could be someone who’s booking a call with you. It could be someone filling up your contact form.

Essentially, a web-generating lead captures the information of visitors to your website. 

You use the said-details to develop a relationship with your lead, and finally, get them to buy. 

A lot (if not all of this process can be finished automatically.

Why do you even need leads? you ask


Did you know that not every visitor to your website are ready to buy your service /product straight away with hardly any information needed from You? 

Take a guess- which  visitor to your website is more excited to buy from you? 

Which visitor knew everything about you and aware of how your company operates or values?Which visitor is ready to pay right away? 

Which visitor, overall, is better-fit as a  client? 

You guessed it right, the ones on your  email list.  

As a matter of fact, new visitors  will be on your email list at least for 6+ months, some of them years. 

And in that time they’d read a lot of your business/niche related  content in the form of newsletters (because you’d continuously bring them back to your  website/business through your emails). 

Creating a lead-generating website and building an email list is not just about delivering you more leads and sales. 

If you do it right, it will deliver you leads from better-fit and even higher-paying clients

Now let’s talk about the difference between a brochure website and a lead-generating website.


It surprises us that the brochure websites still exist around the web. 

A brochure website is basically an online billboard. It’s sitting there looking pretty, and it doesn’t really do much. 

It’s a job to give your visitor the details they need and then… well that’s it.

The lead generation website works actively to deliver you, i.e. information about your potential client. A brochure website is a passive website just for information, while lead generating is highly active website

The Four Ways to get more leads from your website


Below, let’s go through the easiest ways to get more leads from your website.

1. Newsletter: How to Get More Coverage and Increase Sign Up

An email newsletter is a type of email that offers the reader an update on some information – from industry news to exclusive material, articles and opinion pieces.

Where do you want to view your newsletter on your website?
If you’re providing a newsletter, you’ll probably want to invite people to sign up via your homepage, contact link, page, start here (if you have one and your blog sidebar. Essentially, you need to make sure it’s popular on your website.

How to make a convincing copy that supports your newsletter
Don’t use the term newsletter first. Are you kidding me? In reality, the word newsletter sounds extremely boring & quite dated. And if you just put the words ‘Sign up to my email,’ then you’re not going to have a lot to do. It sounds like I’m going to get updates about your new office or all the awards you’ve received. It’s Ya

To promote your newsletter, try to incorporate the following elements. 

  1. Tell the web visitor who it’s for — such as ‘entrepreneurs and small business owners’, which makes it feel exclusive 
  2. State how it works – such as ‘our free monthly email newsletter’, which gives the reader an understanding of exactly what to expect from these newsletter.
  3. Sell the benefits – such as ‘help you get more Bookings & Consultations’, so the reader can see how these newsletters  will benefit them 
  4. Use your ‘power words’ – words like ‘Ultimate’ ‘instant’ ‘Free’ etc to grab people’s attention. These are called power words and can be used to promote your newsletter. 
  5. Provide social proof – such as ‘join  hundreds of vets’, which builds trust with your readers 

2.Lead Magnets that are conversion focussed:


Get yourself some high-quality and high paying leads


So, What is a lead magnet?
A lead magnet is typically something you offer free of charge in return for the contact details of your site visitors. For example, this handy little checklist below….

What is a Lead Magnet that is sales-oriented?

When they are willing to shoppe, sales-oriented lead magnets are guided at your web visitors. You may have learned that the buyer’s path is called something. The buyer’s path is usually made up of three main stages – a short summary.

Sensitivity – the buyer discovers that he has a problem and begins to research

Consideration – the customer has a problem name and looks for ways to fix the problem

Decision – the consumer decides a plan for a solution 

Business owners prefer to concentrate on the buyer’s journey’s knowledge process and hence you can see several “how to” contents and useful magnets. It’s not a bad thing now. 

You will increase traffic to your website and link your email list to this form of content. 

The problem, in the later stage of the journey of the client – the decision stage – is typically very small in terms of content and lead magnets.

3. Get lots of Email Subscribers Through Content Upgrades


One of the easiest ways to get email subscribers is by providing a content upgrade. 

This is where you make a particular lead magnet that is specific to a piece of material. Essentially, it serves as bonus material. 

A content upgrade is a lead magnet (or opt-in bribe) created specifically for a particular blog post or page- 

Brian Dean

To give you an example, we recently published a blog post on How to do SEO’ the content upgrade is a Local SEO checklist.

So if you’re not utilising the power of content upgrades, you’re going to be left behind.

4.Branded Newsletters


Create Branded newsletters for your business websites. A branded newsletter representing the brand is just a newsletter. 

It has a name and uses the voice, tagline, colours, illustrations, and fonts of your brand/business. 

Email newsletters can include a weekly round-up of blog posts, case studies regarding your product or service, upcoming company events and webinars, or even a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

Take digitallydiv Agency example. we have “deals in heels” – Specially created for social media newsletter and “The Bits & Bytes”  for Web designing, web Development  & Online marketing related newsletter.

 There should be something that people expect in a newsletter. It’s more than just a text, so please give it a name, send it on and make sure you yell.

Well, how do you start with Creating a Lead Generating Website?


If you are not creating lead generation through your website, I’d suggest to start with one of the points below. 

  1. Build a regular newsletter related to your niche
  2. Build a sales-focused lead magnet like a purchaser’s guide (Real estate)Or new Puppy guide (for vets) Or Dental care checklist(Dentist)
  3. Build a lead magnet(s) to catch the leads from your contents 

In the meantime, check out our Ultimate website Site Creation Checklist. 

This will give you a clear summary of what the website needs to have and what are questions you need to ask a web designer before hiring them.

Your Brand Story is told in a way that’s compelling, useful, inspiring, and/or entertaining for your target audience. So that they want to be a part of it.

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