How can I get more traffic to my blogs on low budgets -20 cost-effective tips

How to get traffic to your blogs on low budgets 20 cost-effective tips

How long have you been trying to come up with effective and simple techniques to increase the number of people that visit your blog? This is the proper place.

Blogs first appeared in the early 2000s and have now matured into powerful marketing tools. Most bloggers face the biggest difficulty of all: attracting readers.

Even if your blog is filled with excellent material, it will receive little to no traffic.

In the most basic sense, traffic is the number of visitors your blog receives over a given period of time. A week, day, or even an hour could be used in its place.

To see benefits, you need to maintain driving high-quality visitors to your site. Because the more visitors your blog attracts, the more money you’ll make.

It’s possible to increase your blog’s traffic both naturally and through advertising. When compared to the former, the latter is mostly a matter of finances.

Today, we’ll focus on the ones that don’t require much effort on your part. This post is for you if you’ve been struggling to increase your organic traffic.

You’ll discover the most effective methods for boosting your website’s organic traffic in this post.

Why My Blog is not getting Traffic

5 Reasons your Blog is not getting Traffic.

1.You have just started your blog

Here is where having patience and perseverance will pay off. If you have only just begun blogging, you should not expect to have thousands of people visiting your site the next day to read what you have to say. 

Because this is a journey consisting of several phases, your character will be put to the test as you work to increase traffic one step at a time using one blog at a time.

2. Your headings are terrible.

If you write a headline that does not adhere to some of the fundamental rules of headline writing and does not encourage readers to read the linked link, then you need to educate yourself on the fundamentals of headline writing. 

3. You do not post content on a regular enough basis.

Do you just sit down and compose an article whenever you feel like it? If you want people to start reading your blog on a regular basis, you need to be consistent in what you post there. 

Have you noticed that there is a new issue of magazines either once a week or once a month? 

The daily publication of newspapers occurs regardless of the weather. If you publish new content on a regular basis and remain consistent, you will develop a dedicated readership.

4. Your optimisation for search engines is not very good.

If you have optimised your blog for search engines, then Google will send viewers in your direction. 

You have to educate yourself on the significance of the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

It’s possible that reading this content will help with “Advanced SEO Techniques to Rank on Google

You have inadequate Or Thin content

People are finding your posts to be uninteresting and irrelevant because you write them. 

It is not difficult to alter that if you are paying attention to your audience, assisting them in finding solutions to their difficulties, and possibly even entertaining them.

How to get traffic to your blogs on low budgets -20 high impact and cost effective tips

Every Business owner /Blogger has had that thought at one point or another. Increasing Blog traffic/website traffic¬† is an important part of expanding your organisation, whether you’re trying to attract your first or 1000th Lead.


An increase in web traffic or Blog Traffic could mean more contributors and leads , if your site is properly optimised for conversions and you have a clear understanding of your audience.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 high-impact and Cost effective( some surely are ) tips to assist you in doing so:

1.Get your On-Page SEO sorted( Every Blog post and your website in general).

Do you believe SEO is no longer relevant? Reconsider your position. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is also a beneficial and worthwhile practice. 

Are you utilising image alt text to its full potential? Are you linking to new content from inside your site? 

What about meta descriptions, for example? On-page SEO optimisation doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it will help you increase organic traffic.

Search engine optimisation of your content and landing pages is a beneficial and worthwhile practise. 

There are numerous ways to improve your SEO. 

One method is to look at the keyword traffic on your site to see where your guests are coming from. Using Google Search Console, you can easily identify keywords.

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Tools I use On Everyday basis to make money Online

Canva Pro– For Marketing Creatives

Semrush for SEO & Competition Analysis for Keyword search

Elementor Pro Page Builder

GetLasso Plugin for Affiliate Links

CrowdFire for Social media management to Create Beautiful eBooks that sells

Gumroad to sell Digital products

2. For every Blog post, Target Long-Tail Keywords

Have you covered your high-intent and famous keyword bases? Then it’s time to start focusing on long-tail keywords as well.¬†

Long-tail keywords account for the majority of web searches, so you’re missing out if you’re not using them in your paid search or SEO campaigns.

3.Create Articles on LinkedIn with your Blog Link and Publish them 

LinkedIn has evolved into much more than a job search tool. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, has evolved into a valuable publishing platform in its own right, so you should be regularly posting content there.¬†

This will increase traffic to your site as well as your industry profile ‚Äď particularly if you have a moderate to large following.

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4.Pay attention to Internal Linking

The number of sites that link back to you isn’t the only factor that influences the strength of your link profile; your internal linking structure can also have an impact.¬†

Keep an eye out for internal linking opportunities when producing and publishing content. 

This not only aids SEO, but also provides a stronger, more valuable user experience, which is the cornerstone of rising website traffic.

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5. Make use of  Free Google Analytics

This is an Important step in content marketing. Digital marketing differs from other conventional marketing channels in that it can be measured. 

Data collection accuracy through Google Analytics or Tag Manager is critical in online marketing because it allows fundraisers to make better decisions and campaigns to have better directions. 

There are four main applications for web analytics:

This will demonstrate the effectiveness of your content strategy and answer two key questions: What kind of content works best for driving traffic? What kind of content converts visitors?

  • Collect
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Optimise

When it comes to increasing the number of visitors to your website, it’s critical to first understand which types of content are currently driving traffic to your site.¬†

This information is easily accessible via Google Analytics:

Select: from your Google Analytics account. All Pages ‚Äď> Behaviour ‚Äď> Site Content

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6.Pin Your Blogs on Pinterest to get more Free Traffic

Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog has a lot of potential. Take a look at these incredible statistics:

1.A pin has 100 times the viral potential of a tweet.
2.Up to 2-page visits and 6 page views can be generated by each pin.
3.Pinning is beneficial to both e-commerce and service-based business blog sites since each pin can produce 78 cents.
4.A week is the life span of a pin! In comparison, Twitter takes 24 minutes and Facebook takes 90 minutes.

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7. Go Social

It’s not enough to create excellent content and hope that people will discover it; you must be proactive. Using social media channels to promote your content is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website.¬†

Twitter is great for short, snappy (and tempting) links, while Google+ promotion will help your site appear in personalised search results and seems to work best in B2B niches. 

If you’re a B2C product company, image-heavy social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram will help you gain traction. Here’s some more information on how to make the most of social media marketing.

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8. Advertise( Paid social or Paid Google ads)

Paid search, social media ads, and display advertising, spotify Ads( Audio Only Ads), Youtube Ads and son  are all great ways to get your Blogs/website in front of people and attract visitors. 

Adjust your paid strategies to meet your objectives ‚Äď do you simply want more traffic, or do you want to boost conversions as well?¬†

Each paid channel has advantages and disadvantages, so think about your goals before reaching for your credit card.

If you want to increase traffic to your site while also increasing sales, you’ll need to use high commercial intent keywords in your paid search campaigns. Yes, there is indeed¬† competition.

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9. Write Clickable Headlines

One of the most important aspects of your content is the headline. 

Even the most detailed blog post will go unread if it doesn’t have a convincing headline. Learn how to write catchy headlines.¬†

For example, BuzzFeed  writers often write up to twenty headlines before settling on the one that will potentially generate the most traffic.

¬†So consider your headline carefully before hitting “publish.”

10.Attract More visitors with content marketing.

You now have a better understanding of the types of content that work well. 

People will return for more if you provide content that piques their interest and satisfies their curiosity. 

To put it another way, the more engaging your content is, the more interested your guests will be.

This fosters loyalty and community among your current supporters while also attracting new potential donors. 

Content marketing, when done correctly and with a clear goal in mind, can be the foundation of your online presence.

Organisations become storytellers, and listeners become fans, thanks to great content. 

Running a successful blog involves a lot of tasks 

  • Researching, Writing, Editing¬†¬†Tools I use :¬† ,Semrush and Grammarly
  • Marketing¬† , content optimisation, Affiliate Links & Digital Products- Tools I use GetLasso ,¬†Gumroad and
  • Graphic design/branding :¬†Tools I use : Canva pro and Desingerr.Io¬†
  • Social media Management.¬†Tools I use: CrowdFire
  • Collaboration with public relations firms
  • Collaboration with brands
  • Collaboration with affiliate programme managers
  • Continuous learning

11.Contribute to Other Blogs – Guest Post

Having others write for your site is excellent, but it wouldn’t hurt to do the same yourself.

Having a guest post on a blog in the same industry as yours is a terrific way to promote yourself. Your blog will benefit from this.

And the more visitors your blog receives, the more exposure it will receive.

Guest-writing opportunities are available on a wide range of websites. A simple way to locate one is to enter “write for us” into your search engine’s keyword field, making sure to include the curly brackets.

12.Do Link Building for Your Website/Blog

An external link to your website is referred to as a “backlink.”

What’s the point?

There are a number of factors that Google considers when determining where your website ranks in its search results, including backlinks (SERPs). Frequently, blogs with a significant number of incoming links from well-known sources appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinks from high-quality sites can help boost your blog’s popularity, as search engines are more inclined to promote your site to their users.

13.Use E-mail Promotion.

Building and growing your email list is an excellent place to start if you’re having trouble getting more traffic to your site.

Email marketing is a great approach to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Begin creating your email list after deciding which form of marketing campaign will work best for them.

Once you have a list, start promoting right away! On the internet, you can get free email marketing tools.

A wide range of email marketing software vendors can be easily integrated with Adoric. Adoric will not only help you build your mailing list, but it will also enhance your revenue by converting site visitors into paying clients.

To ensure that your viewers don’t receive an infinite stream of emails about your blog’s updates, Adoric will only notify them (or remind them) of a new post or service when it’s necessary.

As a one-stop shop for all of your marketing requirements, Adoric can assist you in growing your email list and attracting new subscribers.

14.Participate in the Quora Community by Answering Questions

Becoming an active member of an online community like Quora might be useful. It aids in the development of your blog’s much-needed visibility.

In order to keep up with the latest developments in your blog’s field, you can sign up for email alerts on relevant topics and respond in a concise manner.

People will be more likely to discover your blog if you answer their inquiries and provide a link to your own as a resource.

15.Update your Old Content

As a result of updating old content, the traffic they generate is maintained without a decline in the number of visitors. This can be done by simply replacing old information with new in the post.

The higher a piece of material ranks in a search engine, the more value it provides.

16.Create a Youtube Channel

Increase your blog’s visibility by using YouTube. If you have a product to offer, you can add how-to videos and customer reviews to help promote your business.

If you want to promote your brand or a new blog post, you can go live on the platform.

Video clips from your YouTube channel can also be condensed and repurposed on other platforms, such as social media or in a blog entry on your own site.

17.Optimize for Mobile Devices

Your website must be viewable on both desktop and mobile devices for it to be successful. It’s possible that readers will never return to your blog again if it’s difficult for them to view your information on their chosen device.

18.Post Articles That Are Longer

In terms of traffic, lengthier articles outperform short ones, according to a study.

As opposed to brief blog entries, these provide your viewers with more in-depth and concise information.

19. Write Ever Green Posts

Content that is relevant for a long time will help your blog attract long-term visitors. Evergreen content doesn’t go out of date; it isn’t time-sensitive.

Evergreen content creation is a tricky business. Pay attention to the questions that your intended audience is asking all the time.

20. Be Consistent

As a blogger, it’s important to consider the frequency of your posts.

Posting every day isn’t the only way to be consistent. Setting a regular publishing schedule and sticking to it are the simplest ways of doing this.

Your readers will know exactly when to expect fresh information if you stick to a publishing schedule.

Which is the best type of content for your website?

SEO-friendly website content is essential. In a nutshell, it’s written in a style that appeals to both search engine bots and, of course, humans.¬†

If your content is despised by people (as seen by a high bounce rate on that specific page), search engines will not want to display it in search results. 

Search engines are in the business of providing people with the information they want in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner.

Do some keyword research before writing SEO-optimized content. 

If you know what words and terms your target audience is looking for, you can include them in your website content. 

This should offer you a small boost in search engine rankings.

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