How to make money as a fashion blogger[ Nifty Tips]

How to make money as a fashion blogger [ 5 Nifty Tips]

Well, Who is a Fashion Blogger?

A person who creates and updates a blog that is centred on fashion and style, generally containing personal ensembles as well as outfits that are influenced by current fashion trends, designer collections, and street style is referred to as a fashion blogger.

They are able to discuss their own sense of style as well as giving advice on fashion, assess various fashion products, and provide an insider’s view of the fashion industry by providing coverage of events such as fashion week from the backstage perspective.

Some of the most well-known fashion bloggers have built up a sizable online following and are now able to support themselves financially through their writing.

They might also work as fashion influencers for brands or partner with fashion designers or retail establishments.

What Does a Fashion Blogger Do Exactly?

Blogging about fashion is a general term that can refer to a variety of different activities; hence, the term “fashion blogging” is somewhat all-encompassing.

Since there is a lot of creative flexibility, you may find a large range of fashion blogs in terms of look, personal style, and the type of information they focus around.

Despite the fact that there are different things that a fashion blogger does, there are some things that are constant across the spectrum.

Let’s guide you through some things that successful fashion bloggers prefer to do:

What does a fashion blogger do ?

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A fashion blogger maintains a fashion and style-oriented blog that she/he writes and maintains regularly, in which she discusses her own clothing, current fashion trends, designer collections, and street style.

Offers advice on one’s own sense of style as well as current fashion trends, thereby motivating readers to test out new outfits and explore a variety of aesthetics.

Reviews various fashion products, including garments, footwear, and accessories, and provides readers with an objective analysis of each item along with recommendations based on that analysis.

A fashion blogger provides an insider’s perspective on the fashion industry through coverage of backstage goings-on at events such as fashion week and other events held within the industry.

A fashion blogger collaborates with various fashion brands, designers, and stores in order to produce sponsored content, attend events, and obtain free stuff.

Complements its written content by producing and curating aesthetically engaging content, such as images and videos, to accompany that content.

Constructs and participates in a community of readers through the use of social media, including replying to readers’ comments and messages and expanding their following.

They can generate income from their blog through methods like display advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and the sale of physical goods.

In general, a fashion blogger gives readers who are interested in fashion, style, and expressing themselves through clothing ideas and information.

Skills Necessary to Begin a Fashion Blog

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A style blog is something that can be started by anyone! That is, assuming you already have a few abilities under your belt: if you want to be successful as a fashion blogger, here are some things that we believe will truly come in handy for you.


Building and keeping an audience is crucial for any fashion blogger, as this is the first step towards monetization (which we’ll get to in a second). Connecting with like-minded individuals and exchanging information is essential for expanding your audience and gaining ground in your field.

Expertise in Photography

Creative expression best describes photography.

Attractive images are essential if you want people to visit your blog. You can’t expect your followers to appreciate your style as much as you do if they can’t see your outfit photos the way you do.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer, it’s still worth it to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals and acquire a setup and equipment that works for you (even if it’s only an iPhone camera).

Promotion via Social Media

Popular blog hosting sites often provide easy access to users’ social media accounts.

Many bloggers in the fashion industry rely heavily on their social media platforms to build an audience and encourage interaction. It is crucial that a fashion blogger fully grasp this system.

Each social media site has its own own set of rules, such as its own algorithm and basic standards about post types and frequency. Possessing this knowledge will provide you an advantage in drawing readers to your fashion blog.

Online shopping is the next step.
Getting to this point is the ultimate goal of most style bloggers. One of the easiest strategies to increase your fashion blog’s content is to start selling online. Tell me, do your fans approve of today’s getup? What would it be like if they could actually shop your closet for you?

You can monetize your blog in a number of ways, from creating your own original products to endorsing and selling others to your readers.

How to Monetize Your Fashion Blog

As a fashion blogger, you have a number of potential revenue streams to choose from.

Even while we are aware that you are only interested in fashion blogging due to your passion for the industry, it certainly doesn’t hurt to transform a pastime into a legitimate source of additional income, does it?

What is the point of devoting a significant amount of one’s time and effort to a project if there is no potential for financial gain from the endeavour?

The power of monetization has been harnessed by influencers all over the world, and they are utilising a variety of methods in order to generate large earnings from their blogs.

Sponsored Posts as well as Product Sales

If your fashion blog has already begun to build a reputation for itself (that is, if you have put in the time and effort required to begin gaining some remarkable audience and view statistics), then you may begin reaching out to brands that could be interested in placing sponsored posts on your blog.

A sponsored post is any piece of content that a business or shop pays you to create and publish online. Because many brands are willing to spend some serious cash on getting their products into the hands of fashion influencers, sponsored posts are one of the most lucrative ways fashion bloggers make money. Of course, the amount of money that can be made from sponsored posts is directly proportional to the popularity of the blogger’s blog.

For instance, the extremely well-read and popular fashion blog Who What Wear frequently collaborates with major apparel and accessory brands as well as shops such as Nordstrom to provide sponsored content.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are one of the finest ways for bloggers to make money from their content.

Join an affiliate links programme to add affiliate links to your blog. LTK and ShopStyle are popular affiliate linking schemes for fashion blogs, but there are many others.

After signing up for an affiliate links programme, you just advocate your favourite items on your blog and attach a link to them through your programme.
When viewers buy through your link, you get a cut.

Making money with affiliate links is great for bloggers because it’s open to everyone, regardless of blog traffic.

Affiliate links are a terrific method to start making money while growing your fashion blog.

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A significant portion of a fashion blogger’s income is derived from paid partnerships with industry professionals such as designers, fashion houses, stores, or even other influencers.

This indicates that they work together to produce a new product, collection, or line of products, which are subsequently marketed both by the blogger and by his or her partners. This could also signify that they collaborate to make a new product.

The majority of the time, fashion brands will prefer to cooperate with bloggers whose look, aesthetic, and particular niche are similar to their own.

For instance, the well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger Nikia Joy ( AU) makes a significant amount of money on a consistent basis by working with established fashion companies like Lululemon & VIctoris Secret to co-create products, which she then sells through her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

She is also the founder of her own cosmetics line and frequently works with other companies, such as Dior, on marketing initiatives.

Marketing Campaigns

In contrast, fashion bloggers and other influencers are typically responsible for producing their own sponsored content. However, when it comes to marketing campaigns, sometimes the content is typically produced by the marketing staff of the brand or retailer.

After that, the blogger is compensated to promote the content on all of the social media channels that they use.

Some companies, like the LOVisa, jewellery firm in Australia, have even shifted all of their marketing efforts solely to be conducted on social networking platforms.

And while many brands centre their marketing strategies on the already rich and famous (such as Kylie Jenner’s makeup Line ), an increasing number of companies are discovering that their money is better spent on micro-influencers and fashion bloggers, whose audiences may actually be more likely to trust their recommendations. 

Photography and Various Other Part-Time Jobs

If you write a blog about fashion, there’s a strong possibility that you already have a solid understanding of many facets of the fashion industry.

When it comes to making money, one of the most common strategies utilised by bloggers in general is to launch a side business in which they sell services connected to their field. Fashion blogging is not an exception to this strategy.

If you are very good at photography, you might want to put together a portfolio of your best shots and market yourself as a professional photographer on your website and on social media sites.


Giving things away on your fashion blog is another fantastic method to develop connections, boost engagement, expand your audience, and increase your opportunities to make money from it.

A business will give you a free product or service so that you can have a giveaway on your blog. The giveaway will be open to anybody who visits your site.

You generate money by charging the company for the giveaway event, and you gain likes and follows by hosting the giveaway on your social media pages. In other words, you make money and you gain likes and follows.

Display Ads

Putting advertisements on your food blog is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue.

You have the option of using advertisements that are charged on a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) basis.

These types of advertisements can be purchased from advertising networks such as Adcash, AdThrive, Bidvertiser, Google AdSense,, PropellerAds, and RevenueHits, amongst others.

You can avoid the time-consuming process of locating and cultivating connections with advertisers in this method, allowing you to start receiving advertisements immediately.

How much do fashion bloggers typically make each year?

To summarise, it is challenging to generalise the situation. Some individuals who run fashion blogs do it solely out of a passion for the fashion industry as a whole and make no effort to monetize their websites in any way.

According to data provided by Ziprecruiter, the annual pay of a fashion blogger in the United States is an average of $37,933 for those who are successful in monetizing their blogs using one of the methods presented in this article. 
The lowest income for a fashion blogger that was listed on Ziprecruiter was $15,500, while the maximum salary that was listed was $92,500.

As a whole, it is evident that becoming a fashion blogger may be a financially lucrative, long-term, and gratifying career if one invests the necessary amount of time, creativity, and effort into the endeavour.

How exactly do fashion bloggers monetize their Instagram accounts?

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses who want to sell their products by partnering with influencers and publishing sponsored content on the platform.

As a result, the majority of the ways in which fashion bloggers make money on Instagram are as follows: partnering and/or collaborating with businesses; promoting products to their followers; posting sponsored content; and even selling the things they write about using Instagram Shopping.

How exactly do fashion bloggers monetize their content?

There are a number of tried and true methods that fashion influencers and bloggers can use to generate income.

  1. Seeking out brand partnerships and sharing sponsored posts- Sponsored post and Sponsored Content
  2. Using affiliate links on their blogs- Affiliate Marketing
  3. Getting on with marketing campaigns by retailers or brands
  4. Spreading Knowledge of what they know- Creating courses and eBooks.
  5. Collaborating with brands on new Products-Collabs
  6. Last but not the least-Working another side hustle, such as fashion photography or style consulting

Wrapping Up Note

When it comes to making money as a fashion blogger, there is no “one size fits all” method that can be recommended. It’s possible that something that looks amazing on one person won’t work for another, and the same is true when it comes to monetizing your fashion blog.

You can, however, use this post as a jumping-off point to explore how you might begin generating money from your fashion blog and possibly even develop your blog into the job in fashion that you have always dreamed of having.


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