How to make money Blogging for beginners- My STORY

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How to make money Blogging for beginners

If you have Landed on to this Blog post, it means that you want to learn how to make money blogging, right? You also want to know if it’s possible to make money quickly.

You’ve found the right place!

A year ago, yesterday, or today, it doesn’t matter. 

You can start a blog at any time. 

Later, I will show you how to make money from your blog and how I made money in just Seven  months of starting Blog

How I made money for the first time Blog: My Story.

Ever thought about giving up your 9-5 job and working from home?

I’m sure You have some days…

At work for the 12 years with a secure corporate Job as a Software Engineer, I’ve had to do a lot of  work.

 A job I did with people I love took a long time. If you were in a high-stress job, it was normal to work for 12-14 hours a day.

A stress-free life and being able to do what I love were things I kept dreaming about over and over again.

As these  thoughts were always on My mind in the year 2016 around September ( Its Spring time in Australia), instead of Going on an Outdoor trip, I began searching the internet for other options. 

I came across a lot of interesting options, but what I really craved was:

  • Something that would bring me joy and fulfilment on a daily basis.
  • An income-generating endeavour that would allow me to live the life I had envisioned for myself.

It occurred to me during my research that “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to set something up and not worry about money again?”

What I mean is ,Plant seeds and they Grow up make money! Literally . How cool is that .. right

As a result, I was able to persuade My Husband Manny to begin investing in real estate , Gold( safe Investment) index funds &  Bitcoins( Love them) 

But I was still searching for my true calling, My true passion that can help us in  bringing in  a lot of passive income.

There was still an unresolved issue, something was not happening  right there!!

Before realising this truth, I had spent a lot of time reading blogs and admiring people who were already living the life that I wanted to lead.

  • Some are staying at home & working form home to make Big Money and away from the corporate world. 
  • Some created a Business while going to school, and 
  • some have created a new life for themselves that allow them to do what they LOVE!

One Thing Unites Them All. Yes you are right BLOG!
They all have a website and they have BLOGS ! Yes You Heard it RIGHT! Blogs where they post their writings!

As a result, I decided to start a blog of my own in 2016.

Now everything is HiSTORY!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing It – How I did it!

Before you all get too excited, I just want to be clear about a couple of things before I tell you how to make money blogging:

There are many ways to make money blogging, but they’re not easy.

Is it possible to set up a blog in 20 minutes and make $10,000 in a month for writing Blogs? NO ways!Hell NO…That’s not the case for anyone !!

Blogging  takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a blog.

At times, you’ll wonder, “Why am I doing this?” when no one is reading your blog and you’re alone and you Hrar Crickets.

“Does this have a chance?” 

Just Make sure that you Consistently SHOW UP!

And, main thing  you must remain steadfast and driven/Focussed about your goals.

Your ultimate objective must always be on your mind.

That’s why you might want to avoid blogging if you don’t think you’re up to the challenge!

No, blogging isn’t an easy way for you to get rich.

Blogging consistently is going to take a lot of effort on your part.

You’ll have to write and re-write your content on a consistent basis. Also, Market your content

Find out what’s working and what’s not, and don’t be afraid of making changes.

You should pay attention to the advice of those who have more experience in the field than you do, but ultimately, it is up to you to put in the effort.

It won’t be done for you, and no one else will do it for you.

If none of that has deterred you, then read on.

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Setup your blog and Make Money With Your Blog

During my research, I discovered that you must first ensure that readers will come to your blog.

The fact that I’m not a great salesperson didn’t deter me from using advertising to monetize my blog. 

Ads don’t look good on a blog, but at least they bring in money!

If you want to make money from your blog, you shouldn’t be using a free service.

Among other things, this is why:

  • Free blogs can only make you so much money before you have to start charging for your services.
  • Your blog and your website content will not be yours if you use a free service.
  • Limited customization options and limited support will be available to you.
  • Self-hosting on a server that allows complete customization of your website is required if you plan on making money from your blog.

Websites built with are the most popular in the world. It’s free and extremely customizable, and I’m currently using it for digitallydiv Approach.

Even though is completely free, you will still need to host your files on a server somewhere (using a hosting provider such as Siteground( Affiliate) 

This is a more expensive option, but if you set up your blog incorrectly, you won’t be able to place ads on it that is

Digitallydiv Approach can help with setting upWordpress site for you to start Blogging. Contact us ASAP ,never Miss  a chance!

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The Benefits of Using Siteground Hosting for your wordrpess.ORG site

  • ranks them as the best web host.
  • You will be provided with a domain name absolutely free of charge.
  • The best affordable hosting for newbies who have limited resources to invest in their blog is provided by this company.

2. Produce Engaging Content That Readers Will Be Enticed To Read

The most important lesson I learned is that you must ensure that your blog will attract visitors.

🙆🏻‍♀️PEOPLE = PAGE VIEWS More 👀Eye balls = 💰MONEY

People will only visit your blog if you are able to solve a problem for them and provide them with value in return for their time.

Unless you’re a parent, no one cares about your personal woes, but they might be interested in reading about how you overcame yours.

You must ensure that you are not writing for your own benefit, but rather for the benefit of your readers.

How Do You Do That?

It’s always useful to keep an eye out for what other people are doing that’s working on the web.

This is what you need to do (and how I do it), and here is what you need to do:

  • Make a list of your favourite blogs in your niche and read them all 
  • Take a look at the official website.
  • Find out the Low hanging Keywords of your niche and write Blogs about them
  • Use AI tools like Open AI-Chat GPT to get more info about your selected Niche.

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool. 

It’s very expensive if you want all the features, but you can get by just fine with the free version. 

If you’re just getting started, you’ll be fine with the five free searches you get each month and the five most shared articles you can see.

You can search for a website by entering its URL in the search box.

Observe which articles have received the most likes and shares 

(you can see if they have been shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and how many times)

For your blog, come up with a list of possible topics or Hobby( that you love writing about) and blog post ideas that could work (I keep them in a Google Doc)

There is a good chance that if that article has been shared thousands of times, people will find it interesting! 

Attempt to put your own spin on it and write a similar piece.

PRO Tips for being a successful Blogger

  1. You should love to write ( at least the first 30-40 articles) or you must be willing to Outsource content writing,
  2. Good writing skills—proper knowledge of syntax, grammar and sentence formation. The more you write, the more you improve.- well, you can use Grammarly to get your Blog done right
  3. You must read A LOT. To broaden your horizons and knowledge, reading books, blogs or listening to good podcasts is really important since it helps you with ideas
  4. Ideation- A unique angle or perspective is what makes a blog stand out.
  5. SEO- Basic knowledge search engine optimisation to make your content appear higher in the search results.
  6. Market the blog- promote the blog on social media to get visitors and followers

When I want to write, why can’t I just go with the flow & write what I LIKE?

Certainly, but if you’re hoping to make money blogging, I advise against it.

Don’t just write what you like,Blogging is not about YOU!.. Rather about how you can help people with your Blogs.

Bloggers who want to make money from their blogs must make it work within a year or else they’ll be out of business before the year is up.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of everything I write about on Digitallydiv Approach,  Peplifestyle  & Ourdoorfizz or even

Never again will you find me discussing “How to get to do paleo food for Busy mum” Although it’s an interesting subject, I’m not a big fan of Paleo food recipe…

However, if people are interested in reading about Fashion and make up , I am all for it!

Pinterest Is a Powerful Traffic Generator.Make Use Of it!

What’s the best way to keep up with the latest online writing?

It’s time for a search on Google!

However, getting your website to the top of Google’s search results can take several months, and who has that kind of time to waste?

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So I did some research and found that other bloggers were using Pinterest to drive FREE traffic to their websites.

Pinterest?! Yes!

Until recently, I had no idea that Pinterest could be used to drive traffic to a blog.

While Pinterest has become a visual search engine and free advertising platform, “normal” people don’t see the images on Pinterest as advertisements.

As if they were images that could help them solve their problems, they treat them as such.

Nevertheless, how do you use Pinterest to promote your blog and increase traffic?
My five-step process for increasing blog traffic is detailed below.

First, create a fantastic Pinterest profile, then convert it into a Business account.

Consider adding a photo to your profile. 

However, while I can see the appeal of using an individual’s photo as opposed to a company’s logo, I’ve always preferred  being an Influenzer 

It’s a BIG hit with me!

Second, ensure that you have at least 15-20 boards that are relevant to your audience.

In the current Pinterest landscape, the importance of personal boards cannot be overstated.

At the very least, you should set up a board on your blog (or more than one if you write about more than one topic).

For the Digitallydiv Approach, I have 20 boards, here ate few of them.make sure that the Board name is as  inline with the Pinterest keyword.

1. Blogging Business
2. Monetize your website
3. SEO trends
4. Blogging Income

Make “click-worthy” Pinterest images that direct readers to your blog’s most recent posts. 

I can’t emphasise enough how crucial this is. Unless you get people to click on your pins, all of your hard work will be in vain because no one will read it.

Make sure the fonts you use are legible.
People will be compelled to click on your pin if it contains a compelling call to action. 

I prefer “How I Make $100K a Year” to “How to Make Money sitting Home.” The later  is not the Catchy Line that users want to click on…

Inspect a number of studs: Every post gets at least two or three pins, and after that, I experiment with different pins each week for a few weeks to see which ones perform best.

Keep doing what you’re doing if you’ve found something that works! 

You can experiment with new pin designs, but don’t be afraid to use newDesigns .

Make sure to use Canva as it is the Easiest & Coolest Design tool for Creating Pinterest Pins

Find and apply to relevant group boards.

What is a “group board?” Group boards are boards that are owned by others. 

They can invite you to “pin” into their board, and once you’re in, your pins will be shown to their followers. 

You can use this method to increase the number of people who see your pins if you only have a small number of followers already.

To locate bulletin boards for groups, use the following steps:

Look for group boards on Pinterest in the accounts of other Pinterest users.

Every week, there are new group boards in the Facebook group. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for it.
Monitoring the profiles of others, particularly those of smaller bloggers, is my preferred method. 

I’m confident that if they’ve been accepted, I will be as well.

A message or email to the board owner is required if you want to join a group board.

The description of the group board may include instructions. In some cases, you’ll have to scout around.

Don’t ever give up on applying to Pinterest group boards.

As a new blogger, I wrote to around 30 board owners a week for the first few months, and I received only one or two responses.

Nothing to be concerned about! Things will improve if you just keep doing what you’re doing.

Make a daily schedule for yourself.
You used to have to pin 30-50 pins a day in order to get your pins to show up in Pinterest’s feed.

It’s a completely different world now. 

Pinterest is looking for new content, and re-pinning the same pins over and over again is no longer effective.

Pinterest is now looking for new content on a daily basis.

When it comes to new content, what exactly is it?

The latest blog post-related pins have appeared on Pinterest.
For an older blog post, we’ve created some fresh pins and images.
Ideally, you should be adding new pins to your board each day. Every day, I make an effort to add 2-4 new pins to my board.

In this case, the key is to reuse a single design across multiple pins.

It’s as simple as altering the pin aspect ratio or changing the font colours. 

Using the same image, you can make a pin of 1000×1500 pixels, and it will count as two separate pins on Pinterest.

The following is an outline of my typical day:

  • Just once a day, I post 3-4 new images to my most relevant boards.
  • And with that, I bid you farewell for now. As it stands, it’s as simple as that.

I still pin to group boards from time to time because I still get some great impressions and clicks from pinning to my favourite group boards.

PRO Tips for Creating a Money making Blog

Best Skills You Must Learn to Make Money with Blogging

  1. Content Writing Skill [Create valuable content for customers]
  2. KeyWord Research Skill [About Long-tail Keywords/Low Competition Keywords/competitors/Target Audience/
  3. WordPress [To build your internet hub aka blog]
  4. Basic Design Skill [knowledge of design tools such as Canva]
  5. Networking In FB Groups and Linked IN Groups
  6. Pinterest Marketing
  7. Email Marketing [Email automation]
  8. Video Marketing [Webinar, Facebook Live, YouTube]
  9. SEO Skill – Driving Traffic to website/blog organically without spending money

    Bonus Tip: Analytical Skill [Measure and know what is working for You]

It’s important to learn from the best people in the industry.

Checking out other bloggers’ content is one of the most time-consuming activities I engage in.

What is their strategy for increasing the number of people who see their pages?

Are there any articles on their site that have been the most popular?

For example, which pins are the most popular?
What is their source of income?

While it’s important not to copy other people’s work, it’s also important to draw inspiration from others. Could you improve on what they’re doing if it’s working for them?

In what ways do other bloggers earn a living from Blogging?

Over 25000 people visited my site in 2019. Eventhough the page views are less compared to Other Bloggers  I made around $1,000 using Adsense, AND More than ads I made money in my Affiliate Marketing. 

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Be Fearless About Investing

It’s imperative that you invest in yourself if you want to make money blogging!

Free resources abound, and you can learn a lot from free courses, but if you find yourself getting stuck at any point, don’t be afraid to spend some money on a course that can speed up your learning process.

Buying a blogging course for the first time, I was apprehensive about wasting my money.

I was under the impression that everyone was trying to con me. 

With blogging, how could someone make $20,000 a month? How much money do you make each month, $70,000?

I was expecting the same old free advice from everyone, but it was presented in a more appealing manner.

I was completely wrong!

It took me less than Three years to go from no blogging experience to earning six figures from my blog.

However, I’ve learned a few things from purchasing courses, no matter how good they are:

Make sure you do your homework and that you can rely on the people from whom you are purchasing training courses.

The course owner will be more confident in their product if they respond to your email and if you like what you hear. 

It’s a bad sign if they don’t even have the time to respond to your questions.

Don’t just spend money on a course to feel better about yourself because you bought it. 

Use what you pay for!

When I paid for a course, I knew I had to put in the time and effort to get the most out of it.

Regardless of how much support I receive from the coaches or their Facebook groups, I am the one who has to put in the time and effort to build my blog.

So just do yourself a favor and don’t invest any money in blogging if you are not serious about it!

If you just want to explore blogging and find out a bit about getting started, read free resources, and use your time to invest in learning as much as you can FOR FREE!

Bloggers with far fewer page views are earning a lot more money. 

So, Technically you don’t need too much page views it self if you are doing eBOOKs , other digital products & Courses on your website PLUS Good Ole..Affiliate Marketing.

To make money, I started making digital products (like   digital planners , eBooks, printables etc).

When you first begin blogging, there are a slew of new concepts to become acquainted with. In the face of overwhelming odds, it’s easy to give up.

Anything else but blog posts would have been a waste of time for me at this point.

The NEXT step is Affiliate Marketing

so, the next step in the blogging world is  venture  into Affiliate

My next step was a look  into Affiliate Marketing. My Blogs make an Affiliate Income of around $50-60k a year via Affiliate programs.Are pretty good going as of now.

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I would say, you must Join Amazon Affiliate , CJ affiliate and Share a sale affiliate programs from the day 1 of your blogging.

You must start Putting affiliate Links form your Blog from the day on.

I read countless free blogging courses before I felt I was ready to invest any money in blogging.

Are You Interested In Beginning Your Blogging Career?

Contact Digitallydiv Approach ASAP. We can help you setup your Blog site with in Minutes!

The cool Ending…

Around 5 years  ago, I began considering blogging as a potential source of passive income.

It took me 4 months to learn and read as much as I could about the subject matter.

After just six months of blogging, I had Just 25K page views and earned around $50 K in the year  2019 and later I sold the website for pretty good price.

Is a website an asset or expense ?- The Real Facts

Now I make $100K a  year form my 2 other  blog sites: Check out my Income report for 2021

This is beyond my wildest expectations.

It’s a lot of hard work work.

Isolation is a possibility.

But this is my blog and this is my journey, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Hopefully, you’ll join me on this journey to discover what drives you and live out your dreams!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 

The people who responded to my messages helped me get to where I am today, and I promise to do the same for you

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