Get More Traffic to Your Blog: Free Promotion Strategies That Work

How to promote Blog for free – [5 Quick and Doable tips]

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Are you unsure where to begin when it comes to promoting your Blog?

Complete you, on the other hand, find it difficult to find time while you’re attempting to do “everything”?

You’re not alone, to be sure.

Marketing a small business can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before.

It is, however, achievable with a minimal investment of time and the creation of a  marketing strategy and plan.

I’ve included a few basic recommendations for marketing a Blog below to get you started.
But first, let me say something… 

Are you seeking the clarity you require to break through and expand your Blogging business?

What you need is a well-thought-out marketing strategy and plan that will benefit both you and your company. That’s where I come in.

You’ll discover the three most typical marketing blunders you encounter in Blogging businesses. And what you can do instead to develop your company without the hassle and stress.

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Here are 5 quick and doable tips for how to market your blog effectively:

1. Research your target market

Market research is a stage that many new business entrepreneurs speed through or miss.

It is, however, a crucial step that will have a considerable impact on the outcomes.

Market research is a stage that many new business entrepreneurs speed through or miss. It is, however, a crucial step that will have a considerable impact on the outcomes. 

Speaking personally with people that fit your desired Audience profile is the best way to research your target market.

Schedule a time to chat with them and ask them questions like:

“What about ABC would you like to change the most?”

“When you’re thinking about buying [your services/Products], what do you search for?”

“What are you having trouble with right now, and what assistance do you wish you had?”

“If you were looking for my services/products, what would you write into the Google search box?”

“What was your favourite part of working with me?”

“Can you think of anything you believe I could do differently?”

Develop your marketing plan based on the information and insights you gain from these encounters.

Consider using the same terms and phrases in your marketing materials.

Also, take a look at your service bundles to see if you have anything unique to offer.

2. Customise your message

Because there is so much information available online these days, it can be difficult to stand out.

As a result, it’s critical to craft messages with your intended audience in mind.

You’ll be considerably more likely to connect with your ideal clientele if you talk directly to them.

You’ll also be able to pierce through the online noise with a well-crafted statement.

Use persuasive writing strategies to highlight the client’s pain spots or problems, and then give them with a solution to their problem (your services).

For my coaching clients who need assistance with sales copywriting, I recommend an outstanding book.

It’s called How to Write Copy that Sells, and it’s worth a look.

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3. Building relationships is the Key!

Building strong relationships is essential for generating sales, referrals, and expanding your business.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that partnerships don’t happen overnight.

It takes time to start, develop, and grow a good connection.

If you don’t have a lot of time, I recommend focusing on connections that will provide you the best return on your time investment.

What exactly do I mean?

I’m referring to being strategic about the people with whom you wish to form bonds.

This could include, for example, other local businessmen who operate in a complementary field to yours.

You can establish a relationship with this other business owner by doing so.

The best relationships are those in which you may gain from both giving and receiving.

Start by volunteering to aid or support someone without expecting anything in return if you’re attempting to build a new friendship with them.

It’s possible that you’ll have to donate and give some more before you see any results.

When a relationship is started in the appropriate place, though, the long-term rewards are likely to be greater.

4. Analyse the information and data you’ve gathered.

When was the last time you looked at your company’s data?

If it’s been a while since you’ve done so, I encourage making time for it.

You’ll be better educated on what to focus on next when you’re close to the numbers in your firm.

You’ll know what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing.

You’ll also be able to make the necessary tweaks and changes to optimise your performance.

Now, I understand that Blogging business owners are limited on time, therefore you don’t need to measure every indicator in your company on a regular basis.

There are, however, a few crucial metrics that I recommend tracking on a weekly or monthly basis, including:

  1. Google Analytics data
  2. Google Search console data- Keywords Ranking etc
  3. Email Subscriptions from your Blog
  4. The revenue your Blog brings in( Be it affiliate marketing or Display ads)

If you want to raise exposure for your Blog, you should keep track of KPIs like:

The number of people who visit your website; the size of your email list; and the number of people who follow you on social media.

In addition, if you’re running paid advertising, you’ll want to keep track of the outcomes you’re getting and the return on your marketing expenditure.

5.Position yourself as an Expert

You can establish yourself as an expert in a variety of ways.For Instance is an digital art based website, Manny uses his Expertise ( Via FB pages and Groups)  keep his website on the grown more..

To begin, you might position yourself as an expert in serving a specific clientele.

You could, for example, work with small business entrepreneurs, women, or people with mental issues.

You’ll capture the attention of your ideal clients if you name this category of clients in your marketing operations.

They’ll recognise themselves and realise you’re a pro at assisting them.

Second, you can leverage your degree or training to set yourself apart from the competition and differentiate your service-based small business.

Are there any credentials or courses that you have completed that would indicate your expertise?

Finally, you can establish yourself as a specialist by utilising the services you provide:

You may live in an area that has a high number of families. Alternatively, your business may be in the city and located around a lot of other businesses.

Review the demographics of your location and design services and packages that will appeal directly to those in the vicinity.

Name your service packages specifically for families if that’s whom you are targeting.

In summary, positioning yourself as an Expert involves:

  • Selecting a niche;
  • Designing Blog posts( Via Keyword Research) that directly appeal to that niche; and
  • Crafting marketing messages that will resonate and stand out to them

Not sure where to start with marketing your Blogging Business?

What you need is a simple marketing strategy and plan that focuses your attention on the right things and gives you the clarity and direction you need to grow your small businessThat’s where I can help.

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