Is instagram promotion worth it – 5 Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram

Is instagram promotion worth it – 5 Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram

There are a lot of ways to try and increase your engagement, like ensuring engagement on other profiles, commenting as much as you can, producing content that can be reposted by brands/pages and so on, but I tried out the new Instagram promotion feature to see whether it’d help my Instagram grow a little.


You basically pay any amount of money that you choose, and in return one of your Instagram posts is ‘sponsored’ and shows up on other people’s feeds, even if they don’t follow you. You can create certain settings, for example, which gender it points towards, and what age groups will see it. Instagram will tell you what sort of reach it will receive (an estimate) for the amount of money you’re going to pay.


Generally, the idea is that your posts will be seen by other people that don’t follow you, and will encourage them to like your photos and hopefully follow you. It reaches people with similar interests to you as well, so hopefully the people who do see it will actually like your page in general. Along with this, each promotion links to a certain website of your choosing. When someone sees the promotion they’ll see ‘Learn More’ which can lead to either your blog, or an affiliate link (whatever you want really). The great thing about Instagram Promotions is that they can be done directly from your phone. With ads you need to be in the Ads Manager to create your campaign. This is the Facebook Ads Manager. Important — if you want to use Instagram ads and Instagram Promotions, you do need an Instagram business profile. If you’re promoting you can do it from the app, and simply switch to a business profile in settings. But if you want to use Instagram ads, you’ll need to be connected to that Facebook business page. Instagram promotion uses algorithms in order to determine who is likely to click on your ads based on your campaign motivations.


  There are three different “motivations” for using Instagram promotion — increasing profile visits, website traffic or simply sharing your post to more IG users. Each one is very specific in its aim so to maximize your Instagram promotion efforts, make sure you understand each one and how they work.

Does Instagram Marketing Fit all Kinds of Business?

No.Here’s a good guide. If the company is something like a major manufacturer of products supplying other manufacturers, it’s probably pointless. If the company is a local shop interacting with the public on a daily basis, then an Instagram account would be good. Giving these two points, place the business in the range of where it is between the two.
  1. If someone is going to set up an account for their business, then figure out who will be the targeted demographic.
  2. What type of content will be the focus?
  3. How frequent?
  4. What will be the goal?
  5. Who will be in charge of it?
These are just some initial steps of the process. It’s a process of seeing what works, when are the high points of engagement, what content people enjoy the most, and then taking this and refining.

You can drive brand awareness, grow traffic & increase sales with Instagram

You can drive brand awareness, grow traffic & increase sales with Instagram which has nearly 1 billion monthly active users that you can convert into tons of targeted visitors for your offers without spending a fortune. Let’s check out some interesting numbers that will get you glued to Instagram Marketing- • More than 95 Million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day. • Instagram stories have more than 400 Million active daily consumers. • The Instagram ad revenues will cross $10 Billion by 2019. • 90% of the top 100 global brands now use Instagram. • Instagram clocks up 3.5 Billion likes every day. • More than 80% of registered Instagram accounts follow a business on that social network To become successful, you need proper information that is proven and tested, as well as keeps you in good shape and saves you from losing your time and money. Don’t worry, here’s an easy and proven system to add this ultimate Instagram  marketing tips to your marketing mix and take your business to cloud 9.

Here are five tips to grow your Instagram following and Grow your Business.

Share Awesome Content Consistently

The great thing about our current world of smartphone accessibility is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer with a $5K camera to take an amazing photo. But just because your cell phone takes high-quality photos doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put a couple minutes of effort into making your photos look professional and eye-catching. Check out our list of helpful tools out there for basic photo editing. Don’t get carried away, though — sometimes a slight boost of contrast and exposure is all you need. When you consistently share great photos and videos over time, you’ll stand out from businesses that share subpar photos that were quickly snapped and uploaded.
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Monitor Hashtags in Your Market

It’s actually pretty cool how communities form on Instagram around shared interests. By exploring and keeping an eye on relevant hashtagsyou can grow your Insta-community over time by making in-app connections. Follow the accounts of others who are in your industry, including industry leaders, similar businesses that aren’t your direct competition, or users who have shown interest in your type of content based on who else they’re following. And of course, follow people who fit into your target audience or buyer personas. These accounts will often follow you back. And more importantly, if you engage with them, they’ll likely return the effort.

Don’t Buy Followers

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: growing your Instagram following takes time. For Sure, you could purchase thousands of Instagram followers overnight, but this won’t actually help your business. There’s no purpose to having 10,000 followers if only 50 of them are real people who are actually interested in your product or service.
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Don’t overlook Instagram when it comes to promoting your social media accounts on your content and brand materials. You likely include your Facebook account on everything because everyone has been on Facebook forever, but Instagram is now the most popular social network for U.S. teens and has better stats in engagement and content sharing across the board.
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Grow and Go is the mantra

After you’ve built a strong Instagram following, the options for promoting your business on the app open up even more. You’ll have the ability to send users straight from Instagram to your website with a simple swipe. Learn more about it! slap that handle on your product packaging, online content, or whatever it is that your awesome business does. After all, if you’re putting work into creating a sweet Insta account, you better show it off.

Research Your Keywords

Instagram is a leading venue within the social media. Its target audience is primarily female, age range to about 30, image oriented, pay attention to details, and ranks 2nd behind Facebook (who owns Instagram). Very receptive to the use of stories. If that is your target audience, then the answer to your question is YES, if not, then NO. Facebook still leads the pack in sheer volume of members and reaction to ads. The best social media venue for a given business depends entirely upon what your keywords are addressing. If you have determined that such and such is your niche, then you need to seek out the platform that best delivers to that niche. Research your keywords and make sure that you have incorporated them properly within your presentation and other deliverables so that you guide your prospects to becoming your customers.

Is Instagram promotion worth it?

Yes, only condition if your target audience is using Instagram. One you know that you can easily create a business page, try posting details about the product or service. Instagram helps businesses get a little bit more juice out of their posts through their promotions feature. Much like Google or Facebook Ads, you can accelerate your reach through a pay to play system. Instagram operates their ad/promotion structure on a Cost-Per-1000 Impressions (CPM) basis. To some extent it  is best for promoting, growing and creating brand awareness for your business,  However this also depends on what your business deals with and how well you interact with your audience. Following information maybe useful for you, you may want to consider these when you start your social appearance in Instagram for your business:
  1. Sharing an appropriate contents
  2. Well designed creatives
  3. Very well organised description
  4. Proper links to your websites
  5. Standard and Evergreen content

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