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Is it difficult to get traffic in your website nowadays?

It depends on what kind of marketing strategy one is using and how effectively one is using it.

There are many marketing strategies that one can use to drive traffic to their websites.

Each has its own advantages and each is very effective in doing its work. 

The thing is its the person who is performing the marketing strategy and how dedicated he/she is that decides how much traffic the strategy will drive.

No matter how good a marketing strategy is if the marketer doesn’t execute the strategy properly then the traffic driven to the website would be less.

In the end, it depends on how the person is performing the marketing strategy which determines how difficult would it be to drive traffic on that website.

If you don’t get enough traffic, it eventually dies and all your efforts that have put into blogging will go in vain. Most bloggers think that by creating more blog posts they can get more traffic to their blogs.

It was true 10 years back when there was no competition.

Once our website gets a life, we implement Google Analytics or any other traffic tracking software on our website with the intention that we will start seeing 100’s of visitors to our website from day one. 

But that does not happen except you are starting a website around a big brand or advertising a lot about your new website.

So we need to work really hard to increase our website daily traffic from zero to 100 and then from 100 to 1000.

Getting more traffic to your website has certainly become more competitive now but not impossible to do.

Some niches require more work than other but if you are consistent & produce good and relevant content which creates value for your users it’s doable.

Do your research right & you’ll be fine. There are keywords, Topics & niches that are still out there to explore

Yes , it might be difficult to rank or get traffic for generic keywords but start small & then build on it.

In a nutshell, it is not that difficult to bring traffic to your website, you just need proper keyword/Topic research, an insightful article using those keywords and high-quality backlinks from good websites, That’s it.

If you will use this strategy in the best way, then you are going to get a good results and a high amount of traffic on your website as well.

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Is it difficult to get traffic in your website nowadays?

How do I get more traffic or people to visit my website?

There are many types of traffic. Your visitors can come to your site from search engines (Organic traffic), by clicking ads (Paid traffic), from other sites (Referral traffic), or from social platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Youtube (Social traffic).

Optimize the content. Writing good articles with beautiful words is not enough. You need to insert keywords into your content as well as the metadata. This helps Google understand what you’re talking about easily.

Promote it on multiple social platforms. Publishing is not enough. You need to promote your content too. You can share it on Facebook to make it more visible.

1. Organic search.

The most stable but difficult source of traffic is the Organic one. It’s hard to get your content ranked on the first page of search results. However, when you get there, a huge number of visitors coming to your site consistently. To achieve that, you need to:

Provide high-quality and relevant content. Your article should focus on the topic. If the title raises a topic but the content mentions something different, people will leave your page immediately. This will result in a high bounce rate and badly affect your content rankings.

Search Engine Optimization and usage of keywords- This is one of the best ways to draw maximum traffic to your website. SEO is a great way to increase your client network.

2. Paid traffic

Pay for Google ads to attract visitors to your site. This method also requires you o write good content.

The cost of your post depends on the keyword’s difficulty. The higher competition your target keyword is, the more expense you have to pay to get traffic to your site

3. Referral traffic

Write guest posts to gain backlinks to your content from authority websites
Find topics related to your content in forums and communities. Then leave comments and put the link of the post there

4. Social traffic

Write guest posts to gain backlinks to your content from authority websites
Find topics related to your content in forums and communities. Then leave comments and put the link of the post there

5. Write guest posts and invite guest contributors.

Whether it’s a link in the author bio or the content itself, guest posts get your name and work out there to other websites’ readerships. 

You should aim for posting on sites in the same or related industry, though, as this will help direct the most relevant traffic your way. 

For instance, if you run a blog about pet care, it wouldn’t make sense to guest post on a website specializing in new artificial intelligence technologies.

On the flip side, having others write for your blog can also cause a traffic boost given that guest contributors typically promote their work to their own followers. 

Be warned, though: not every writer will produce quality content for your website, so it’s best to be prudent when deciding what and what not to publish.

6. Syndicate your content.

Like guest posting, syndication on high-authority websites can widen exposure of your content to audiences who might not have stumbled on your blog posts otherwise. 

Take for example major websites like Business Insider and Fast Company. Syndication on one of these sites would help direct massive amounts of new visitors your way.

7. Link internally.

If your landing pages and blog posts don’t link internally, your readers are, in effect, trapped and limited to the specific page they land on. Thus, by incorporating more internal links, visitors will be better able to navigate your website.

In addition, internal links help create a framework of your site. This ultimately helps search engines like Google understand which pages make up your website’s cornerstone content, or in other words, your most important content. 

A solid website hierarchy makes it easier for web crawlers to find and index your web pages.

8. Write High-Quality Contents, But Do Keyword Research First

Quality content is the king, there’s no doubt in that, but have you ever asked yourself a question. Even after creating great content why you are not getting any traffic from Google?

The reason is most people don’t do keyword research at all which is the most important thing in getting traffic from the search engines.

As you know more content means more traffic for your website. So you should look at ways to publish more content on your website at regular intervals. It would be great if you could add 2-3 new articles on your website around your website niche.

And before writing an article about a topic, you should do some keyword research around the keyword you want to target through that article.

Always research your primary keywords using Google keyword planner (free), or any other keyword research tool.

The idea here is to brainstorm the best keywords that have low competition and high volume keywords. That way you will be able to pull more traffic from the search engines for your desired keywords.

Here are a few tips on how to do keyword research right:


Use Google auto-suggestion tool to your benefit (that means type the keyword that you want to rank for). It gives plenty of keywords if it has high volume. Choose the best one among them.

Focus on your competitors Alexa toolbar. Check out if you could use any of their top ranking keywords and try to write detailed articles or pages using those keywords and I bet you will see the best results.

Use long tail keywords over short tail keywords. (Ex: Try to use “increase website traffic” over “website traffic”). You tend to get more traffic from long tail keywords.

Be Active On Social Bookmarking Websites

If you are feeling that your website content are good enough to share on social networks, start sharing them on social bookmarking websites. If your website contents are good, other peoples on social bookmarking websites would like to read, share, vote and comment on them.

When we submit our website articles on these websites, that will help us drive some instant traffic to our website, help towards faster indexing of website contents, brand building and high-quality backlinks for better search engine rankings.

So I would suggest you start sharing some of the interesting articles from your website on top social bookmarking networks including Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Google plus, Humsurfer etc.

If any of your articles gets viral on these networks, you can get even 10000 hits from these social bookmarking websites in a single day on your website and if you combine that success with traffic tools such as Babylon the results will be even greater!

Tips to get Free Traffic:

      • Use Quora, write down relevant answers and put a link to your site at the end.
      • You can share links in the comments sections of popular posts.
        Use free traffic source e.g verytraffic dot com
      • Write guest posts for others and add your backlink
        Mutual content sharing on respective platforms.
      • Write down medium articles.
      • Write your own blog posts with proper SEO.
      • Mention your milestones on indiehackers
      • Ask questions on subreddits and growthhakers.
      • Show your regular presence by participating in discussions on the above sites

Tips to get Paid Traffic

    • Use Social ads( FB Ads and Youtube Ads)
    • Paid shoutouts on media pages
    • Pay someone to handle your whole social media.
    • Use Python scripts for fake traffic to generate fake views.

In any case, you have to be consistent with whatever you are doing. Its s a whole full-time role in itself.

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