Is website building hard? How Much does it cost for a website- the Ultimate Guide

Is Website Building hard?

Well, lets take this question for 3 kinds of websites… 1. Your normal e-comm or service business website 2. Blog websites to make Passive Income 3. Big websites including web applications…

The quick answer to the question of whether it is tough to establish a website is that it varies from person to person and also Kind of website you are looking at.

If a blogger wants to set up a Blog site on WordPress( CMS) , it is not very complicated to set it up, however, if you want a designer and highly customised webiste for your business( eComm or Service biz) it could get harder and time consuming to build.

It relies on their general understanding, the type of website they want to design, and the platform it will be based on.

But, for a newbie who knows nothing at all, it’s evident that it is growing easier compared with how it used to be in the past, when having solid understanding of coding and manipulating languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP was unavoidable.

With a basic understanding of HTML, and probably a little CSS, you could put collectively a fairly functional web page with extremely little effort. 

Of program, you can even now code a web page like this today. What offers transformed, for better or for worse, are anticipations. 

As internet connection rates of speed grew quicker, and browsers became even more standardised and effective, people asked even more from the internet. 

And websites grew in size and difficulty, even more and even more frequently we’d observe actually experienced designers who had been comfy with natural Code and CSS using style equipment and code editors with advanced features simply to maintain everything right.

Today, couple of people style their internet webpages from scuff. 

Many opt to make use of a pre-built template style, custom made match for their content material administration program of choice. 

Actually designers building complicated internet applications arrived to depend on template libraries to place jointly the bulk of their software.

But what if you would like to build a fresh template for your content material administration program or static site creator? 

What if you would like to build a basic site with a solitary landing web page, or a little quantity of static web pages that are improbable to switch extremely frequently? 

What if you would like to code a JavaScript program but avoid need to make use of a challenging platform or library to build the last result.

It’s Indeed hard to create more Complex websites

There are services such as Wix and WordPress that have already been mentioned. If you want to do something more complex than what these services offer then I would answer yes it’s hard to create a website. 

This is because at a minimum you would need to learn some technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • (for more advanced and dynamic sites) React, Angular, Vue, or some other JavaScript framework.
  • (also for more advanced and clean looking sites) A CSS library such as Bootstrap.

If you want your website to interact with a database you will need to learn these technologies as well:

  • Web server configuration (Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc.)
  • Server side language such as PHP, or you can use other languages too such as Python, C#, Java, etc.
  • Database server configuration (MySQL, MS SQL, etc.)
  • SQL language


Creating Blogging website is much Easier now..

Blogs, or as they were previously known, Weblogs are increasingly popular for those starting a new website. 

The over complexities of the more traditional websites have been mostly vanquished with the increased user-friendliness and flexibilities of a Blog platform. 

Starting a new Blog has never been easier as almost every hosting provider utilizes some sort of automation tool to install your chosen Blog platform.

However, starting a new Blog still requires some decisions to be made. Listed below are some tips to assist in the budding Blogger making those decisions.

A Few, Simple Tips on Starting a Blog

  • Your first choice when starting a new Blog is whether to opt for a free Blog provided by such resources as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc. or to register your own domain and pay for private hosting. 
  • Free Blogs are great to get your feet wet, but you’re more likely to get better results from the paid solution. 
  • Search engines seem to prefer private domain names, you have more flexibility in design and functionality and more freedom with advertising. The remainder of these tips on starting a Blog relating to private Blogs.
  • When starting a new blog, you need to think about the look and functionality. IMO it is well worth paying $60-$90 for a premium theme – as these generally are coded and designed more efficiently, plus you will have support from the developer should any issues arise.
  • There are numerous Blogging platforms available. The most mainstream is WordPress, which powers 22% of not just Blogs, but all new websites! WordPress provides the most flexibility, support, and user-friendliness of all the Blogging platforms and makes it an excellent choice for anyone starting a new Blog.
  • Providing you opt for the WordPress platform, one of the most useful starting Blog tips is to make good use of the plugins that make the administration and security of starting a new Blog easier and more efficient. For example, Secure-WP to boost security, Spam Free WordPress to catch spam comments and W3 Total Cache to improve site opening speeds.
  • Lastly, the most important tip on starting a Blog I can give is to pick a topic you have a genuine interest in! 
  • Starting a new blog should be a fun experience and allow you the opportunity to express your opinions and thoughts online. 
  • It is rather difficult to talk passionately about something you have no interest in – and this will show through in your work!

To start a Blog site that can make you passive income as below: 

  • Domain cost – $15-$40/year or even Higher if you need specific domains for your niche
  • WebHosting : I’d recommend siteground, If you are going with their shared hosting for just 1 website  its $119 / for the first Year.I have Reviewed the Siteground hosting Check it out here
  • WordPress is Free
  • WordPress Theme : $40-$90 depending on which theme you’d like for your niche.
  • Plugins : Most of them are Free to start with , If you want more features you can Upgrade later. Check out my resources page the list of Plugins you may need for Blog site
  • Canva( Free and paid)– for Graphics. Start with Free version and as you need go for the Canva pro.
  • Now start writing content for your Blog site.This part is harder. check out my Blog on How to start Content writing for your Blog. Blog post writing is free if you DIY posts and if you like to outsource content writing you’ll have pay for the content writer.

30 days Free Canva pro

Blogging Biz Step By step Plybook

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Blog Biz

Getting Your Website Noticed Through SEO

The main challenge for anyone starting a new Blog is getting traffic and generating interest. 

The most effective way to do this is through SEO, and the cornerstone of any SEO campaign is link building. Here are a few starting Blog tips on effective SEO:

  • Patience – Not really a direct tip, but still the best advice I can give on starting a new Blog. You have to have patience. If you start getting thousands of visitors a month from the start, great! 
  • However, most successful and notable websites are built over time – another reason it’s important to choose a topic you’re very interested in, so you don’t lose interest.
  • One of the most important tips on starting a new Blog is starting off slow! 
  • Don’t build too many backlinks all at once. For a new site, I would advise do not buy back links. The reason for this is Google can put your site in the sandbox – blacklist your site – if it thinks you are using spammy methods to market your site.
  • Generate a diverse network of backlinks. Google does not like to see a “footprint” of any kind. If all your links are from article directories or other Blog networks, it’s not going to rank you so high. 
  • There are many resources you can build links from – Article Directories, Web 2.0 Properties, Social Bookmarks, Press Release sites, Video websites, profile links – try to be creative and diverse when starting a new Blog.

Perseverance and patience are two key elements you simply have to have when starting a new Blog. Speaking from personal experience, it’s very frustrating to see zero results from the overwhelming effort, but over time, that effort will be rewarded!

Using CMS Like WordPress

A simple site that just displays static text is very easy to create from scratch. It’s a bit time consuming to beginners (CSS in particular can trip up beginners very easily), but not hard.

Something like a blog would be much harder, assuming you want the ability to add, edit, and remove posts, not to mention a commenting system.

But it’s only hard because you wanted to make it from scratch.

If you just use someone else’s system (these are called Content Management Systems — CMS like WordPress ), it’s much easier.

For practical purposes, you’ll definitely want use such a system instead of reinventing the wheel.

With that said, it’s totally doable and a very fun project. 

In fact, creating a site that had similar requirements to a blog was one of the first major projects I did (it was a site that allowed posting articles, editing them, commenting, etc — it ended up getting spammed to oblivion because I never implemented any anti-spam measures).

Pictures and video are part of HTML and are static content.

For videos, it’s almost certainly preferable to just use Youtube to host the video and embed the youtube video on your site (since creating a video that plays well is a fair bit of work, not to mention that hosting videos is murder for bandwidth).

If you find it hard to Build website for your business or you don’t have time to do so. You can Indeed out source to any good web development Agency. 

In this scenario, you would like to know how much does it cost to build a website.

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Website Creation – Like your ecomm and Service Business Websites

So , How much does it Cost to Build a website?

Now a days, The Internet/web has made it simpler, easier and quicker than ever before to start up a business. The majority of business owners consider it important to have a website. 

But the One of the main questions raised is” just how much does it cost for a website”? 

And how much can you spend on a website without paying over the odds, so it delivers what you need?

Sounds like you?

Here is the Guide to how much a website costs, I’m going to tell you what I tell all my clients and potential clients. 

Our service and price might not be right for you, and that’s okay. There are plenty of options when it comes to website design, all with their own pros and cons.

So, Why do you need a website for your Business?

It’s tempting and Exciting to immediately start investigating or contacting web designers. 

You need to describe what you want to accomplish on your website before you start searching for a solution. 

Aside from being just another online business card, every website should have a meaning and it should do what its meant to ” Generate Leads”.

You need to be confident that a return on investment is produced by your site. 

As a company expense, it shouldn’t be written off. Your website should be designed to deliver ongoing enquiries and sales.

Here are a few ideas for your own website purpose…

  • Collect website enquiries
  • Increase the number of phone calls you get
  • Sell your digital products online
  • Showcase your work
  • Increase donations
  • Build an online community
  • Promote your event
  • Share your knowledge & expertise
  • Build an email list of prospects

You may need to do various different things on your website, but before you create/Build your website, it’s important that you know what they are. Y

our page should be designed around the overall intent of your business. 

So every aspect of the design, copywriting , Content and usability of the website should concentrate on pushing the end user to do what you also want them to do.

So, How do you want to spend your $ when it comes to new website?

Self-build Do It Yourself services like WIX, Go-daddy, Weebly etc.

Inexpensive DIY Websites

Approximate price: free – $ 20-50/Month

Too many business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs creating your own website using a service like Wix, GoDaddy, or Weeblyis an enticing solution. And it’s easy to see why, on a monthly basis, these websites are generally free or cost very little.

Limitations with these DIY web Builders

As attractive as these low-cost websites are, they do have some limitations. 

The first is the design. These services work by getting you to choose a template from a selection of ready-made designs. This means that you usually work within the limits of that particular design.

The good thing is, these website builders are generally very easy to use with their drag-and-drop features.

Are these DIY websites Search Engine Friendly?

Not Really, rather Not to the Great extent. There’s a lot of talk about the DIY builders and their impact on your search engine rankings. Does that work? Or does Google not like DIY builders?
If you’re thinking about building your own site using this method, make sure you consider this beforehand to prevent any headaches later.

DO it Yourself: investing in this option

  1. Research what people are saying about the company. Forums are a great place to see what people are fighting with!
  2. Look at what the others did with the templates. Templates look great when they’re 
  3. designed by a professional, so check them out after a novice has looked at it!
  4. Check other costs –  hosting, email accounts, encoder/designer help if you need it, etc. It’s all adding up!

A Basic Business Card Website

Approximate price: $400 -$1500:

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Freelancers and web designers in Australia offering web design packages within this price range. 

Unlike the first option, these are suitable for those who simply do not have the time or skills to invest in building their own website.

These websites usually display your information, just like a business card. They’re usually built using pre-made html templates.

 They tend to be very basic in terms of design, and they’re not usually built with SEO in mind. 

That doesn’t mean they’re not going to rank high in search engines, it just means that some things aren’t going to be considered before or during the build. This means that it might take a lot of work on your part to get the site to scratch once it’s built.

Pros :

  • One of the cheaper options.
  • You save time not having to build it yourself.


  • Usually very basic designs.
  • Might not come with CMS.
  • Might not be Mobile friendly.
  • You might have to pay more for future website amendments

What to do before investing in this option:

  • Make sure the website comes with a content management system. Even ask to see how it works beforehand. If it doesn’t, be clear on how much it will cost to update your site.
  • Check that the website is mobile/tablet friendly
  • Check what is included! Will you get a blog, social media integration, URL, email accounts, hosting, images (stock photos cost) etc.

A template website using WordPress / Joomla / Drupal.

Approximate price: $1500-$3500

Sometimes website designers will build your website using pre-existing WordPress, Joomla or Drupal templates.

These types of websites usually have a more polished and professional look than those for DIY or basic options. In fact, I used this method for some of my clients because it was an affordable alternative to more expensive options. However, even though the website looks better, it is still a template, and therefore still quite restrictive.

The appeal of this option is that you get a decent-looking website (depending on the designer, obviously) along with the easy-to-use WordPress CMS, Joomla, etc.


  • Websites look more professional.
  • Come with an easy-to-use CMS.
  • Lots of online support and resources if you get stuck.
  • More SEO options


  • Steeper learning curve than DIY option.
  • Limited design control unless you know code.
  • Generic design that isn’t tailored around your business.

Template Websites 

What to do before investing in this option:

  • Ask the designer what they can do with the design, how much can they change to tailor around your needs?
  • With any design company – check that the website is mobile/tablet friendly!
  • Check what is included! Will you get a blog, social media integration, SEO, email accounts,  images (stock photos cost) etc.

A Custom Made Website

Approximate price: $5000-15,000+

Many web design agencies and Boutiques will charge a custom-built website, including  Our Agency, within this price bracket.

You should expect more for your money at this price than the three options above. Your website should be tailored to your branding and should appeal to your target market.Your home page should be fully customised, along with your standard pages and possibly your blog/contact page.

The agency Or the Boutiques can often spend a lot of time at the research and preparation stage, making sure everything is up to your liking and set up for final conversion. 

Every design element should encourage your reader to do something, such as contacting you, filling in a form, or hitting the Purchase button right now. 

You can also add extras to the above option, such as a bespoke blog, email marketing integration, or copywriting and SEO on-page.


  • Completely bespoke website
  • Professional design service.
  • Consistent branding with logo and social media, etc.
  • Mobile/tablet friendly.
  • CMS is usually included.
  • Stock images usually included.


  • It’s more expensive.
  • The process can take longer because it’s designed from scratch.Even if its redesign, it has to fully made from the scratch.

Custom Made Websites

 What to do before investing in this option:

  • Ask the web designer what their process is. Will they show you a version of their design before you invest? Or will you receive different design versions(Demos) to choose from?
  • Ask if the website also comes with a CMS
  • Check what is included! Will you get a blog, social media integration, XML Maps, CRM Integration, and  images (stock photos cost) etc.
  • Will you need to provide the stock images or will they provide some of them as part of the service.

Your Brand Story is told in a way that’s compelling, useful, inspiring, and/or entertaining for your target audience. So that they want to be a part of it.

Huge Project Website

Approximate price: $15K-$100K+

This option is suitable for those looking for the ultimate web design service( websites and web Applications). 

You may find that every single page of your website needs to be tailored to your needs. 

Or you may need a website that fits within the internal processes of your business or a Web application.

These websites are generally very technical and smart. They have a great deal of functionality and attention to detail… hence the price tag. 

You’re paying for a knowledgeable and experienced team of people who can build every single thing you need from scratch.


  • Bespoke technical requirements (not just design!)
  • Robust website that caters to your exact needs.
  • The support of a highly skilled technical team and experienced designers.


  • Again, those on a tight budget!
  • A lot of businesses simply won’t need all the additional tech that comes with this option.

Custom Made Websites : What to do before investing in this option:

  • Consider whether you really need this level of support and technical help
  • This is a big project, I’d certainly recommend meeting the agency!
  • Put a full proposal together and go out to tender. It’s more time consuming but it’s worth it to get the right company for you.

Wrapping Up!

You may be tempted to head over to Google and type in “cheap web design” and try to save some money in the short term. I’d ask you to consider the REAL cost of getting a cheap website. 

What’s a basic online presence going to do for your business in the long run? The amount of business you lose from not having a high quality website may make you worse off.

On the other hand, think about your average sales amount, how many customers you’ll need to pay for a 5000 pounds website. 

If the numbers seem out of reach, then it might be worth starting with one of the cheaper options.

 They tend to be very basic in terms of design, and they’re not usually built with SEO in mind. 

That doesn’t mean they’re not going to rank high in search engines, it just means that some things aren’t going to be considered before or during the build. 

This means that it might take a lot of work on your part to get the site to scratch once it’s built.

My Advice:

My advice is to spend some time doing the research and find a web design company you can rely on, someone who truly understands what you want to achieve and can build a website that performs well and delivers a return on your investment.

OR if you want to start your own Blog site Digitallydiv has 2 Options for you 

1. TWO day Blog set up Course Live on Zoom and Voila you are all set up!

2. If you want learn it yourself then just get this eBOOK-Blogging Lobby – a Step By step Guide to Build a Blog site for beginner.

Over to you

What is your experience of hiring web design companies? Have you found it to be an easy process or have you had a few catastrophes along the way? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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