Tips To Write Your Website About Page

Tips To Write Your Website About Page

Tips To Write Your Website
About Page that can
generate Leads

Tips To Write Your Website About Page

If you want to learn more about your products and services, you often go to your About page.

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It’s been there since the Internet’s dawn, much like the Homepage design. And yet people don’t really put a lot of effort into it so often. Or they can make it wrong if they do.

So how do you use your About page? How can you connect people to and buy from you in the end?

Tips To Write Your Website About Page that can generate Leads

What to AVOID On your About page


Just One simple thing-Do Not make it all about you.
Now, we know why many people on their About page do this. 

About ME, after all! What else are you going to talk about?! 

You will want to talk about yourself, your experience and what you do. It’s natural.

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Naturally, it’s also very easy to write your About page here. Because you know very well yourself and your story. 

Your story may not be a great way to connect with your readers (and I’m sorry to break this with you).
So instead, what do you do?

Tell about how you can help your Web Visitors!.


When writing your About page, write ‘How we can help you,’ rather than ‘About Me’ at the top of this page. 

But when you write a copy for your website, you think about how it will help your readers reframe their mind and encourage you to write content from the perspective of your audience (rather than your own perspective).

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So,What do you write at the Beginning of your About page?


The start of a new piece of content is always the trickiest part and you can help yourself to get into it if you write regularly.

Here’s what we do and recommend to our customers. 

Reaffirm to your readers that they are in the right position at the start of your About page.

So you can use questions such as,

“You’re seeking XYZ? You’re in the right place, then.”
Or: “You are in the right place if you need XYZ.”
Consider how your audience can feel confident in the knowledge that this website (and its content) is for them.

To make sure your content is as engaging as it gets, it needs to be valuable, and most often, that means you need to write long-form content so that you have room to include everything you want to talk about,”

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Don’t miss an opportunity to talk about what makes you unique- Your USP!

For instance - if you are looking for a web design company
who takes care of your business, and get you better
online visibility and Leads- then you are in the
right place. 

This above statement does not only say that we are right for someone who can relate to those words. 

It also tells our readers that we may not be right for them, depending on what they are after.

And it might sound like a bad thing, but it is not. Because it actually stops people from coming into contact with us who don’t feel like we’re fit for them. And that saves both our time and yours.

Content creation is a very resource–intensive process,”

What else should you include in the About page?

Your prospective customers or customers wants to know how you can  help them when they land on your About Page. 

So how do you know what your problems are with your customers? 

Listen to them. Hear what they say. Hear what they are saying. 

Be careful. Because it is often the first thing they tell you in their email or call you to enquire about their struggles.

Also, Include:

1. Showcase the issues that your Visitors are facing and How you can help them solve them.
2. Testimonials
3.Frequently Asked Questions
4. Your Team and Your Photos

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Structure your About page well..


You have to include so much information. How do you ensure it’s all right without your reader overwhelming?

In a FAQ-style section on your About page you can simply list problems with your ideal customers. 

Using ballots helps you reduce the amount of text on the page, provides your reader with some breeze and helps people to easily and quickly find digestible information.

So on our About page, for example, we recognise explicitly the difficulties that our ideal customers face and sympathise with them. 

And don’t forget to add CTA(Call to action) to drive them to the respective services.
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Don’t Forget to include some Personality on your About page?


So what about you? So what about you?

Yes, it is important first to concentrate on your audience, but people need to talk about you. And you don’t want to miss personality when you do!

A place to tell readers who you are is your About page. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate some character.

Enter your pictures (and your team, if you have one).

People buy and have to see their faces. Get your face on the site if you do not have your face.


Talk about yourself. Talk about yourself.

Your readers want to know who they are dealing with. Just make sure that your information does not go through the whole page and is quite succinct. Too much information about yourself can be show killer.

Wrapping up!


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