Discover Issues that occur when you get a brand new website… and our approach to prevent them

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Our Digital Marketing Journey Began a few years ago & going Strong in 2021 will be stronger in years to come.. Creating & Nurturing a Digital Marketing Agency can be one of the most rewarding businesses you’ll ever create. 

The fact is, It’s easy to start a digital marketing agency, but it is difficult to manage and turn it into a profitable company!

What Did we do differently to be successful in this niche?

Table of Contents

Discover Issues that occur when you get a Brand New website… [and what’s our approach to prevent them!]

It’s exciting to have a new webpage. Typically, it means the beginning of a new venture or a new beginning of a current one. 

Whatever the cause, you’re probably going to have loads of ideas running through your mind and want things to move soon.

You may want to take a minute before running off and hiring the first web designer you see. 

I’ve checked hundreds of websites over the years and had several talks with clients who’ve been burned in the past. 

When buying a website, there are quite a few mistakes people make and I want to help you avoid the pitfalls as best I can.

1.Don’t like your new website because The final design doesn’t look how you visioned it to be…


A lot of this exists. You pay for a new website, and before it goes online, you wait weeks or even months for the final design to be shown. 

It’s only then that you find that you don’t like it or that it doesn’t suit your style or brand.

It’s a common problem here. It’s too late to start the project again and it will take just as long to try to shift it to something else altogether. 

You invested money and now you’re stuck with a website that you don’t want. It’s not your fault, you had faith in a designer and their skills.

We’ve heard this story a lot of times, and you’ll end up sticking with what you have in most situations. 

A bunch of individuals ends up resenting their website. Not much all-around fun.

Ask your web designer prior to committing to a project how they can prevent this problem from occurring. 

Before you spend too much money, will they show you a mockup or at least a wireframe of their proposed design?

How we approach this Issue: for the Website Problems Today!


You ought to love the Design

We’re not taking a cent of your money at Digitallydiv Agency until you know exactly what your website would look like. 

Before we give you an invoice, we discuss the design of your homepage. We look at your sample websites and send the appropriate themes to you( silver and Bronze packages). 

That way, before we create it, we can talk about the design together and what you like/dislike about it.

Our Web design Plans

However, In our Gold plan we provide a mockup for Home page , service page and about page.

So, You know what you are getting Finally when the website gets ready .

2.You don’t have access to update the website yourself

Many Business owners do not have access to update their own website and this surprises me. 

If you don’t have the time or expertise, I understand if you’d rather not do it yourself, but still, the choice should be yours.

You don’t need a web developer these days to make small modifications to your website. 

Most websites have some kind of editing system that makes changing text and inserting images very simple for you.

Your website will keep changing and growing, and when you like, you will need to be able to update it. 

For any basic edit, you just do not want to have to ask your web designer. It will save you time and potentially even some money to know how to make improvements yourself.

How we approach this Issue

Every website we design is built using WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes making changes very simple for you. Even if you are not comfortable with technology. 

WordPress is the most common CMS by far and it is used by some of the world’s biggest businesses.

The primary reason we use WordPress is that you can update the website whenever you want. 

We will also give you a Zoom training on how to make modifications. You will be able to log into your website’s back office and edit stuff as you wish.

3.The website doesn’t appear in search results

Your website is live and has been around for a couple of weeks now. But only one issue remains. Your website can’t be found in the search results. 

You may have looked for your business name, and on Google you are nowhere to be found. You are, understandably, a little worried.

For a variety of reasons this may occur, there may be a technological problem stopping search engines from indexing it. 

Your website may not have been released to Google or maybe there is an inherent problem with the website that causes you to be overlooked by search engines.

How we approach this Issue

Our websites appear in  search results and this is mainly because we use our  search engine optimisation (SEO) experience to design and build your website.

The way your pages are set out, the arrangement of the menu, the URLs all count towards a website that is search engine friendly. 

This means that, even if you don’t employ an SEO company further down the road, you will already have a strong base to work with.

1.We will create a Google Search Console account on the day your website goes online and This is the network that interacts with Google and alerts them that your website is live. We then send them a list of pages on your website so that they can start listing them as soon as possible in the search results.

We will receive an email directly from Google if there are any technical problems with your website. That way, we can instantly fix any problems.

2. If you have not already claimed GMB for your Business, we will urge you to Claim your GMB and we will Optimise it for Local SEO and provide tips and hacks to improve your Local SEO.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

4.Your website traffic numbers are low and you can’t figure out why its happening

All the time, this happens. Finally, your website is alive and has been for a few weeks, but you want to cry when you check your visitor numbers. Yeah!! 

Yes indeed. Building up the numbers will take time, but there are things you can do to speed up the process. 

You should not be standing around, hoping that it would increase by itself naturally.

Ideally, before you start, you will have a plan in place. 

Marketing is far more than clicking on “go live” and shouting on social media about it, which is why it is important to have a strategy.

How we approach this Issue

We first spend some time knowing your business before we take you on as a customer. 

Before we start developing your site, we give you a questionnaire to fill out so that we can discover your priorities, your target audience, your position in the market. 

This will assist us to build a platform that from day one performs well.

In addition, we also include a free digital marketing strategy session consisting of a 1-hour  Zoom call to help you to get off to the best start possible once you have started. 

This is where we will discuss an action plan to maximise the number of your guests and enquire as soon as possible.

This could consist of stuff like:

1.An email marketing approach
2.How to build a strategy for content marketing
3.How to reach more people using social media marketing

This will be a distinctive plan designed around your business. We’ll give you just the advice that works for you.

In Our Silver and Gold Plans , we Provide a Free 1 Month Social media Content management service to Improve your Brand new Website Traffic.

5.Your pages take too long to load.

You might have a problem if your website runs slowly. For tourists who won’t hang around if they have to wait, slow loading websites can be very frustrating.

Search engines care for their customers and want the best possible experience to be delivered.

 If you want the highest possible rankings, this means you have to keep your site running smoothly.

There are many reasons why loading your site will take longer, such as:

  • Not sufficiently configured/Optimised Images
  • Weak applications for web building
  • Low hosting standard
  • Too many plugins or add-ons
  • Unnecessary HTML/CSS code and features.
  • All  of these are contributing factors to the website being slowed down

How we approach this Issue

 All our websites are created lightweight. This means that we are going to keep the web updated and free of any needless plugins and extravagant code that can slow down the site.

Before we upload them to the website, we will individually configure your image sizes so that they are the smallest possible size without sacrificing quality.

In order to keep your website running smoothly,  We will suggest you hosts that come with unrestricted bandwidth, disc space of More than 20 GB, 2 GB Ram, and uptime of 99.9 percent. 

In essence, it means that our websites are quicker , and they can be yours too

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glasen

Wrapping up!

Take the time to find yourself the best web designer

Take the time to find yourself the best web designer. Don’t buy based on price alone, please. 

Almost always, that’s the wrong thing to do. 

As long as you find someone who truly knows your business goals and has the expertise to guide you properly, the majority of the problems in this article can be avoided.

Over To You

Have you faced any of the problems listed above? Or have you encountered any other problems that gave you a headache. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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