What is the main purpose of having a website for your business- Explained

What is the main purpose of having a website for your business- Explained

What is the purpose of having a website

We have been working with a diverse spectrum of clients in a variety of industries.

‘Have you ever done a website in the ABC industry?‘ is a question we frequently get from prospective clients who submit a website design  RFP(Request For proposal)
We’ve worked with many diverse Industries but it doesn’t matter if we haven’t. here is why.

So, what is a website?


A website isn’t about the product you’re selling or the information you’re providing.
It’s also not about you or your business.

A website is all about your customer and their requirements.


And communicating with them in a clear, detailed, and persuasive manner.
This is how we see a website. There is a specific person with a specific problem who is looking for a specific solution to that specific problem.

They came to your website from  (be it Google, Yelp, social media, etc.). They’re on the lookout for something (trying to solve a certain problem).
Finally, they want to take the next step (solving the problem, getting more information, weighing other solutions, etc…).

When it comes to rebuilding/Redesigning a website, here’s the problem.
First and foremost, you must know that the site attracts a variety of visitors. Second, everyone has distinct needs and is trying to tackle distinct difficulties.
The goal then becomes identifying the various visitor categories who visit your website.

The next step is to figure out what challenges they’re trying to solve.
Then, to make sure that each user’s requirements are clearly expressed in a visually appealing manner (people nowadays don’t want to read).

Designing a Service business Website


When designing a website for a Business, we need to consider and research who are the main visitors to the Business.

For Instance, in our case ( To our  Agency website), the main/primary visitor types are the Service business owners.

The Business owner’s concerns can range from the cost of paying for a professional design to the impact a new website will have on sales and generating future revenue.

There could be secondary types of Visitors depending on the niche. For instance, If you’re a family lawyer your visitors include Married couples with kids(Looking for custody of their kids),  Married Couples without kids ( Looking for just alimony) or a de facto couple.

Each user’s needs are extremely distinct from one another, making it difficult to ensure that they are all met within the website’s design.
So, let’s analyse the new lead with a business in the industry ABC and asks whether we’ve ever done a site for ABC Business.

Here’s why it doesn’t make a difference.


How to Create a Website For Your Business- Content Structure follows Design…


The truth is that no website design firm will ever know as much about a client’s business as the client. If they are claiming so, they are so wrong.

The good news is that we are not required to do so.

Instead, we collaborate with our customers to determine the main user categories who frequent the site, define their needs, and ensure that the site’s structure and design meet their objectives and business goals.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Hey!” I assumed you were a web designer, but you haven’t mentioned design much. Are we missing the design in the discussion?

When it comes to website design, “content structure comes first and design follows”

The design is simply a means of making the content easier to consume and interact with.

Persuade your visitors to take action!


That is the true goal of a website: to entice and persuade a visitor, a stranger, to take the next step in learning more about you and your company.

Because we work with a lot of service firms, the most common action we want visitors to take is to fill out a contact form or book for a consultation.

The goal is to get the visitor to contact you. Otherwise, what good is having a nice-looking website if it doesn’t bring in new customers?

What is the purpose of a website?


What is the main purpose of the website.. Is it to look good? Nah not really. Is it the user Experience.. hmm  Nope!

The primary goal of a website is to convert visitors into leads.

And the best way to do so is to identify the main user categories who visit your site, speak to their requirements, and provide them with a clear next step.
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