What the heck is WordPress CMS? A beginners Guide

What the heck is WordPress CMS? A beginners Guide

What the heck is WordPress CMS? A beginners Guide

What the heck is WordPress CMS? A beginners Guide

We can assist you if you’re considering getting a new website and constantly hearing about WordPress websites but aren’t sure what it means.

Let’s start with a definition of WordPress and then examine what WordPress can achieve for you.

WordPress began its life as an open-source (free) blogging platform. It’s also known as a CMS (Content Management System).

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that allows you to manage your website’s many pages. If you wanted to update your site before we had a CMS, you had to modify the individual HTML pages in your FTP server.

To cut a long story short, WordPress is a free and powerful tool for managing your website’s content.

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Isn’t WordPress solely used for blogging?Hmmm… ?


Yes indeed, WordPress began as a blogging platform, but nowadays, WordPress is used by a big number of major websites for their non-blog-type websites.

How much does WordPress cost?


This is the most exciting part. WordPress is completely free because it is open source. You will not be charged anything to instal or maintain the programme.

Also, because it’s one of the most popular open-source platforms out there, they keep it up to date with all of the latest free WordPress changes and updates.

However, to launch your own business domain, you would need hosting and That would cost you.

Is it okay if I use my own domain name, or does it have to finish in wordpress.com?


Everyone wants their company’s domain name to be the greatest it can be. If you already have a domain, there’s no reason why you can’t utilise it. The distinction between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is significant.

If you utilise WordPress.com, you must host your site there, and your domain will end in wordpress.com.

You can have whatever domain name you like if you host your website and use the WordPress platform.

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What distinguishes a WordPress site from a “real website”?


Many people are unaware that a WordPress site is simply a collection of HTML pages with CSS styling. Almost every website is made up of this type of content. 

The sole difference between a WordPress site and a Dreamweaver site is that WordPress employs PHP (a programming language) to dynamically control the website’s pages.

But I want my site to be unique and not based on a template.


Most website designers don’t want you to know about this dirty little secret.

Even the world’s most expensive website designers, those who charge more than $60k -100k per site, still use templates.

They don’t name them as “templates”, but what they do is copy and paste massive portions of code that they use as a basis for all of their websites, then style it to look unique.

WordPress themes allow you to perform the same thing at a fraction of the price.


Do you use WordPress CMS for all your web design projects?

Yes! There are many reasons why we use only WordPress CMS to build websites at digitallydiv Agency. Read this article to know why we use only WordPress to build websites.

It’s no secret that WordPress, particularly in recent years, has taken the web by storm. The uber-popular blogging platform now powers an impressive 75 million websites. 

To put that into perspective, there is an estimated total of 1 billion websites at present, meaning that WordPress powers around 7.5% of websites internationally. Joomla powers around 3.3% (33 million) of all websites and Drupal is known to power around 2.2% (22 million).

WordPress is a perfect solution for any business be it a start-up, small, medium or big company to create a solid online presence without spending too much time and money in the process.

Choose the website for web hosting, register a domain name, WordPress installed, and have a web address.

Choose themes and plugins that matter to your organisation and you can start the publication and promotion of your name.

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Wrapping Up!


The truth is that the majority of large organisations utilise WordPress to power their websites. It’s inexpensive and simple to customise a WordPress site to meet any style. So, what is WordPress all about? It can be almost anything you want it to be.

We hope this has dispelled any misconceptions you may have had about WordPress. Allow us to demonstrate how we can create a stunning, 100% unique website for your business using WordPress. With our no-risk personalised mock-up offer, you have nothing to lose.

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