Where should Marketing budget go during pandemic ?

Where should Marketing budget go during pandemic ?

The Question is where should your Marketing dollars go during the pandemic. As the pandemic is placing a toll on our lives and wreaking havoc in the world economy, . 

What are you and your business doing right now to overcome these challenges? 

The spread of COVID-19 has brought an undisclosed risk to companies when everyone from local restaurants to multinational firms has been compelled to adjust how they run in the middle of a series of suspension orders to help stop the flow of the infection. 

Nearly every company is facing some of the slowest weeks as we move toward harder Lockdown. 

With this in mind, where are businesses going to spend their money? 

So, Where should your Marketing Dollars go during Pandemic..

If you are thinking of keeping Marketing costs Down, Here’s what you need to spend your marketing moolah on..

Get Better with your CONTENT

Content Marketing is the zone on the web with no Or Little rivalry that offers a fighter the ability to split and be Relevant. 

That’s what not only makes you different but also so different that the audience is heard. You gain your focus from this crowd. 

Content Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which brands build an on-going relationship with consumers through non-promotional content that provides value at every contact. 

Over the years, content marketing has grown from only blog posts and editorial campaigns to a systematic approach that relies on a wide variety of digital marketing techniques such as email, social media, SEO, and Paid Ads to meet the target audience.

Content marketing can be an efficient way for you to keep in touch with your customers and improve pipeline production during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the ever-changing digital world, connectivity and interaction in your audience will remain unbroken, no matter what the situation is – as long as you have the right content marketing strategies in place.

Furthermore, no matter how you approach this situation – both from a health and marketing point of view – it is crucial that we maintain a stable and secure atmosphere.

Get More In to Social media

How do you Market Your Business On Social Media during Covid-19?

In fact, Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage due to Covid-19, with views for Instagram Live and Facebook Live doubling in one week.

In reality, Facebook and Instagram saw a 40 percent rise in use due to Covid-19, with Instagram Live and Facebook Live views doubling in one week.

The most common question we’ve got lately is, “What should I be posting on social media right now? 

You can’t afford to avoid promoting or selling, so this involves posting on social media. 

Your fans spend more time online than they’ve ever had before, and it offers you a unique opportunity to expand your connexion with your audience and boost brand loyalty.

But you can’t just run the business-as-usual, either, or risk coming across as tone-deaf to an audience with heightened anxiety and sensitivity.

There are some suggestions about what you can post or work on right now:

  1. Share informative videos, whether it’s from your posts, Instagram Live, or IGTV. If you don’t usually create video content, it’s a perfect time to start learning!
  2. Build on-brand highlight covers, refresh your profile, and delete any old posts that don’t match your aesthetics. You can use our free Instagram audit checklist to keep you up to date!
  3. Invest your Pinterest account to rise! Pinterest is a search engine, not a social network, which ensures that the content you pin will provide you with a lot of traffic every month. Unlike SEO, it may take a while to reap benefits, but it’s going to be useful to you in a couple of months when you need it most.
  4. Create safe habits. It’s a perfect time to set up healthy routines that you will cultivate all year long, whether you plan a month of content at once or set aside 30 minutes per day to connect with new people on Instagram.

Invest on SEO

1. SEO Is Not Just A Matter Of Traffic or The goal of SEO is not simply to increase the traffic on the website but to increase eligible traffic. 

This means that people who find their way to your website in the face of competing trends are more likely to be really interested in what you have to offer. In this sense, SEO can help you recognise highly qualified leads for your company, even if they are to be nurtured in the future.

2. Evergreen content is still the key:

What is EverGreen Content:Evergreen content is a time-consuming content which is not expiry date and cannot be obsolete. For users today or within a year, this type of content will have the same value. 

Time passes on the internet very quickly and contents have a very short network life. 

Even before we have a chance to value it, almost everything ends. That is why the most important content is long-lasting.

Evergreen content requires not as many reviews and updates as other content types. This explains why the content is never outdated.

It’s all right to write about current issues as they relate to your business, but these pages will naturally decline in traffic over time. 

We are much less likely to place first, as leading brands and high-level websites would dominate page one of the report. 

Articles written on evergreen topics inside your niche, on the other hand, remain important and accumulates traffic over time. 

As such, it’s never a bad time to publish material on evergreen topics.

3. SEO is indeed a Long term : SEO is about gaining confidence from search engines, and the only way to achieve this is through consistent performance gradually, over time. 

Because big SEO gains usually don’t happen until three or so months down the line anyway, there’s a lot you can do right now that’s worth your time.

4. COVID is trending, use COVID-related keywords like a pandemic, corona Virus, Lockdown, Isolation etc in your content.

Revamp your website

There are a number of reasons to Redesign Your Website, especially during the pandemic, some more compelling than others. Redesigning Your Website is probably one of the last things you’re talking about in your company. 

However, it is important to recognise and consider the vital role the website plays in consumer retention activities and the ultimate effect it has on sales and revenue.

  1. Update your CoVID opening hours. If you are Business as usual It’s Important to inform your Customers.
  2. Update your landing page Or Home with COVID related information
  3. To be taken seriously and to be considered a reputable, trustworthy enterprise, it is incredibly important for your website to have a clear brand identity that reflects your company accurately and captures the essence of your brand. Stronger brand recognition has the potential to take small companies and startups and to make them stand out from their larger competitors.
  4. Despite trends patterns evolving every few years, a website that is two or three years old will quickly look out of touch relative to a rival that has a website that is up to date with the new design trends. Consider Redesigning Your Website every if your website is older than 2 Years
  5. The responsive nature makes the website conveniently adaptable to the screen size of any mobile device. A responsive interface allows users to seamlessly browse the website through all of these particular platforms, offering a better user experience. Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly, with many users on social media Now , its vey valuable to have your website mobile friendly.
  6. With many people on Mobile due to Lockdowns, make sure Your website id mobile Friendly and Responsive.

Start doing more Social Ads- Specially FB Ads

It pays to keep your brand in the consumer’s eye.

Many businesses view this pandemic as an economic surprise, much like those they have faced in the past. Yet it’s different in many respects. 

For example, advertisers need to figure out whether to use the money they’ve got and they are slowly stepping away from mainstream media such as Television, radio, and magazines, as the advertising sector has recognised that they are no longer meeting their intended markets. 

Alternatively, capital can be invested where viewers and, in particular, youth people go – online and, in particular, on social media.

Then again the choice of Social Media Channel For The Ads depends on where your Target audience hang-out.


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