Why Agencies use WordPress to build a website

Why agencies use WordPress to build a website -7 Reasons Why we use WordPress to create websites

Why Agencies use WordPress to build a website

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A website is one of the first things you need when you launch a new company today. In the past, website design and production have contributed to the high costs of beginning a company. 

Company owners had to hire a web developer to grasp the idea of architecture.

Small improvements can also mean the charge for further meetings right towards the end of the design process. 

All of it has been edited by WordPress. The preference of WordPress is attributed to many major factors.

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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system(CMS). 

Millions of businesses base their online presence on a WordPress platform, but why  WordPress? and another question is why do we use WordPress for all our Websites? 

Here are 5 Reasons we use Only WordPress to create your websites.

It’s real, we at Digitallydiv web Boutique use only with WordPress when we create your website ( be it service business website or Blog site)

We’ve used few different sites in the past, but now we just use WordPress. In this post, we’re going to tell you why we think your website should also be created using WordPress.

Popular MYTHS about  WordPress website design and the debunk.

  • WordPress isn’t the  blogging site?
  • Why would I pay a web designer to get WordPress free of charge?
  • WordPress is drag and drop kind of CMS, I need a strong web designer who knows the coding.”

We’ve heard this kind of questions and concerns  a lot of times now. 

Typically from the very first time company owners that are only starting out or old fashioned web developers who are too reluctant to change their path. 

It’s time to put the record straight, either way.

We just wanted to clear everything up before we move ahead. 

We use WordPress.ORG to create your business website or the Niche /Blogging site and all we’re talking about in this article has to do with it. WordPress. COM is very distinct. 

This is a different product all together that is generally used as a DIY blogging tool that appears to be very restricting. We wouldn’t have suggested this on a company website.


The success of your website depends on SEO. You need a steady stream of targeted traffic to drive sales. Without that, you are just wasting money on a site that nobody ever visits.

WordPress is ideal as it allows you to add or curate content and make it optimised for search engines. 

The code behind WordPress allows you to insert your keywords so that both users and search engines find your business easier. 

Moreover, the use of numerous plugins enhances SEO and can improve the ROI of all your online marketing efforts.

Better URL structure:
Your page URL’s are extremely Your page URL is highly significant in the way your website is ranked by Google. 

They’re looking at the keywords in your URL to decide what you can rate with. 

WordPress is fantastic as it helps you to create unique URLs for each page very quickly and doesn’t add any sticky gibberish like so many others do.

Website Speed
Many of the other content management systems and website designers have a lot of unnecessary code in place. 

This extra coding could make the site feel heavy and load slowly. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is fairly lightweight, and most of the themes and plugins are designed with this in mind.

There are variations because, generally speaking, WordPress websites are faster.

SEO plugins that allow you to optimise your pages easily

Every page on your website will need to be optimised for search engines. 

That way you have more chance of ranking on the first page of Google. 

The latest and one of the best SEO Plugins is Rank math. It’s Free and fabulous. It’s a Must-have tool , if you are using ELEMENTOR as the Page Builder.

2.LOADING SPEED – WordPress website design

The average human period of attention drops from 12 seconds to 7 seconds in surveys from 2000 to 2016.What is it for you as the user of a website?

You have very little time to explain your material to consumers and encourage them to live on your website. 

A slow website means that users can leave their website before loading it. 

According to an Amazon study, Google and other larger websites case study by StrangeLoop, 1-second delay in page load time could lead to 8% losses in conversions, 10% lower page visits, and 17% less customer loyalty.

Today more than half of all users access the internet through smartphones where bandwidth may be limited. 

This makes loading speed even more relevant to your success

Google and other search engine providers have already also begun penalising slower websites by forcing them into the search pages, which ensures that slow websites are weaker in their traffic.

To sum up, you need to make your WordPress website Quick if you want more traffic, subscribers and sales from your blog. 

WordPress is lightweight and optimised for quick loading speed. 

With loading speed being one of the major parameters in Google’s ranking algorithm, WordPress offers you a competitive advantage over other CMS.

3.Full control over the design

Between themes, plugins, and your own content, WordPress allows you complete freedom to customize each and every aspect of your website.

Every part of the code is open to editing. 

Combining this with a professional theme and a unique combination of plugins allows you to create every type of website in existence.

Website users enjoy it if they have an impressive website experience. 

With WordPress, you can create a clean, user-friendly interface which everyone can understand. You should not need to be concerned because of bad user experience about losing guests.

The average WordPress theme comes with easy-to-use menus and a style that fits the usually anticipated style of navigation on a modern website. 

You may use plugins to accumulate slack when your favourite subject fails.

You can control the size, the appearance, the layout, and the functionality of your website all from the WordPress admin platform without having to dig deep into the code of your website. 

Just with some basic HTML, you or your IT expert will be able to create every functionality you may need from your website.


As we have seen before, more than half of all users have access to the Internet through their smartphones. 

With WordPress, you can be confident that any new theme is now designed for mobile convenience

Many users have access to the internet on handheld computers these days than on a laptop. 

Google now takes a leading role in smartphone comfort. WordPress is up to today ‘s trends. 

The main WordPress platform is entirely mobile and is built to react from scratch to most issues of the market today. You immediately re-dimension your website to suit every show on any of them.

Separate smartphone and laptop designs no longer need to be paid for. One responsive theme with WordPress is all you need.

If you run an older version of WordPress and have disabled automated updates, WordPress will still be accessible via smartphones. 

Google penalises websites with no mobile functionality, so you can’t simply neglect mobile connectivity even though your target audience doesn’t use smartphones to reach your website.


Finally, WordPress receives constant automatic updates, making it one of the most secure software platforms currently in the market. 

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If your company is dealing with sensitive data, you can install additional security plugins to protect the privacy of your users, further enhancing security.

Cyber protection is a major concern in the new online climate. 

Many organisations want to make sure their websites are safe from attacks. On this front, WordPress still doesn’t crash. 

The long list of major corporations and organisations that trust the site is the strongest indicator that it is safe and stable to run.

Moreover, if your website is ever hacked, WordPress makes it easy to restore your website without losing your data.

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Free & Paid plugins

Another big advantage of using WordPress website design is that you can load additional “Add ons” on your website. 

They’re called plugins, and they’re going to make your life that much easier.

There are thousands of WordPress templates and plugins. You are a professional non-tech company owner and he helps you to personalise your website without any technical experience.

Regardless of the kind of website you want to make, you already have a theme. 

All you have to do is download and install the theme, update your branding colours, upload your logo, and get your website ready for posting.

Let’s just assume that you want to add an image gallery to your website, this can be done very quickly by searching the WordPress plugin library .

You can then browse the vast list of free and paying plugins, most of which can be enabled in less than a minute, and start adding the new Features and some you may need to make few Setting adjustments.

Easy Handling of Multimedia Files: WordPress website design

Other than writing content , You can add pictures, audio and video files to your website with a built-in media upload feature.

WordPress helps you to quickly embed content if you wish to upload multimedia files from other sources. 

You can share tweets, Instagram photos, you can share YouTube videos, Soundcloud sound files and other sound channels. 6 Methods to Use Instagram for Small Businesses & Local shops

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Only copy the URL and the code to the text editor so that your users can view the file

Easy Social Media Integration

You can link your social media pages to your website easily using your WordPress website. 

If you are using Pinterest, You can add PINIT Button on all your Blog Post Images.

This means that after it has been released on your website you have to connect to the different sites to upload content.

Only enter your social media info on your theme or social plugin in the proper configuration menu and the sharing process is automatic right away.

Likewise, WordPress website design  enables the distribution of your posts with your website users. 

Most of the subjects feature incorporated social media features, you can select from the store alternatives.

Some social plug-ins are super flexible, allowing you to make choices on elements like seeing the retweet count on a message, sharing social platforms on, etc.

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Wrapping up Note

It’s no secret that WordPress, particularly in recent years, has taken the web by storm. 

The uber-popular blogging platform now powers an impressive 75 million websites. 

To put that into perspective, there is an estimated total of 1 billion websites at present, meaning that WordPress powers around 7.5% of websites internationally. Joomla powers around 3.3% (33 million) of all websites, and Drupal is known to power around 2.2% (22 million).

WordPress is a perfect solution for any start-up or small company to create a solid online presence without spending too much time and money in the process. 

Choose the website for web hosting, register a domain name, WordPress installed, and have a web address. 

Choose themes and plugins that matter to your organisation and you can start the publication and promotion of your name.

Thus, WordPress is clearly the best CMS now that is extremely popular, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain. 

The readers often enjoy the framework because of the appealing nature and improved accessibility of the websites. 

It’s the perfect framework for businesses now, when there’s no better solution yet.

Whether you’re an inexperienced user or a seasoned businessman, the fact is, you need a CMS that requires less effort. 

It’s something you don’t have to understand until you use it. 

WordPress does it about you on its own, and it’s easy to understand. You should still employ a WordPress designer to fulfil all of your custom needs. 

No wonder, it’s on the list of the greatest CMS in the world.

The reason why we only use WordPress is that it’s the most popular and well-trusted Content Management System.

 If you need help with something and for some reason, we’re not immediately available, you can still find answers and resources on the internet. 

But if your website is built on a rare platform, you may struggle with that!

Over To you!

Are you looking for a new website for your Business?we can help!

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