Businesses Who Think They “Don’t Need Digital Marketing” Are Very Wrong!

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing?

Few weeks ago I heard a conversation of 2 small business owners that I personally know who were talking about why they din’t need any marketing because their company was a business to business (B2B) company, Hence they didn’t “need Online Marketing.” 

Businesses Who Think They Don’t Need Digital Marketing are very wrong to think that ways.

“I don’t need to do any online marketing, I get all of my business from word-of-mouth.” 

In this era of technology, you’d be surprised how many small business owners have this mindset, there are many out there!!

At a glance , I thought it was some kind of a joke. Why on earth would this business owner actually believe that B2B marketing isn’t needed for their company? 

To top it all , are there other businesses out there that believe that same myth- that B2B companies don’t need marketing?

#Marketing to #businesses is very different than marketing to individual #consumers. That’s why an entirely different marketing method — B2B marketing exists.


Definitely, there are companies that are mainly wholesalers, middlemen, the “distributors” who are completely out of the public contact . 

But allow me to tell you why that’s a very bad train of thought and what that belief actually means in terms of a bigger picture.

Did anyone hear, Just Relying on Referrals is Dangerous?

First and foremost, let’s discuss about reasons for relying on referrals alone is a frightening business practice. 

You are relying on someone else to get your business for you. 

In a nutshell, Businesses’ are expecting a satisfied customer who may have used their product or service once to steadily speak about the company/ products/ service to everybody they know at every waking moment. 

Do you really think its feasible?

Your customers shouldn’t be your Only marketing team, and they’re definitely not your salespeople either.

Heavily depending on your #customers to spread the word about your #business puts the control of your #lead #generation in someone else’s hands.

In today’s modern and Online business world, the pace at which transactions happen and how people receive information is very fast for that strategy.

Yet again , the belief that a business can solely be built on word-of-mouth still stands, even in this day and age, where every potential consumer’s face, regardless of demographic, is glued to a cell phone, computer or device with internet access.

Most of the referrals provide a limited pool of #potential #customers for you, moreover, referral business won’t last forever.


Which brings me to the big underlying issue of this whole concept.

Well, It’s not my job to market my products.”

It’s a phrase I’ve had business owners tell me before, and I will never understand it. 

Anyone not marketing their own product is essentially saying they don’t want to sell any more of it. 

These businesses will claim that it is entirely their retailer’s job to sell the product and their job is to provide the product. 

Surely, you may not have a brick and mortar store to sell their product, but not targeting your customer base as a supplement to your retailer’s own marketing is plain Dumb.

Many of your prospective #customers are searching for your #products and #services online.Lack of Online presence of your business is dangerous to your Biz growth.

When you provide additional marketing, specifically digital marketing, to your products, you add on top of the marketing already being done by those companies who are carrying your product. 

You also gain insight into your customer base and, as a result, can continue to innovate and build upon existing products or invent new ones.

Unlike B2C customers who respond best to emotions and entertainment, B2B customers look for logic and positive ROI.

You evolve your inventory, sell more product and, by no coincidence, keep your business afloat in these evolving times.

The mega gap in Marketing Still Exists!

The biggest concern I have with this whole thought process is the bigger issue that is rearing its head more and more as the years go on.

The underlying issue is the fact that a generational marketing gap (and an overall technological gap) still exists, meaning older companies are failing or refusing to adapt to current best practices.

Email marketing is also a powerful vehicle for sharing your brand’s content. 83% of B2B companies use email newsletters as part of their content marketing program, and 40% of B2B marketers say these newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.

Many Older companies did thrive for years before the digital explosion took place. Word-of-mouth deals are still driving force behind the economy. 

Also, Many smaller businesses still make a decent living on said practice. 

But failing to adapt Or “Go with the wind” is surely a display of poor business practice. 

A basic failure to recognise that the economy and consumer behaviours are changing is ultimately what will fail these businesses who don’t market in a right way.

We live in a fast-paced and internet dominated world now. 

If you’re not at the top of a Google search, you’re literally non-existent. If you don’t have social media presence, people won’t care to find or engage with your business. 

Now-a-days , the consumers gets all the way through the sales funnel before they even talk with a real human. 

By not embracing any of those tactics, businesses only fall behind, and the gap only gets wider and wider.

Fortunately, for those businesses who are trying to change their mindset, DigitallyDiv Approach  can help sail through the previously unprecedented methods. 

At Div Digital Agency , we specialise in marketing for a number of different industries, including B2B and B2C companies looking to enhance their digital presence, and ultimately, get their desired results.

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