Why digital marketing is important now a days and How Digital marketing helps to grow Business

Why digital marketing is important now a days-[Facts to know]

Small business owners & Local Business owners understand better than most that companies need to adapt to new ecosystems in the industry and keep expanding to do well. 

Although it can be difficult for brick and mortar businesses to keep up with our constantly evolving digital world and the demands of more and more digital consumers, the smartest way to meet more potential customers is to learn digital marketing strategies. 

If you are looking to transition from or complement your conventional online marketing strategies, here are some ways that these can benefit you With the steady growth of the internet and a growing array of outlets for your organisation to reach people, make profit and scale your business.

What is Digital marketing

Having a Strategic Digital Marketing is a must for every Business in this era!

Digital marketing, specifically, refers to ‘Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.’

Digital technologies and media include:

  • Company/Business websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Social media company pages
  • Social media Groups
  • Search Engines
  • Social Advertising
  • Paid Searches
  • Email and automation

While it might seem vague and unspecific to throw around the words “digital marketing” and does not really give you and your company any real actionable ways to proceed, digital marketing actually has a few very basic and easy to follow tools that help your business grow. 

These tools include the top three digital marketing platforms businesses use: social media marketing (81%), websites (78%). (69 percent ). 

These are very easy to use and are available to you as huge investments.

Pro Tip

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE AND WHAT THEY WANT. For Instance:Marketing on social media platforms just makes good sense. 

It allows you to go where your customers are. You can reach Boomers on Facebook, business execs on LinkedIn, and Millennials on Instagram.

10 Ways your digital Marketing helps to Grow Business

Market Share : know your online audience or market share

Where are the people searching for your products/Services?

In any business, this kind of data will drive better decisions. 

If you know that your typical client is a East Coast Millennial, you can tailor deals and campaigns to suit these needs.

You will also discover what data the audience is searching for and what types of commercials they want to see. You can also notice that the items you carry or the services you provide are able to customise them.

Often, understanding what your audience needs lets you decide what they don’t want or need. Insights from the audience will also help you discover new consumer segments that you were not aware of before.


Speaking of today’s customer awareness, you should also be conscious of how they shop. 

Digital marketing aligns with how consumers want knowledge about goods to be received today.

Many customers today are busy people, and they use mobile devices to browse on the go. 

When they’re on their mobile, most even check their social media.

Marketing just makes good sense on these channels. 

This enables you to go to where your clients are. On Facebook, company execs on LinkedIn, and Millennials on Instagram, you can meet Boomers.

2. Analytics

Numbers Rule!

Optimise your marketing Strategy Via Digital marketing Analytics

What is digital analytics?

The transformation of client actions into actionable company data is digital marketing analytics. 

Digital analytics tools can be used by today’s marketers to analyse the various online platforms through which their customers can connect and find potential revenue opportunities from current campaigns.

Marketers can consider the efficacy of their entire marketing campaign through digital marketing analytics, not just the efficacy of their website. 

Using digital marketing analytics enables advertisers to evaluate how each of their marketing campaigns (e.g. social networking vs. blogging vs. email marketing, etc.) match up against each other, determine the real ROI of their operations, and recognise how well their business goals are accomplished.

Pro Tip:

If you’re relying solely on top-level web analytics, you’re missing out on a lot of powerful data that can help inform your marketing strategy and better connect with your audience and customers. 

So, when evaluating digital analytics tools for your business, be sure you’re looking for evidence of digital marketing analytics, not just web analytics.

Pro Tip: USP

You don’t need an immense marketing or design budget to put what makes your business the best front-and-center in your messaging – just a little focus and a moment or two to consider your site from the perspective of your users.


Powerful Online Value proposition : What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

 A unique selling proposition is a positioning statement made by brands that distinguishes them from their competitors. 
In other words, compared to other brands in your niche, your USP is a declaration of what makes you special.

What a Unique Selling Proposition Is not!!

A unique selling proposal is not a tagline, nor does it apply to specific marketing offers, such as “free shipping,” “40 percent off,” “buy one, get one free” or “24/7 customer service.”  and so on…While these offers may be attractive, they are not unique to your brand, as they can easily be copied by your competitors.

4.Cost Effective

It’s Cost-Effective

Every business owner knows that with their profits, the key to growing their business is being as wise as possible. 

Fortunately, small businesses will get the most value for their buck with SEO marketing tactics and the support of a digital marketing agency. 

The Digital Marketing Spend Study by Gartner says that over 40 percent of participating businesses have indicated that they have benefited from different methods of digital marketing. 

If you’re still asking about the importance of digital marketing, you should take a look at how much money it could save your business.

Traditional marketing techniques don’t work on today’s consumers. 

They’re far more skeptical, and they’re much more self-sufficient.

Today’s customers seek out information for themselves. As a result, older broadcasting techniques tend to get tuned out.

Those older techniques also tend to be much more expensive. 

Think about the cost of running a print ad in a magazine or the price of a TV spot. Now think about how customers can flip the page or change the channel.

Digital marketing techniques tend to be more effective and more affordable. The price of an ad spot on a website is much less than your average TV spot. 

If you bid on the right keywords, it can pay off big time

For small business owners who may be reluctant to invest their hard-earned dollars in anything that they are not sure will bring a return on their investment, this is fantastic news. 

The last thing anyone wants to do is funnel cash into a marketing campaign that they are not sure will succeed. 

Pro Tip: SEO Marketing & Social media Marketing

Some forms of digital marketing can even be free. Making a post to your Facebook page or Twitter feed doesn’t have to cost much at all..

In short, a digital strategy for your marketing can put dollars back in your pocket. You can then use these savings to fund other initiatives for your business as you grow.


5.Target Audience

Reach Your Target Audience

When you put a sign up on the sidewalk in front of your business, automatically yours competes with all of the other signs on the street. 

It can be tough for small businesses when they have to compete for the attention of passersby with the marketing of medium and big businesses. 

You may be wasting valuable resources to try and get the attention of everyone when you’re up against the budgets and teams of bigger businesses.

So, How Its Done?

With digital marketing strategies you can target your desired audience that you think will react most positively to your brand and products. 

That way your dollars can go the farthest they can go without being spent unnecessarily on marketing strategies in big business arenas.

Pro Tip

People contact a company for all sorts of reasons: a product/service issue, interest in working with your business, or even an interest to work at your company.

When you receive a bunch of contact emails, it can be hard to filter through and properly direct each email to the right representative. 

But, with a contact form, redirecting can be done in the blink of an eye!

If you ask visitors their reason for contacting your company, each response field can redirect to a certain team or team member – no inbox filtering necessary.

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE


Go Local

6.Local Marketing

Local Marketing is much Easier with Digital Marketing

Some business owners may have the illusion that their ads and marketing strategies would never hit local customers because the online arena is so broad. 

Not only is that untrue, but online local marketing is also far simpler. 

All you have to do is set up a geographical range across the city you’re in and poof, your campaigns can show up to everyone inside the range you set. 

Not only is this really useful for existing businesses in the region, but online local marketing is a fantastic opportunity for companies looking to break into a new location 

When an audience sees the name of your organisation as they surf the internet, it will increase their exposure to your corporation and establishment.

Pro Tip

Local SEO is the Best way to reach your Local Audience.

Social Channels

7.Social Media

Social Media Marketing

By using social media marketing tactics, you can create an online brand presence to warn consumers about purchases using Twitter tweets and hashtags, use Facebook to create and invite people on the site to events your company might be hosting, and use email marketing to inform customers about your company’s famous products and services. 

It’s cost-effective, perfect for local traffic generation, and helps to curate and meet an audience that is most open to it.

Pro Tip: Social Media Groups

Social media Groups can help you Connecting with customers, connecting with other brands, connecting with different professionals in the same industry, or creating cross-industry connections. 

In addition to providing a way to build community, they can be a great learning resource by letting you get a sense of what your peers think.


BOOSTS REVENUES (AND ROI-Return On Investment)

Conversions and consumer satisfaction can also be improved by digital marketing. It only makes sense that it can also raise your sales, considering that.

Actually, the main intension of most marketing is to boost sales. 

However, with digital platforms, it is easier to build ties between your campaigns and increase your sales and revenue. 

It’s easier to show your return on investment, in essence.

However, marketing that digital platforms does more than make it easy to demonstrate ROI. 

It boosts ROI as well. Sometimes, digital ads are both more affordable and more effective than conventional campaigns.

Pro Tip

You can scale your budget back and still expect to see results. You may be able to apply the same budget to your digital marketing. 

If so, you can expect to see even higher returns than you would with traditional techniques.

If you’re trying to grow a business, it only makes sense to use marketing techniques that are proven to grow both sales and revenue

9. Take it International- Go Global

YOU can GO GLOBAL with Digital Marketing

The Internet and other inventions have made the world more linked with each other than ever before. 

Your customers might be based in your hometown, but they might live an ocean away from you just as easily.

In other markets, how can you meet such potential customers? 

It used to be that, such as radio spots or banner advertisements, you’d have to buy local media.

That has been done away with by digital marketing. You can tweet about your online sales and reach customers around the globe. 

For anyone in the US, Australia, or even Japan, a blog post will show up in the search results.

Pro Tip

With a digital marketing strategy, there’s no need to wait to enter this market or that one. 

So long as you have an online business that can serve people across the globe you can sell to your customers wherever they may be. 

Marketing through digital channels lets them know you’re ready to do business with them.

10.Online Presence Establish A solid Online Presence for your brand.

In the world today, if you’re not online, nobody’s going to find you. 

To see the effect of digital marketing on business development, you must create an online presence.

The modern client doesn’t look through a phonebook; on social media, they use Google, Facebook, or ask their friends. 

You’re losing out because you’re not there. Every day, the average person spends over two hours on social media. 

You need to have a presence where they will be looking when a person has the thought to look at a product or service.

Pro Tip

With a digital marketing strategy, there’s no need to wait to enter this market or that one. 

So long as you have an online business that can serve people across the globe you can sell to your customers wherever they may be. 

Marketing through digital channels lets them know you’re ready to do business with them.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” —

How Digital marketing helps to grow Business?


The value of digital marketing for your organisation should not be overlooked, as you can see. 

These 11 reasons illustrate just how you can be helped by the right strategy as you develop your business.

Retail is a challenging sector to excel in, and digital marketing is only one of the many pieces of the puzzle. 

As you discover how to create your brand, find your audience, and more, let our extensive guides support you.

Retail success is near at hand, with the right guidance.

Wrapping Up!

Have you encountered any of these in your Business? Or, is there anything you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below..

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