Why use landing page for ad campaign- 5 reasons why you Need Landing pages for Ads

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Why use landing page for ad campaign-5 reasons why you Need Landing pages for Ad Campaign:

Many Business owners are not aware of the importance of the Landing page and most of them think their well -Designed websites can do all the work. 

Many Business Owners argument against it- they normally say things like “We already have a contact form on the website for general inquiries. When anyone has a question, they can just come to our website then we’ll answer their questions as we’ve been doing”. They are so WRONG!!. 

So, In this article about 5 reasons why you Need Landing pages for Ads campaigns. We are trying to demonstrate why Landing pages are so important for any Marketing Or the sales Funnel.

It’s Significant to Funnel potential customers via various ads that showcase specific products/services to landing pages that contain contact forms. 

Once someone contacts us, they’re a lead. We contact them to see if we can help them without services/explain why we’re great for them/convert them. So, Is this approach really redundant? here we are taking a more proactive/aggressive approach to get leads, but here is the Explanation that this approach is better.

  1. Messaging in Ads should always be aligned with messaging on Landing for better conversion (intent)
  2. Focusing on specific services/ products on Landing Page more likely to convince than general messaging on a website.
  3. Contact forms on Landing Page have better Visibility and Eye-catchy. Landing pages have compelling single CTA, this makes the leads easy to decide on.
  4. Landing Page helps to find out the number of people land on the page from the ads and where they click and the number of people drop out at that point and so on. In this way, you have proof that you need a clear CTA(call to action) on a landing page.
  5. When you do A/B testing with the normal website page and a landing page with a clear CTA(call to action), you can clearly determine if the landing page works (trust me, it works ).

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts?

While Creating a Landing page , don’t forget the Principles of Copywriting.

First step is – Do your research right!


Research is highly significant. I can’t stress this enough. You already know your target audience. Now, dig deeper. Find out what they like and don’t like about your competitors. Notice how they speak on forums, social media, and the keywords they use in reviews.

Why is research so important?

You are writing for your ideal customer, not for yourself. What you believe in doesn’t matter here. Your opinions don’t matter. You don’t know what’s best, your ideal customers do even though you may fit the buyer persona. You need to put yourself in your prospects’ place and see things from their perspective.

Focus on one big idea – your USP


Highlight your USP first then build on it with the benefits and features of your product/service.We find it easier to focus on one thing at a time. Your readers will find it easier to differentiate you from competitors with one thing. So highlight your USP in the main title and optional subtitle, then use the headings, subheadings, and body to build on it. You can be creative with the wording but use a voice your ideal customer can relate to.

Here’s an example: 

Main Title: Social Media Post a Day , Monday -Friday

subtitle: “ No Monthly Contract . Cancel Any time”

Heading 1: As a Biz Owner You have Million things to do, Social Media Should NOT be one of them.

heading #2: Get More Traffic and Engagement with regular Posts

heading #3: “Increase your Brand Awareness”

Write like how your ideal customers speak

Use the language your prospects use in terms of slang and technical jargon. Use the keywords they use when they talk & discuss their pain points and the perfect solution to their problem. Match their tone as well. This makes you sound like someone who can relate to them and understand their problems.

Use “you”: Keep in mind that Your website is like your salesperson working 24/7. So write as if you’re speaking to one person. Every visitor has a one-on-one interaction with your website. Using “you” will let them know that you’re directly speaking to them, like how I’m directly speaking to you.

As the saying goes: if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one

Add social proof or an alternative


If you have testimonials, reviews, client lists, places you’ve been featured in, add them. It builds credibility instantly. If you don’t, find another way to build authority. It could be your values, your process, your background, your team’s background. You can also add badges or even make a promise.

Earn Their Trust. Be clear and concise


Get straight to the point. Don’t waste your reader’s time beating around the bush. For example, instead of this: “Our team has already been recognised by market leaders and we are setting the trend for industry standards.” Use this: “Our team is recognised by market leaders as industry trendsetters…

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

Just ONE compelling call to action


Stick with ONE call to action. The more CTAs will lower the conversion rates. This is because of decision fatigue (the weary feeling you get after being faced with too many decisions). If you have to use more than one, use different colours and text sizes to contrast between them. 

You may also make one look more compelling than the other. You can repeat this call to action throughout your landing page. But make it easier for them to choose by sticking with a uniform text. More variations will give your prospect decision fatigue.

I hope this helps! And hope we’ll now see more landing pages following these basic copywriting principles.

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