Why website promotion is important ? 30 Effective Ways to Promote your Website for Free!

Why website promotion is important ?

In today’s corporate and Business climate, website marketing is a common idea. Most offline companies now shift their attention to the internet sector. 

The greatest approach to start with the right foot in today’s market is to have a professional website representing your brand or company. 

Don’t forget to make your site mobile-friendly.

When we speak about an online company, the need for a website is apparent. But how will your website affect it? 

After all, you compete with millions of other site masters attempting on the current market to establish a lucrative position.

It’s not hard to promote a website, but it’s not dead. We might say that promotion of the Website is a complicated activity that generates many unexpected factors, particularly since you need to rank in different search engines. 

When you anticipate something to go well, you quickly discover that everything has gone wrong.

Today, we will take a look at some of the prominent marketing methods on this post, as defined by a digital marketing company. 

We will also examine why social media platforms are extremely essential for the marketing of your website.

30 Effective Ways to Promote your Website for Free!

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So you’ve just finished creating your awesome website, but now it’s time to share it with the world and generate Traffic to your website. 

After all, how good is your site if no one is around to see it? 

Promoting your website doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money.

In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you any money at all. We are aware that the world of website promotion can be intimidating and confusing, not to mention expensive. 

Not everybody has the financial budget to sink into paid advertising campaigns and event sponsorships.

Here’s the good news: in this blog, I’m going to introduce some tried-and-tested personal strategies that you can use to promote your website and increase the traffic of your site.

30 (Almost) Free Ways to Promote your Website: 

1. Google My Business: 

You Can Improve Your Business’s Local Ranking By Using Google My Business To Claim And Update Your Business Information. 

Claim Your Google My Business( GMB) And Optimise It. First Of All YES, It’s Free To Use Google My Business. And, NO, The GMB Listing Does Not Replace The Website Of Your Business. 

The Most Relevant Results Are Preferred For Each Search By Local Results, And Companies With Complete And Precise Data Will Be Easier To Match The Correct Searches.

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2. Leverage Reddit: 

Also known as “the face of the Internet,” Reddit is one of the best places online to find useful information and knowledge on just about any subject. 

With over 340 million monthly unique visitors and over 18 billion views per month, Reddit is really really Huge. Plu, it would help to think like someone who’s trying to find a solution to a problem they have. 

This means searching for the most common phrases inside each of the relevant subreddits, such as:

  • Need help with…
  • Any tips on…
  • Can I get help…
  • Any suggestions
  • Advice on…

The better way to use Reddit would be to become a regular contributor, build a reputation, and then link back to your blog, website, or social media when you have the opportunity.

3. Blogging( Content Marketing) 

Regardless if you are a small business or a multinational company, blogging/Content Strategy is integral to your online content marketing strategy.

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Here are 4 reasons you need to blog:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your SEO
  • Position your brand as an Industry Authority
  • Develop better customer relationships

4. Promote your Blog on Social media Channels: 

Not having a social media presence would be a huge mistake for any contemporary business. 

The potential opportunities you’ll get from establishing your social presence are huge. 

A successful social media campaign could generate a lot of traffic and potential sales for your business!

Your business blogs give you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. 

Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website. Make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media platforms. 

Your business might be on Facebook, Twitter, PinterestLinkedIn, or anywhere else. Post links  – with relevant visuals – of your blog articles to your social sites. 

Give your social followers a reason to click through to your website.

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5. Create a YouTube Channel: 

YouTube, of course, is the second most-visited website in the world, second only to Google. 

YouTube videos bring some serious SEO benefits including more ranking opportunities and–thanks to the thumbnail art and video carousels, a lot more visibility than your average result. 

6. Don’t forget Email Marketing: 

Email marketing can drive remarkable results for your website promotion campaigns. 

Email marketing can be really good to boost your website traffic Organically and thus reflects in an improvement of search traffic to your website.  

Basically, email marketing starts with quality contacts. 

People will sign up for your website newsletters or anything that you offer Free, Then need to include content that people care enough about to click-through and read.

 With this approach, email marketing not only drives website traffic — it increases repeat visits from quality leads.

7. Submit to Free Local Directories:

Local Leap Marketing offers amazing features to get your business great local search results.Updating each local directory puts you in control of your own listings on each site in the network.  

And it’s not just your basic information like name, address or phone. 

You can add photos, descriptions, promotions (and more), to show up on your listings everywhere.

Inconsistent business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you real sales. Get your Website Registered with many in the list including Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo, and Yelp.

8. SEO:  

Quality Content Is The Number One Driver In Your Search Engine Rankings And There Is No Substitute For Great Content. 

Premium Content Created Exclusively For Your Target Customer Raises The Popularity On Your Site, Which Enhances The Credibility And Importance On Your Blog. Fine-Tune Your Writing Skills On The Internet.

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9. Answer Question In Quora: 

Quora  is an excellent source of traffic for your website. On this platform, you can answer questions and connect the right keywords to anchor content on your website or blog. Please do not, however, use this site to spam. 

Make sure your responses are thorough and that you understand what you’re talking about.

10. Use Facebook Groups & LinkedIn Groups: 

Facebook Groups are an effective and viable way to build digital marketing for your business over time. 

A group open to all Facebook users can focus on engaging a certain niche-oriented private community, which increases considerably the chances of building a trust-based relationship with the group leading to repeated sales. 

Groups also give you substantial control. You decide who to admit and what members may and can not do is said in the final term. Learn to increase lead generation in a Facebook Community.

11. Guest Blogging: 

If you don’t already understand the amazing benefits that come with guest blogging, here’s a brief recap: Guest blogging helps you gain traffic, get in front of your  Target audience, and boost your SEO ranking in a cost-effective way. 

It helps you gain traffic because you’re able to get in front of a large and relevant audience.  

Plus, you establish credibility and authority by providing a valuable article and being shown on a reputable site. Once you provide value, these readers will go to your site.

12. Signature Branding: 

Your brand image is how people will recognise your company. Spend some time working on making your brand easy to recognise, and compelling enough to get people’s attention. 

Create a signature for your email account, text messages, and forums that include your website URL. 

This is a great way to get people to recognise your brand, and it will get people to click on the URL. It is vital to have a mobile-friendly website if you choose to add your URL to text messaging and other mobile advertising options. 

13. Create a free  Down-loadable resource:

The majority of downloads fall under the ebook/PDF category. Any type of  Cheatsheet, report, blueprint, white paper, checklist, or guide that has been converted to PDF format. 

Free – Free digital downloads are mostly used for list building or company resources that can easily be accessed and delivered quickly to the customer. These file types would mostly be PDF or video.

14. Use Pinterest:  

Main Checklist to use Pinterest.

  1. 1.Sign up for a business account on Pinterest.
  2. 2.Set up relevant boards with keywords in mind and fill them with cool pins.
  3. 3.Apply for Rich Pins for your website or blog.
  4. 4.Grow your Pinterest following.
  5. 5.Get to the relevant group boards.
  6. 6.Use catchy, engaging images.
  7. 7.Pin consistently. Pin a lot.
  8. 9.Show your best pins to the top Pinterest users in your niche.
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15.  Use Tumblr :  

This is one of web 2.0 sites : When marketing your business on Tumblr, and just like with any social media site, the most important thing is to get involved with the community and share great content. 

And the only twist is that when you share content on Tumblr, make sure it’s images most of the time.

16. Cold Emails:  

Yes Indeed, cold email. Email remains one of the best channels for outreach and marketing in general. It delivers a median return-on-investment of 122%. 

That’s 4x higher than any other strategy and helps to explain why 89% of marketers use email as their primary lead gen channel. So polish your cold emailing strategy for content promotion.

Email generates 174% more conversions than social media, while 81% of SMBs use it as their main customer acquisition tactic, and 80% use it for their customer retention efforts.

17. Web2.0’s :

 Most of the web 2.0 sites will help you to promote your website for No cost  and get it out there with huge success if everything is done correctly. 

Such sites can drive a massive amount of traffic if your website and tips are interesting and informative for the right people of the site. 

The quality branding of your company or site should not be underestimated when it’s up to web 2.0 site. So, start using web 2.0 sites to promote your website.

18. Post On Medium.com Medium is one of ideal sites for promoting your content because it offers another authority-site domain that allows you to link-drop in the same way that you can in a blog post on a CMS like WordPress. 

Use Medium to build easy-to-understand content marketing posts that connect back to your main site or blog posts.

19. Email Signature:  

Do you have a new blog post you want to promote? Or a limited-time promotion or a New Video? The email signature is the spot to put that link. 

You’re already communicating with the person – use the space wisely! It involves a strategy. 

You don’t want to put ‘check out my new blog post’ only. You need to entice them to click on the link and go to the post – what makes it interesting? Make sure they know what’s in it for them.

20. Referrals  

Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals. ASK for Referrals with your previous Clients, family and Friends. It works!

21. Flyers & Stickers : 

Just Like the old-fashioned business cards , Flyers are by no means dead or buried. 

Having Flyers with details of your site’s URL printed on them at every opportunity to attract prospects to your site is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing strategies.

22. Cold Call: 

When Done correctly, a cold call should be all the things other platforms are – well researched, providing insight into what could be important for the prospective company and a strong value proposition. 

Also, it gives the opportunity to open up the conversation straight away with questioning and gain insight into what is truly important to the customer.

23. Attend Networking Events: 

Networking brings massive benefits to small businesses, including the opportunity to promote your website to the right audience.

24. Use Business Cards for Offline Promotion:

 Good old-fashioned business cards are by no means dead or buried. 

Providing business cards with details of your site’s URL printed on them at every opportunity to attract prospects to your site is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing strategies.

25. Online Forums

As a business owner you want both your customers and prospects interacting with you as much as possible. 

Be that in person, through social media, and especially on your website. With a forum you have an ideal place for those interactions to happen

26. Place Internal Links on Your Site: 

When publishing content on your website, use the relevant and credible internal links in the content to help boost your SEO and make the content more useful to the reader – a key attribute in increasing web traffic.

27. Networking: 

Your network can include everyone from friends and family to work colleagues and members of groups to which you might belong – sporting teams, social and interest-based groups, professional associations, religious communities, alumni organisations, and digital networks, such as on LinkedIn or Twitter.

 If you network well, it shouldn’t feel like you’re using these networks to further your career. 

Rather, you should be building strong relationships with people of similar or complementary interests, with both self-growth and mutual benefits in mind.

28. Create Free Webinars: 

Free webinars provide a great platform for driving traffic to your website. 

You can automate your sales presentation with webinar platforms like Demio, GoToWebinar, and others out there. Use time to deliver value while also directing viewers to your site and its content along with any offers you may have.

29. Visit Trade Shows: 

Trade shows are a great way to promote your brand, build your network and attract prospects. 

Use trade shows as a means of handing out fliers and business cards, which has details of your website on them.

30. Make Use of Community Boards : 

By adding a forum to your website you are able to start building a community. 

A vote of confidence in your business from a community is a great way to convert prospects into customers. 

Why? Simply because it’s not just your prospects are hearing from, it is your customers who are raving about your services as well.

Wrapping Up Note! 

You can have the best product in the world, but without effective Promotion, no one will know about it. Just because you have launched your website on the Internet doesn’t mean that everyone will come flocking to it. 

In fact, nobody will know it exists if you do not get out there and promote it. 

There are several services available to help you get the word out there, but they cost money. 

However, there are several ways to get the word out for free. Here are seven website promotion tips you need to follow to get your page up to the top of the search engines.

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