10 Reasons Why your digital marketing strategy isn’t working

10 Reasons Why your digital marketing strategy isn’t working

Why your digital Marketing Strategy is not working for your Service business?

The Top reasons Digital Marketing strategy is not working for your Blogging/ Niche Business are:  your website is not designed to convert, you are not considering Search Intent questions while writing your content, and not using any Analytics to study the pattern.

Although digital marketing is still relatively new, it has established itself as a critical strategy for increasing business. With that in mind, there is no reason why any digital marketing strategy should not be successful.

However, 31% of businesses reported being dissatisfied with their overall efforts, implying that something is quite wrong. 

Here are the 10 most common reasons why your digital marketing may be failing you if you want to figure out what isn’t working for your company.

1. You’re targeting the wrong audience

Many people who run marketing campaigns face the problem of targeting the wrong audience. 

Most communication channels include filters, allowing you to quickly narrow the target audience to match your ideal consumer.

Similarly, most businesses do not know who their ideal customer is and therefore target the wrong buyer persona. 

To solve this issue, use an analytics tool to determine the demographic makeup of your ideal target, or go straight to the source with a customer survey for even better results.

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2. You’re setting unrealistic expectations

Digital Marketing Planners frequently make the mistake of setting overly ambitious goals for their efforts during the development phase of a digital marketing strategy. SMART goal-setting is one of the fundamental principles to follow.

All goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely, according to the SMART principle. 

These metrics, when combined with Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention Costs, insure that your goals are always realistic and cost-effective, regardless of the campaign.

3. YOU ARE IMPATIENT!- Good things take time:

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Digital marketing, like all other marketing efforts, needs some perseverance and Patience to get results. The time required is primarily determined by:

How well you develop and implement strategies; how consistent your efforts are; how much competition you face; and whether you evaluate and improve your efforts.

For example, social media takes a few months to build a large enough community, whereas SEO takes at least a year to see measurable results from the campaign. So, Examine your campaign. 

Then go over it again. Is one of these above reasons to blame for your digital marketing failing?

If it isn’t, you should think about hiring professional marketing help. If it is resolved, all you have to do is follow the industry’s instructions and be patient. With that attitude, the results will follow.

4. Your Content Strategy in not catering to Search Intent Questions

The reason for a person’s search is referred to as search intent. It is the ‘why’ of what the searcher types into the search engine. 

You may not have heard of search intent or keyword intent, but you perform this action every time you look something up on the internet.

For example, if you type vet into the search bar, you may be looking for the Veterinary Hospital. 

However, another person’s intention could be to find a Piano Teacher or a Maths Teacher or on how to Create a Lego bridge or something like that. 

There are four types of search intent: navigational intent, informational intent, transactional intent, and commercial intent.

You may be thinking, “Hey, my website is already optimised for keywords, and I’m producing content that I know is reaching my target audience.” So why do I have to put in even more effort?

It is insufficient to optimise your website for keywords because they do not provide sufficient context. Instead of hoping for the best when a specific keyword appears, if you can figure out why a searcher typed a specific search query, you can direct them to the most relevant page, blog post, or guide.

5. You are Producing thin Content

SEO Experts are constantly enquiring with Google, “Is it okay to remove low-quality content?” 

Rather than removing content, Google usually responds with a recommendation to improve it. However, because this is far easier said than done, most brands choose to do nothing.

Even if your site did not receive a Google thin content penalty, a poor copy can harm your domain’s health as well as traffic and conversions. 

To be honest, making these changes will not be easy. But it is completely worthwhile.

6. Your Social Media platforms are inactive

Inactivity is the silent social media killer. What happens is that we’re left with several inactive and abandoned social media accounts that haven’t posted, pinned, tweeted, uploaded, responded, or engaged in several days, weeks, months, and eventually years?

Loss of followers & Loss Of Engagement: As a result of your inactivity, the accounts you worked so hard to build are losing followers. 

The time, effort, and money you put into building a following are now gone. Not to mention the fact that the community, loyal followers, and potential brand advocates are now being ignored.

Loss of credibility & Loss Of Authority: customers, prospects, employees, and potential employees frequently search for your company on social media; if they are greeted with an inactive account, the perception is negative. 

Companies are judged based on their social media presence, commitment, and willingness to engage with customers. An inactive presence is more harmful than beneficial.

7. Bad SEO( Black hat SEO)

SEO, or search engine optimisation, refers to the methods and practises that are used to improve a website’s ranking position in the SERP, or search engine results page. 

The best way to accomplish this is to adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines, which are updated on a regular basis in response to changes and tweaks made to Google’s algorithm. 

Outdated and unethical practices, as well as those that violate webmaster guidelines, are regarded as “bad” SEO. 

Using them may result in a Google and other search engine penalty, resulting in a loss of search traffic and, more importantly, revenue.

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8.Your Social Ads are Not working well

If you want to reach a new, targeted audience quickly, social media advertising is a must. 

Organic reach is becoming increasingly difficult to attain, whether you like it or not. 

It’s possible that the days of going viral without a little help are long gone.

Moving from an organic social strategy to putting actual money on the table can be overwhelming. 

As a result, it’s important to be aware of all of your choices.

Facebook ads help you achieve one of three broad types of campaign objectives:

  • Build brand awareness or increase reach.
  • Send traffic to your website, increase engagement, encourage app installs or video views, generate leads, or encourage people to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger.
  •  Increase purchases or leads through your website or drive foot traffic to offline stores.

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9.Your website is Not conversion ready

Your Website Needs To Do More Than Look Good, And your Design Approach must Work In Ways That Bring You More Clients And Anchor Your Position As A Top-Notch Business In The Market.

The Six Things That Make a Successful Website :A Nice looking and Unique website ain’t gonna do it. 

Websites are not art, to be looked at and admired. They should inspire action. 

They should get your visitor to do something. 

For a Blog site to work, it needs to be successful in Six key areas: Appearance & user-experience, website copy & content marketing , SEO and lead generation. 

You don’t have to be perfect in all Six but you do have to hit all these areas and work at them.

The good news is, our Conversion Ready web design Starter Pack gives you everything you need to get your website to be a Leads Gen machine and be ranked on Google for your main search terms, get more website traffic, and ultimately, get more leads sales. 

At DigitallyDiv Agency, We design your 24/7 digital presence with a bespoke web design that serves both your and your customers’ Goals. 

As a “Conversion-Focussed ” WordPress web design agency, you can be sure that we will launch your website Only when 100% ready to bring the growth of your business.

10.You are not following any Analytics

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Many businesses focus on the wrong indicators to measure their success when evaluating marketing efforts. 

It means that even after testing their strategies, the changes and improvements they make do not produce the desired results.

The process of analysing data to find trends is known as analytics. 

Individuals and organisations with a goal in mind will benefit from using analytics to predict whether or not they are on track to meet their objectives. 

They will use analytics to find out how to adjust their approach to boost their chances of achieving those goals.

Wrapping up

Your website is the face of your Online Business. Your website Must  Help your Service-Based Business to  Generate More Leads , clients And eventually Boost Your Profits. 

To make this happen, You need  A Website+SEO Strategy that is designed to attract more clients and Grow your service business.

Need Help From a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne with  Web Design & SEO Experience?

At DigitallyDiv Agency , we provide essential services in Web design, content writing, social media, SEO , and business development to small and medium-sized Service businesses. 

We have everything you need to optimise your digital marketing under one roof. If you know you need to improve your website design but don’t know where to begin, give us a call at +61 0428247791 today.

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