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2 Day Money making WordPress Blog Setup Tutorial

Hello, My Name is Div.

I’ve been blogging for my Niche Websites for more than Four years Now,  I write on a variety of topics including lifestyle, Luxe cars, Pets, Home Decor, Travel, Outdoor activities, and Digital Art!

My blogs not only offer a fantastic source of money for our family, but it has also allowed us to go on holidays where we have built memories that will last a lifetime!

My blogs serve as the foundation of our family business, which generates an average of $20,000 every month. 

It’s a win-win right? As there is NO inventory to purchase, this is a firm with extremely little overhead. 

It is true that you must dedicate time to your blogs in order for it to be successful, but anybody can earn money blogging if they are willing to put in the necessary effort.

In addition to a successful blogging Business of my own, I like assisting people in starting their own money-making blogs so that they may live the life of their dreams as well.

I created this 2-day course to help you simply get your own money-making blog up and running as fast as possible while avoiding some of the common pitfalls that new bloggers encounter. 

You can get your own blog up and running in five days (or less) if you have no prior technological knowledge.

If you’ve ever considered creating your own blog, this course is a great place to start!

Now is the time to get the 2-day Money-Making WordPress blog site setup lesson. 

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Start a successful blog in only 2 days that will make money for you. 

This course includes:

  • Basics of Blogging (IMPORTANT)
  • Niche & Domain Research To Find Perfect Niche 
  • Register Brand/Domain Name
  • WordPress Blog Set up( Hosting, theme, Plugins & Tips on Customization)
  • Tips To Rank On Google’s 1st Page( SEO)
  • 100% Working Methods To Make Money From Blog
  • Values at 2000$+ BONUS Inside…

Dream it and make it happen!

Start Building the Blog of Your Dreams

Achieving new levels of success has so much to do with the way you think and we’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to attain the success that you deserve. 

Introducing an all-inclusive, proven roadmap for going from an “idea”… to building a blog that lets you control your incomechoose your schedule, and help provide for your family â€” while enjoying more time with them.

It’s our premium training program called  Super-duper Blogging and I can’t wait to show you what it can do for you.

  • The best part: it’s the perfect way to build a blog EVEN IF …
  • You have kids (endless cycle of school, sports, and activities!)
  • You have a job (and you, ahem, don’t love it…)
  • You only have 1-2 hours a night to focus on building a blog

You’ll read all about my plan just a bit further down this page … but let me introduce myself first!

Hi! My name’s  Div Acharya and I run the popular lifestyle blog peplifestyle.com and pet Blog petpawshub.com  (Well, to be more precise, I run it along with my husband Manny!)


Having recently trained a number of clients I have found that creating a custom WordPress class based often works better than a one-size fits all approach. 

Working like this has meant that I can train small teams on the ins and outs of how to manage, update and develop their sites.

Sharing an eBOOK after each class has meant that clients have an easy to refer to a how-to for their own individual installation of WordPress & starting their own Blog site which can vary greatly.

Stay Motivated

Blog It- Blog your Way to Financial Freedom!

Course Overview

This introduction to WordPress will get you running with the internet’s number one open-source web design, content management, and blogging platform.

You will learn everything you need to know to install and create your very own WordPress web–site. You will create posts, upload images and set up forms, work with themes, and learn how to customize your own site’s design as well as implement forms and the essential security features you need.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those new to managing a WordPress website. 

If you need to learn how to create and edit an existing site or want to learn how to create a new WordPress site from scratch then this course is for you. 

We cover some of the technical aspects of how to install your very own web server but the main focus is on using WordPress as a site management tool.

2 day Money making WordPress Blog setup Tutorial Details

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2 Hrs session On Zoom For 2 Days


  • Blogging Basics[ the Most Important]
  • Niche selection ideas for your Blogging Business
  • Domain selection ideas for your Blogging Business
  • Getting started with Hosting  (I use  Siteground for my websites as well as my Clients)
  • What is WordPress?
  • WordPress.com or WordPress.org
  • Installing WordPress and SSL Installation.
  • Setting Up Your First WordPress  Blog Site

WordPress blog setup Tutorial

Day 2

  • Theme selection( Paid or free) and Installation- we usually make use of Generate press a Free WP theme that is SEO Friendly & fast theme.
    • Customizing the Theme
  • Plugins Installations & Activation
    • List of Important Plugins
  • Working with Themes
    Basic Free Themes and paid themes 
  • Working with page Builders like Elementor( fee Version Only)
  • Creating Important pages like About us, contact & Privacy Policy
  • Creating your First Blog
  • How can you make money Blogging?

Convert your Hobby to a Lucrative passive income site.

Trust me you can recover our Fees/Charges in 12-24 months from your Blogs. 
Mostly, as our Experience says – the new Blogs start ranking on GOOGLE from the 35th week onwards and go on to become a complete Blogging Business website with Monetization in 24 Months.

Grow Your Blogging Business

  • By the end of the 24th Month, it’s advisable to have more than 100 Niche Blogs on your website.
  • If you do. not have to write blogs you can hire Content writers to write content for your Niche site.
  • We will do the initial hard work for you. We plant the seed for you and you can take it further and GROW with more content.

Let us build Blogging Business with
your passion a.k.a Hobby

  • There are many GURUS out there teaching on Youtube and other media How to start your Blogging Business for $1k or even more per year FEE. 
  • We get you started for that Money actually! You just pay Onetime for us!!
  • Isn’t it cool?
  • Instead of you learning HOW to’s, 
  • What to’s and When to’s of WordPress and Blogging – we get you started in 4-5 weeks with your Blogging Business.

What to Expect in the 2-day Step-by-step WordPress Blog setup Tutorial?

This Is Going To Blow Your Mind! How To Start A Blog

Niche selection tips

Your domain name selection Tips( Client would buy the Domain)

Your website Hosting( Client will buy the Hosting)

WordPress Installation Tips

SSL Installation 

Free Theme Installation ( For Tutorial Purposes only)

Theme Customization ( Just what is needed for the Blog site)

All the Required Plugins List, Installation, and Activation

Quick Guide to get you started with your 1st Blog

Tips To Rank On Google’s 1st Page( SEO)

100% Working Methods To Make Money From Blog

  • Bonus: Quick Guide for a Cool and simple Logo for you with some Extra 20 Mins time.

Voila: You are set to Start writing your Blogs

All these goodies for Just $259 values at $2000

Get your Blogs rolling within 2 days!!

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What to Expect in the 2 day Step-by-step WordPress Blog setup Tutorial?

Enrol Now- Your Path way to Blogging success


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You’ll never know what you could have created if you never start.

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