How much time it takes to make website On WordPress? Things You should know as new Blogger or Business owner

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WordPress website setup Timeline-[Things You Must Know as a new Blogger]

How long does it take to build a website in WordPress

It’s real  fun to see a new website for your growing business or the Fresh new Business. You are about to roll up the ball and get the new project underway. Just one issue left Build: So, How much time is it going to take?

This is one of the most commonly/Frequently asked questions.
We’re going to break it down in this blog post, so you can understand clearly how much you may need to wait for your new site.

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” …Paul Cookson

Well, how long does it take us to build your new website?

A simple 10-15-page custom designed website should take about four to six weeks.

 (And if someone says they can make a website for you in a week, it’s not a custom design.) 

A larger 25-40-page custom website might take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. 

Honestly speaking, this question has two parts. How much time are we going to take? How long are you going to take? 

That’s true. 

The time it takes us in some situations doesn’t have to ask the right question. 

More often than not, because of factors beyond our influence, websites seem to take longer.

Six factors that can determine your website timeline

1. Content

The biggest bottleneck to launching a website is how quickly the client (you) can supply the content. We design based on what you supply. 

We often find that clients get caught up in the day-to-day of their business, which makes it difficult to spend the time necessary to organize and prepare content. 

We strive to address this problem in our website design process.

Service pages Content: As we do not do eCommerce websites, we only talk about the service pages content

Even If you provide us with content, we will have to modify and Tweak the copy as per the marketing needs of the website. 

Unless you have got a copy written from a Copywriter or a content-writer. 

This is because you would give content as per your business needs and what exactly your niche is. 

But, we look at the content from a Marketing perspective. We would anyways tweak as required for the sales /marketing needs.

2. Pages

The size of a project will determine how quickly a new website can be built. 

Larger websites, with multiple pages, take longer than smaller ones. 

This is because each additional page requires additional QA (quality assurance), mobile design, graphics, SEO tagging, among other things.

Landing pages– Depends on your Landing page needs ( maybe a theme Or from the scratch). 

The cost varies, but it takes time, either way.

Special page designs – for example, a specific page design like a portfolio or about page.

Portfolio – these must be constructed from scratch

3. Unique Page Designs

Sometimes size doesn’t always matter. 

For example, a 15-page website build may take more time to develop, if each page has a unique page design (or a different looking design/layout than any other page on the site). 

For example, you’ll see that the homepage on most websites has a unique design, but often the inner pages all look the same. 

Sites that have all different-looking inner pages are more complex and typically more expensive (see our website pricing guide). 

They also take more time to design and develop, ultimately impacting when the website will launch.

4. Website Build Functionality

Design isn’t the only factor that goes into the speed of launching a new website. 

Functionality also plays a big role. What is functionality? Basically, anything that is dynamic on a website is the result of functionality. 

This can be things like Popups, Add-ons such as a booking schedule, incorporation of email marketing, video archive, payment gateways etc. 

Ebook Downloads, CRM Configurations, any Calculators and so on. This will take a longer time to design and Create.

5. Number of Stakeholders Involved 

Another subtle but significant factor that goes into the website development timeline is the number of stakeholders (or people who have input into the design process) involved. In my experience, the timing of a website project increases geometrically with each new stakeholder. 

As Alec Issigonis said, “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” I’ve also found that too many stakeholders can not only slow down the process but also the final design aesthetic usually suffers too.

You want to make your website great, we want it that way too and we’d do everything that can help us create an awesome website.. 

And you could take your time to collect input from us. We will give you what we need  PDF, snapshots and emails while working on your website. 

We may ask you questions and we will need some input from you so that we can progress to the next level. 

6. How long does it take to get back to us with your content.

The time it takes to provide us with suggestions will have a drastic impact on the time span which can interrupt the project completely in some situations. 

We have actually waited for more than six weeks in the past for someone to tell us that they are satisfied with our design of the homepage.

High Tip: It’s important to take a while to provide input on designs, take a break  and look at it  the next day. 

It is shocking how fast the next time you look, your beliefs might change. 

But if it takes more than a couple of days to hear from you, the procedure will be postponed.

Website time-Frame: Some Examples

Below, We have listed some examples of how your project might look depending on your requirements

4-8 Week Time-Frame example – The Bronze & Silver package+Added Features

  • 2-3 unique pages/theme designs( Home page, Service page,  About page and FAQ page.
  • Feedback within 1-2 days
  • Three online meetings
  • You already have content for the new website, however we may need to Tweak the content to suit with the marketing needs.

8-12 Week Time-Frame example – The Gold package + Added features

  • 3-5 unique pages designs : Home page, Service page,About page,Blog post,Portfolio, Landing page( for a specific Offer ), OR Contact us OR Meet us pages.
  • Feedback within a week
  • 3-5 online meetings
  • 3-4 added features, for example, payment ( Stripe/Paypal)facility, Blogs( we can write up to 4-5 niche Blogs to begin with),  booking facility, Email Marketing integration  OR membership sites Or any ebook/checklist downloads
  • You might need to create new content and send images for the new site: We will Tweak your given content and make it suitable for the Marketing needs.

Wrapping up note:

You can see that the timeline for your website design project is contingent on a variety of factors.

How long it will take is no straightforward response. If we have everything we need beforehand it may take eight weeks or 18 months if we wait for stuff from you. It will take eight weeks.

At least now, you have some helpful ideas to keep your new website live as fast as possible…

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