Pastime to profit – Lucrative WordPress blog setup in Just Under 2 Hrs

‘Done for you’ Money-making WordPress blog setup in just under 2hrs!

We help you setup your WordPress blog site in Just under 2 hrs!

Digitallydiv Boutique offers Professional 1-1 WordPress blog setup in just under 2 Hrs.

If you’re struggling to get your WordPress Blog setup and start blogging right away , we are here to help!

More than 50 million businesses are now on WordPress Blogging and we have helped more than 900 Clients to start their blogging. 

It’s down to you to push through the crowd to get to the front row.

Get Your WP Blog site Sorted!. 

Why Blogging?

1. Blogging is way to showcase what you love- Your niche may be gardening, Succulents or Photography or even Knitting and art.

2. Blogging brings Passive Income- Interesting huh!

3. Blogging has the POTENTIAL to  become your main source Of Income A.K.A ” You Can Leave your 9-5 JOB !”

4.I sold two of my websites on 2019. From 2016 to 2022 – in my blogging journey, I’ve seen all the ups and downs of blogging and I’m here to teach you all the strategies I use to make $20,000+ per month from my niche blogs.

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Wow! Did You say Blog Business?

Are blogs coming back, as well? 

YoYo  fact Folks,blogs never left. Because they’re a staple item every influencer/Coach/ Entrepreneur should have in their Kitty! 

They’re literally your ticket to more paid brand collaborations, faster audience growth, and finally setting your What’sAPP , AIM status to…

“Working from Hawaii this week ”  YAY , How cool is that right?I just did it ” I worked from Paris”

But seriously, blogs are how many of our Clients have been able to…

  • Leave their uninspiring 9-5  jobs
  • Exponentially grow their Audiences & Business
  • Land brand partnerships with companies , Trust me on this one!

Now that you have taken few Blogging Courses  or You are still new to all things about starting a Blogging Business …  

You are still wondering How can I do it all myself  or You may not have Time to set up your Blog website, Could be due to your day job or your Family needs!!

We are here to Help!
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‘Done for you’ WordPress Blog set up-DigitallyDiv Approach

How can Digitallydiv Approach Help your with your Blog site?

WordPress Niche website setup in Just under 2 hrs! : 

If you’re looking to get your Niche Blog site to share you passion, start a new Business and make passive Income there is no better way to start Plating the seed now!

One of the significant steps to take is via WordPress website setup

Having said this, Setting Up a Blog site is not very easy to manage for a Non-techs ( Even though there are Number Blogs  and Youtube Vids to Teach) The Learning curve is Steep and your time is precious. 

Time is Money!

 Digitallydiv Approach can help! .

Get our 90 min slot Now. Before Purchasing , be ready with a Niche /Hobby you love / Expertise you are proud of. 

Have a Look the my Blog that can help you ZERO in on a Niche-110+ Best Blog Niches to make Money Online

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What to Expect in the 90 Mins ‘Done for you’ Blog set up session?

What will happen in those magical  2 Hrs!- Your Steps towards successful Blogging Biz

  1. Your domain name- You Purchase
  2. Your Hosting for 1 site only( We Recommend Siteground)- You Purchase
  3.  We will do the rest!
  • WordPress Installed
  • SSL Installed
  • A professional Free WordPress Theme is activated
  • Theme Customised for Colors & Fonts
  • All the Required Free Plugins Downloaded and Activated
  • Page Builder( We Only Recommend & use the  best -Elementor page Builder- Free version only) Activated
  • Google site Kit Plugin connected to your Google account
  • Profession Email Id Created based on your Domain name 
  • Quick Guide to get you started with your 1st Blog
  • Bonus: We can Create a Cool and simple Logo for you with some Extra 20 Mins time.
  • Voila: You are set to Start writing your Blogs
  • \All these goodies for Just $249 (values at $1799)
  •  Get your Blogs rolling within Just 90-120 Mins.

Get your Blog setup slot now! We have only 5 slots per Month. Don’t miss out!

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During your 30-minute exploratory chat, there’s nothing to buy, but you can share your story about what’s going on with your local marketing.

We’ll share with you what’s working, see if and how we may be able to help and answer all of your Niche website-related queries…
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