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My weekly Blogging schedule for a successful Blogging Business- life of a blogger

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My weekly Blogging schedule for a successful Blogging Business- life of a blogger

Another brand new week has begun; time flies, doesn’t it?

I can’t believe it’s been over Five+ Years since I started working on my Niche blogs. Now, I am running more than 10 Niche Blogs that are making money every single month..

When I first began my blog, I was a complete mess. I lacked a plan for what needed to be accomplished.

As a result, I concentrated on trivial matters. I was constantly busy, but I was doing nothing worthwhile. Now, I’m jotting down my objectives and working towards them.

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What is my Blogging week Look like?- Life of a Blogger

I’m finally getting into a groove and I’m even getting to the point where I know exactly what I need to do each week when I write a blog post. 

So if I need to change something, I will.

But at least now I have a plan in place that is actually working to help me grow my blog, so that’s a good thing!

It doesn’t always work out like that, but I’m getting a little better. It’s so I wanted to show you what I do for blogging every week, but they could change based on how well they work.

Every week, I have to write at least 5 blogs

I’m not a fan of getting too Organised as some people who break down their tasks down to the minute of the day!

 Instead, I have them broken down by days of the week so that I can see what I have.

Work my system this way for a while to see if it helps me get things done on time. 

If not, I’ll change it until I can come up with something that helps me be more productive.

The primary goal of this system is to maximise productivity.While maintaining a laser-like focus on the critical aspects of my business.

As you are aware, I do not have an entire day to devote to my blog. I’m still pursuing my WordPress website Build work so whenever I work on my blog, I need to be mindful of how I spend my time. 

I love spending time( few Hors a week) on  Live courses with my newer Clients as it gives me a chance to get to know their Niche and check out many question I may have about their niche.

Thus, here is an inside look at my weekly blogging responsibilities, which have been instrumental in helping me grow my blog. 

Tools I use On Everyday basis to make money Online

Canva Pro– For Marketing Creatives

Semrush for SEO & Competition Analysis for Keyword search

Elementor Pro Page Builder

GetLasso Plugin for Affiliate Links

CrowdFire for Social media management to Create Beautiful eBooks that sells

Gumroad to sell Digital products

Sunday-Life of a Blogger

While I was attempting to increase my Sunday time off, I am now using it to prepare for the whole week. 

As you may know, I’ve been working on increasing my Pinterest traffic and have been spending Sundays watching the Passive Income tutorial videos and also Pinterest Related Videos.

Additionally, I’ve begun Overhauling my Blog images and making them more Pinnable and PINterest ready…

I changed few of my images last week and was blown away by the number of times it was re-pinned and clicked. 

Now I understand that re-pins and clicks are meaningless unless you can get people to take action.

On my blog, I want readers to take action by enrolling in my Two-day WordPress Blog set up course.

I am constantly attempting to improve my email course in order to assist others. I adore it when people express themselves.

After all, I truly desire to assist others in their WordPress endeavours. 

At the moment, my strongest suit is working on the technical aspects of WordPress and helping people to set up their Blog site.

A successful blog requires a lot of To-do things

Running a successful blog involves a lot of tasks 

  • Researching, Writing, Editing  Tools I use : ,Semrush and Grammarly
  • Marketing  , content optimisation, Affiliate Links & Digital Products- Tools I use GetLassoGumroad and
  • Graphic design/branding : Tools I use : Canva pro and Desingerr.Io 
  • Social media Management. Tools I use: CrowdFire
  • Collaboration with public relations firms
  • Collaboration with brands
  • Collaboration with affiliate programme managers
  • Continuous learning

As a Full Time Blogger I need to wear Different hats and perform those tasks to earn Money Online. 

This is in no way intended to discourage you from becoming a blogger. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

If you are a self-motivated entrepreneur who enjoys a challenge and wishes to influence people through your writing, then blogging is an excellent career option for you.

life of a blogger

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

On Monday!

Monday is usually the day I work on a new blog post for digitallydiv Approach. Mondays are meant to write Blogs for digitallydiv Approach and Publish it at 4 PM AUST time on Mondays. So, I make 1-2 Blogs and Publish them  On Monday Afternoons. 

I mostly write and Publish on the same day and I hardly schedule them..

In addition, I have a new blog posts set to create & go live every  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday !

I’ll spend some time this week checking my scheduled posts( if any) for the week and making sure it’s all good.

I usually don’t spend more than 2-3 Hrs each Blog  going over that blog post, including the images and Internal Links. 

I just go back in and check everything to make sure I didn’t forget to do something.

I’ve started working on my writing every Monday& Wednesday now. 

My goal every day is to write 2,500-5000 words. This isn’t always possible.  Sometimes, I’ll have to stop working on my blog and work on my WordPress Website Build business, but I’ll try to do both.

In contrast, I’m aiming to have at least two blog posts ready for the coming week on Monday. 

I’ve compiled a Long list of blog topics in a Google Drive document that I can write about.

I have  an other  Blog sites of Different Niches  running for me, that  is home decor, pets, Art & Luxe cars blogs.

So, it is sometimes hard to cope up with the pressure of writing Blogs for each niche.

So How do I Handle that?

I write Blogs for each Niche on separate days of the week.

Mondays are for DigitaLLydiv Agency Blogs, Wednesdays are for, Tuesdays for Petpawshub and  Thursdays for strictly in that order.

Monday- Friday week Schedule:

  • One Informative  Blog for Digitallydiv Approach
  • Two Informative blog for
  • One Informative Blog for Blog site
  • One Informative Blog for
  • Editorial work for my other Niche Blog sites
  • Working on Niche Website setup for Clients
  • Working on My  5 day  WordPress Blog setup Course with my New clients
  • Weekends mostly i spend time  on Pins other than spending time with my family.


My Blog( Digitallydiv Approach) has a new post every Monday and my Blog has a new Blog on every Tuesday afternoon. 

There are no exceptions to this rule. I’ll begin promoting my new post as soon as I wake up that day.

There are only 15 minutes in the day that it takes for me to promote a new blog post that has gone live.

Sharing  it to Facebook  & Pinterest is the very first thing I do. 

I don’t use any tools for Pinterest  and I do it right from Canva( CanvaPro has Scheduling tool, you can check it out here )

As I don’t do any Videos, I mostly promote my Blogs on FB, Pinterest, Linkedin, Medium( I Recreate Blogs On medium) and Tumblr.

I create 10-12 Pins for the recent Blogs and Post on Pinterest and also share 2-4 Blogs on FB Page.

Tuesday Schedule:

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesdays are  usually the day I work on a new blog post for my other site

Wednesdays are meant to write Blogs for PepLifestyle and Publish it at 4PM AM on the same day AUST time. 

So, I mostly  make 1-2 Blogs and Publish them  on the same day!

Wednesday Schedule:

  • Informative & Product Review Blogs Creating & Publishing for
  • Working on Niche related website setup for Clients
  • Working on My   2 day  WordPress Course with my clients.I take Just few Clients a Year as I want to spend more time on my Blogging

Tools I use On Everyday basis to make money Online

Canva Pro– For Marketing Creatives

Semrush for SEO & Competition Analysis for Keyword search

Elementor Pro Page Builder

GetLasso Plugin for Affiliate Links

CrowdFire for Social media management to Create Beautiful eBooks that sells

Gumroad to sell Digital products


Thursday are writing & Publishing Blogs for my other website

So, Technically Mon , Tue , Wednesday & Thursday are reserved for Digitallydiv Approach and my other  Niche sites . Fridays are dedicated to marketing the blogs.

Thursday Schedule:

  • Posting and Marketing the Blogs
  • Working on Niche websites setup for the clients

Working on My   2 day  WordPress Course with my clients

Fridays-TGIF YAY!

Fridays are mostly a bit Chilled!!

  • Getting and finding more keywords for Digitallydiv and Peplifestyle Blogs
  • Creating Pins
  • Working on Other tasks like Sponsored Posts, marketing, My Etsy shop and so on.
  • Working on My  5 day  WordPress Course with my clients
  • Working on my new eBooks
  • Work on My   2 day  WordPress Course with my clients

Checkout my Etsy Shop

Monday through Friday, I perform the following tasks- Blogger Daily Schedule

Every blogger has daily tasks that they complete in order to help their blog grow. 

I am no different; in fact, these are tasks that I perform regardless of the circumstances.

Daily Routines

Every day, I spend about 30 minutes commenting on other blogs. 

Commenting on other bloggers’ blogs is an excellent way to begin networking with other bloggers. 

Blog commenting has aided me in securing three guest posting opportunities that I would not have discovered had I not taken the time to comment.

Spread the word about my blog posts through Facebook blogging groups. 

(I discovered several Facebook groups simply by conducting a Google search and discovering which groups my favourite bloggers were members of!)

Whenever I have a new idea for a blog post, I’ll add it to my Google Drive document to stay organised.

Important Reminder

As a new blogger, you’ll spend a significant amount of time developing content for your blog. 

You certainly do not want to make it difficult for people to share your awesome content.So, I use genesis Framework Inbuilt Social Share Option to share my Blogs across Social media.

Work on Areas That Could Be Improved on a regular basis.

I want to Grow my Digitallydiv Approach Pinterest account. So,Now I am working on it persistently.

You may have heard numerous bloggers claim that Pinterest is a traffic goldmine. 

At the moment, it is my one of the largest traffic sources for my other Niche sites.. 

I’m well aware that I can definitely improve those stats, which is why, as previously stated, I’m working on improving the images for my most popular posts.

Developing relationships with other bloggers. 

As previously stated, I spend 40 minutes per day commenting on other people’s blogs. 

However, this is insufficient. I need to begin contacting other bloggers via social media and other networking platforms.

However, for some reason, I’ve been reluctant to reach out.

I’m not as consistent as I could be with blogger outreach. 

I’m working on rectifying that and am confident that I will succeed. 

It simply takes time, as does everything else in the world of blogging.

I’ve heard numerous people suggest that you should compile a spreadsheet of blogs for which you’d like to guest post. 

I’m not sure why I haven’t done this yet; I’m guessing I’m just being lazy.

I’ve discovered that simply by implementing these weekly blogging tasks, I’ve increased my productivity. 

I still have days when I find myself working on things that are actually detrimental to the growth of my blog.

I am human, Girl, wife and mum , and I fully expect to make mistakes. 

I simply know what I want to accomplish and will remind myself to stay focused and on track.

Each Week, I Work on Personal Projects

My primary goal is to grow my blog so that I can retire from my Agency web design work 

However, I recognise the value of self-improvement.

Every day, I make it a point to work on my personal development. 

Additionally, I make a point of stepping away from my computer and exercising every day. 

(it’s difficult for me to walk away at times, especially when I’m in the middle of something).

 I recently Joined Cross-fit  to assist me in staying in shape and achieving some health goals. 

My objective is to begin working on muscle mass development.

I used to belong to PLUSFitness, Australia, but now that the weather is getting warmer, I prefer to do my workouts outside in the sunshine.

Because I genuinely enjoy exercising, it never feels like a chore.

Final WrapUp!

When I sit down in front of my computer to work on growing my  4 beloved niche blogs, I want to make certain that I am making the best use of my time. I know its a lot of work but i live what I do.

As I mentioned previously, these daily tasks are NOT set in stone, and I am constantly adaptable and willing to change things up based on what is actually assisting me in growing my blog.

As a blogger, it’s critical to determine which daily tasks actually assist you in growing your blog and accomplishing your goals.

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Grow your online visibility

Start Your Blog, Today!

Start a blog today.

Well, Customizing your blog and being accustomed with your theme may take some time to get used to, so be patient. 

Due to the fact that each theme is unique, I am unable to give a step-by-step explanation here.

Nonetheless, contains several useful resources, including tutorials that will teach you all you need to know about blogging with WordPress (again, for free! ).

Before writing your niche blogs,  do the Keyword Research using the just simple google search. Nothing else to start with ( NO AHREFs and SEMRUSHs to begin with ). 

Indeed, you can use these Tools once your website is Indexed by Google and start getting traffic.

Google is a GIANT data storage and there are numerous Questions that people search on the Google Search.

Check out for your Niche relevant Questions people are asking on Google, check the Competition. 

If not much competition( Like There is Forum coming up for the search Result or there is really Old Content) exist for the particular Query, VOILA!!  You have your Blog Posts idea ready.

Pro-Tip:Make sure that your First 5-10 Blogs are based on the queries that are Low hanging Fruits (Keywords/Long tail keywords,  I mean!). You can start targeting Competitive keywords once you have published with your 5-10 Blogs.

Marketing your Blogs Like a Pro!

So, you’ve created a fantastic blog article that is packed with useful information…now what? 

Is it feasible to get it in front of the proper set of eyes while also presenting it to as many pairs of eyes as possible? 

It is just as vital to promote your blog entries in the proper manner as it is to provide excellent material. Having said that, if no one views your material, then it’s all for nought. 

Our recent Blog effective ways to promote your blog for free  will demonstrate how to effectively market a blog article in order to increase traffic for your website.

If you are looking at Blogging and making money with your fave Hobby , we can help you get going and start your Blogs. 

As a Marketing Agency, We have helped many Individuals and Hobbyists to create a Blogging Business and life they love!

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

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